John McCain Betrays the United States - Again

September 25, 2017

He didn't just betray his country. He betrayed the voters of AZ who put him in office based on his lies. He betrayed the donors who paid for his campaign because they believed he was an honorable man. And he betrayed his colleagues in the Senate who supported him through his scandals.

Yes, he is a veteran. And yes, he has cancer. But neither gives him the excuse to call himself a Republican and then single-handedly save Obama's disastrous ObamaCare - twice. Especially after he repeatedly in his campaign to "Lead the charge to repeal ObamaCare."

He talks constantly about his character. Where was that great character when he divorced his wife Carol after she was disfigured in a crippling accident? Where was his character when he married a woman 18 years his junior because she was (1) Beautiful; (2) Filthy Rich; and (3) Daughter of a well-connected political donor who launched McCain's political career. If he had kept his marriage vows to his first wife he would never have become a politician. But he would have kept his honor. (Read here…/The-wife-John-McCain-callously…)

Ross Perot, once McCain's friend, paid for Carol's medical bills and many surgeries after her terrible accident. When McCain returned home and dumped her for a younger model, he lost all respect for McCain.

I admit that I have made excuses for McCain in the past, out of respect for his military service. But no more. He has ridden that horse far too long. Maybe he was a hero long ago. But he has turned into one of the worst politicians in the DC swamp. I have no respect for a man who would turn on the people who depended on him - and his character. Because of him, ObamaCare will live on. It will cost his constituents - and the rest of America - billions of dollars for sub-standard health care. And thousands will die because they can't get quality medical care through ObamaCare.

Shame on you, John McCain.


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