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Dr. Tom Barrett  
At 1AM on Saturday November 26 Cuban dictator Raul Castro announced the death of his brother Fidel on Cuban television. Within 30 minutes the streets of “Little Havana” in Miami were filled with dancing, celebrating Cuban-Americans. And five hours later an artist who apparently works quickly had painted and displayed a sign with graphics of satan and flames, along with text in both English and Spanish that read, “SATAN: Fidel is now yours. Give him what he deserves. Don’t let him rest in peace.”

Another handmade sign read, “Che. Fidel. Raul. Falta Uno!” Che, of course, is a reference to the murderous, racist Communist “revolutionary” Che Guevara. Fidel and Raul Castro were his friends. “Falta uno”, roughly translated, means only one of these dirt bags is left. More...
Dr. Tom Barrett  
Talk about airing his dirty laundry in public! Most presidents in the past have had the brains (and class) to refrain from talking about our nation's domestic politics when visiting foreign countries. Not Barrack Hussein Obama. During his final apology tour, he held a press conference in Peru in which he threatened to publicly oppose Donald Trump's policies if he disagreed with them. More...
Special Commentary
Robert McClain  
The Gentle Folk
No one is laughing now. Against tremendous odds, Trump defied every gambling den taking bets on the election. He fooled every pollster, every member of the Mainstream Inanity, and he fooled the Establishments of both parties. Despite their calumny, their mindless, brain-dead assertions of all the ‘isms’ they could think up, Donald J. Trump became the Republican nominee. One prominent RINO after another backstabbed Trump with the practiced hand of a Scottish noble of yore. More...
David Bozeman  
Conservative Case for Trump' by Phyllis Schlafly is a must-read.

Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency, the task of defending his agenda has not ended. It has only just begun. Do not count on the mainstream media for impartiality - countless Americans still believe the widely reported lie that candidate Trump openly mocked a journalist for his disability.

Dr. Joe Alton  
Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90, after a revolution that made Cuba a repressed, desperately poor country for generations. Yet, heads of state are falling over each other in the rush to praise the New World Stalin. More...
Gary Porter  
To the Snowflakes
I know you are confused, hurting, dismayed, feel rejected, mortified even, at the prospect of a President Trump, and desperate to find some way, whether legal or otherwise, to reverse the events of November 8th, 2016.  
Sit down and listen.
Brian W. Peterson  
The focus of law enforcement is not to “help her heal,” as Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway put it about Mrs. Clinton, but to carry out the law as written. That is exactly what current FBI Director James Comey did not do when he divined that Mrs. Clinton displayed no intent to break the law. Several of the federal statutes that she broke do not contain provisos of intent, rather descriptions of prohibited actions. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  

Jeffrey Ludwig  
The self-styled “progressives” and Occupy Wall Street crowd, better called the CPUSA wing of the Democratic Party, are continuously railing against the top 1% and the top .01%.  Have they stopped to consider the following eight points that challenge their assumption that wealth disparity is the cause of our economic difficulties?
Brent Smith  
I think we can all agree that being a police officer, especially in any of our major cities, is one the most demanding and dangerous jobs one can have these days. Short of conducting a house to house in some Middle Eastern hellhole, where one can be ambushed at any time, being a big city cop is about as dangerous and stressful as it gets.

Police everywhere have become targets of the insane and hate-filled left.
Robert McClain  
Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? (Psalms 2:1)

In this case the primal screams aren’t from fetuses recoiling in horror against the instruments of death in the hands of abortionists. This time, the screams are from those who would abort the United States as founded. There has been much rage, violence, and destruction wreaked upon people, places, and things since Donald Trump won the presidency.  More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
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Email of the Week
Email of the Week  
Who are these people who are so traumatized by the idea of a President Trump that they need counseling, need to cry, need to strike out at those of us who disagree with their views of socialist paradise? They are largely the non-productive and public school/college-indoctrinated people who I term Passive Investors (from my banking days). I wrote a News With Views article in 2009 about the new Civil War that was then on America’s horizon: The non-productive versus the productive. I believe that is precisely where we are. It may be impolite to say “I was right,” but I was right! Why was no one listening? More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
Watch as President Lincoln encourages Americans to seek and serve God.

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