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Dr. Tom Barrett  
Shortly after the latest terrorist bombing in New York City, Liberal Mayor Bill DeBlasio made the ridiculous comment that the bomb was “intentional” but not terrorism. What does that even mean? Is it possible to build and place a bomb by accident? No. So, of course, it was “intentional.”
And it’s just as obvious that it was terrorism. The bombing is still under investigation, so we can’t definitively say that it was Islamic terrorism. But a bombing that terrorizes the civilian population can only be called what it is: Terrorism. Except, of course, by the Liberal political elite class, who always refuse to acknowledge terrorism until they are forced to do so. If DeBlasio had been mayor of New York City on 9-11-2001 instead of Rudy Giuliani, he would have undoubtedly labeled the terror bombings “domestic violence” or “an unfortunate accident in which two airliners crashed into the two tallest buildings in New York.” More...
Special Commentary
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
Terrorists Winning the Propaganda War.

Why would a Church denomination boycott a company that prevents terror attacks against Jews? On September 18, 2016 a terror attack was averted in the West Bank town of Efrat because the security camera system spotted a potential terrorist sneaking into the Jewish community under the cover of darkness. After an all-night search, an IDF soldier was stabbed when the terrorist jumped out of the bushes.

The security camera system is one of the key systems and companies that keep Israelis safe. This company was the target of an anti-Israel boycott move by a major church denomination, in which the denomination pulled all of their investments from the company in an attempt to cause financial harm.

With the truth of Israel turned upside down, Islamists, Iran, and terrorist groups are having great success deceiving Americans in an attempt to financially harm Israel. How did we get here?  More...
Robert McCain  
Former Congressional Representative from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, expressed her views recently regarding Donald Trump. “I, as a Constitutional Conservative, as a Believer in Jesus Christ, Readily Embrace Donald Trump’s Agenda.”  
Naturally, Leftwing hate exploded onto social media. That is to be expected. What is unseemly, however, is the attitude of some people claiming to be fellow Christians. A majority of voting Evangelicals, beginning with the South Carolina primary, suddenly and (to many) inexplicably changed their preference from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump. Cruz’s hope of using the Bible Belt Christian voters as a firewall against Trump, especially after his victory in New Hampshire, was thwarted by the unexpected defection. More...
Vincent Gioia  
The debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are being organized organized by The Commission on Presidential Debates. The 2016 debates are already scheduled and the ‘moderators’ have been chosen. The commission is labeled as ‘non partisan’ but is it really?

The mere fact that that three of the debates are ‘moderated’ by people from the three major news networks itself should be a clue as to the false ‘non partisan’ nature of the debates since all three networks are hardly unbiased, especially where Donald Trump is concerned. Even the debate moderated by a Fox News commentator is suspect considering how anti-Trump that cable news network has been since Trump became a serious contender.
Ellen Brown  
Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve, are exploring the concept of issuing their own digital currencies, using the blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin. Skeptical commentators suspect that their primary goal is to eliminate cash, setting us up for negative interest rates (we pay the bank to hold our deposits rather than the reverse). More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
Win or lose, Hillary will no doubt always be known for her campaign proclamation that her opponent’s supporters (All American voters) are a “basket of deplorables.” More...
Brian W. Peterson  
Today, people have chosen to follow the voices of athletes. It’s not that athletes are inherently unintelligent:  they are not; but athletes are recruited and paid for their physical, not mental, prowess. When athletes are held in esteem- or even given attention- due to their political stands, it is a sign that the Republic is in peril. The shallowness of the People can be measured as directly proportional to the influence given to celebrities and athletes. More...
Dale Netherton  
The loss of doctors and hospitals is inevitable if government takes over the healthcare industry.
When the demand for healthcare outpaces supply, when the doctors are overrun with patients seeking their “free” benefits, the system will experience the result of shortages.  Exams will be delayed, treatment will become harder to get on a timely basis and doctors will take on the attitude of an assembly line worker who views his profession as merely a job.


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