Two Years Ago We Elected a Real President

November 5, 2018

On Election Day, 2016, after suffering through eight years with a “Community Organizer” running our nation, it was a relief to know that a real man would be occupying the Oval in a matter of months. It felt great knowing that a Patriot who would put America first would replace the Socialist Globalist who always put America down.

President Trump has accomplished a lot since he was inaugurated, in spite of obstructionism from the Liberal Democrat Party, as well as from a few disloyal Liberal Republicans. I feel great about America on this second anniversary, knowing that in the next six years - if we elect more Republicans to support the President in a few days - we will see more and more progress toward returning America to its former glory.

But keep this in mind: If we allow the Democrats to take control of the House, they will attempt to undo all the great work President Trump and a Republican majority in both Houses have done. At the very least they will slow the momentum the president has created which has resulted in the best economy America has seen in many decades.

TRUMP                                            OBAMA

Puts America First                            Put America Down

Encourages our Nation                     Apologized for our Nation

Proud American Patriot                    Ashamed of America

Strengthening Our Military               Cut Military Budget in Half

Believes in our Sovereignty              Subordinated US to the UN

Projects American Strength              Said We Were “Arrogant”

Is Crushing ISIS                             Strengthened ISIS

Opposes Islamic Terror                   Said Islam is “Peaceful”

Cleaning House at the VA                Ignored Deaths at VA Hospitals

Businessman and Leader                Community Organizer and Wimp

Conservative and Capitalist             Socialist and Globalist

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