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Dr. Tom Barrett  
Out  of the hundred or so Republican Candidates for the 2016 race, a number are saying that only a governor could possibly have the requisite experience to be president. Of course, all those who believe this are governors themselves. But we hear this same mantra every election cycle, so let's examine it. More...
Special Commentary
Roger Aronoff  
The New York Times is at it again. In a front page story in Tuesday’s print edition, the Times is dishonestly pushing an argument that they hope will result in a favorable Supreme Court decision for President Obama’s so called Affordable Care Act. More...
Alan Caruba  

I have been wrestling for some kind of explanation why the President of the United States, Barack Obama, would continue to talk about climate change and urge the global transition from fossil fuels to wind, solar and bio-energy. I have concluded that he thinks everyone, not just Americans, are idiots.

Cliff Kincaid  
A new report on the damage done by Edward Snowden’s illegal leaks of classified information says terrorists now “better understand the scope and scale of Western intelligence capacity” and have altered the way they communicate about their plans to attack the United States and its allies More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
Teachers and educators refer to their various academic pursuits as “disciplines.’ It is interesting to note that the word ‘disciple’ has its derivation from the same word. More...
Don Boys, PhD  
Atheist Richard Dawkins proved once again that an intelligent man is not always a wise man. I’m afraid he confuses his strongly held beliefs with facts.  More...
Lorraine Edwards  
We are saddened at the news of the death of Vice-President Joe Biden's son, Beau.  More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
A little levity is being passed on this week in the form of a video. Enjoy!


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