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Dr. Tom Barrett  
Are you like me? Does your blood pressure go sky high when you hear the extremely Liberal AARP claim that it speaks for all the senior citizens of the United States? 
Special Commentary
Eagle Rising  

The United States is the most generous nation in the world, and we have taken many refugees from foreign lands. Europe has not offered to take refugees from Central America, so why are some politicians here insisting that we take many thousands of refugees from the Middle East?

Cliff Kincaid  
Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is ecstatic over the pope’s address to Congress. In a message to his supporters, titled, “Why we must listen to Pope Francis,” he was particularly pleased with the fact More...
Peter Lemiska  
Democrats must be apoplectic watching Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers crumble like sandcastles in a thunderstorm.  Mostly due to the current scandal, the polls  More...
Don Boys, PhD  
Last week Dr. Ben Carson opined that he did not think a Muslim should be President of the U.S. and the media reaction might make you think he had endorsed perversion–but wait, that’s already been done More...
Brian W. Peterson  
Right before our eyes, America is being fundamentally transformed. For all the statist actions of our current president, the moral collapse that has already taken place in our country, and the economic monster that is now rising up to devour us More...
Roger Aronoff  
An estimated 100,000 people showed up at a memorial event last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee to honor and remember the four Marines and one Navy Sailor who were assassinated More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
Angry Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going To Be The Majority Soon’ ...

http://conservativevideos.com/angry-muslim-parent-warns-school-board-going-majority-soon/ More...
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