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Dr. Tom Barrett  

I can answer that with two phrases:

1) Loss of Privacy
2) Increased Government Control

Cash is the last bastion of privacy in our society.

With cash you and a friend can engage in a totally innocent - and totally private transaction. But the government doesn't want that. What if you sold your friend a lawn mower? And what if you made a profit on it? The government wants to know.

Special Commentary
President Ronald Reagan  
We are a nation that has a government — not the other way around. And this makes us special among the nations of the earth. Our government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed. For decades we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our children's future for the temporary convenience of the present.  More...
Cliff Kincaid  
With the selections of General James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense and Lt. General Michael T. Flynn as nati
onal security adviser, President-elect Donald J. Trump has indicated that he is prepared to meet foreign threats from Russia, China, and global Islam. 
Joni Ames  
It's frightening to watch the immaturity of those throwing childish temper tantrums who didn't get their way in this election. It's as if their minds were programmed and now have become scrambled, screaming "That does not compute! That does not compute!" They are totally freaking out, not knowing how to handle things not going the way of their programming. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  


Roger Aronoff  
For about a year now, we have been pointing out that the Iranian nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran, is in fact, not a deal at all. There is an English language version, which the American public has seen (except for the side deals that were kept hidden from Congress and the American public). Also, there is an Iranian version passed in their Majlis, or parliament, which is considerably different. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  

Asking God for wisdom, rather than listening to words and gossip of man, is a powerful tool that can change your life.

"But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him." - James 1:15 (NASB)

Humility allows us to hear a different viewpoint, or new facts, and ask God if some things we had heard in the past from men, things we were made to believe, were really true.

Rev. Michael Bresciani  
There has not been a more perplexing turn of events in our politics in many years. Perhaps only at the birth of our nation or at the outset of the Civil War has there been this much distress, angst and civil discontent. Explaining what these events mean will be very difficult.

Only those who know both history and true Biblical prophetic utterance can begin to make a reasonable explanation of recent events. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
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