What Can I Do to Save the Republic in 50 Hours?

November 5, 2018

As I write this, there are only 50 hours left before the polls on Election Day. Many are saying the die is cast; what will be; and that there is nothing we can do now except wait for the results. WRONG!!

There are many things you can do – and should do – to prevent the Democrats from taking control of the House, launching investigation after investigation, impeaching Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump, and pushing the nation into the turmoil and gridlock that would result. These are not my predictions. These are things the Democratic leadership has promised will happen if they gain power.

Here’s what you, as a patriotic American, can do:

1) Obviously, you and your family need to vote. Far too many elections have been lost because well-intentioned people didn’t vote due to last-minute emergencies on Election Day.

2) Which leads me to the second point. Vote ASAP. Don’t wait for Election Day, because you don’t know what may happen between then and now.

3) Watch the weather. Early predictions for Election Day are that many areas of the nation will have heavy rains. Go to the polls when you have the best chance of voting without standing in line in the rain.

4) Call your friends – today. Ask them if they’re planning to vote. If they say no, remind them that if they think they’re not voting, they’re actually voting for a Socialist Democrat. (Before you ask, yes, I do believe that all Democrats are Socialists, since the party is founded on Socialist principles.)

5) Forward this link to THE ULTIMATE VOTE GUIDE to anyone you think is persuadable:  http://www.conservativetruth.org/users/editarticle.php?articleid=6929 One of our readers posted it on social media yesterday, and it has already been shared by 3,000 people – which means that tens of thousands of their followers will see it and share it as well.   

6) Pray. I don’t know why this always seems to come at the end of the list when it is the most important. God cares about what happens to this Christian nation. If the reins of power are turned over to ungodly people, it will be because Christians failed to pray.

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