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Dr. Tom Barrett  
Obama, along with most Liberal news outlets, and the Muslim propaganda Al Jazeera TV network, prefers the acronym ISIL. Most of the rest of the world refers to the group as ISIS. What difference does it make?
Well, whenever Obama and Al Jazeera agree on something it is worth a second look. Both are apologists for Muslim terrorists, and both criticize Christians and Jews whenever they see an opportunity. More...
Special Commentary
Alan Caruba  
I am beginning to wonder if Americans have grown so accustomed to the lies told by the President, his administration, and others said to be highly regarded, that we are losing a sense of outrage? More...
Cliff Kincaid  
The Obama administration may be on the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood, but at least we know where they stand. Congress, by contrast, sounds tough and does nothing. More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
Contrary to Catholic teaching, saints are not just those canonized by the Pope. The appearance of untold millions of redeemed souls in the last days dispels that error completely. More...
Remember the horror stories about 2014 being the hottest year since before Henry Ford took his date to the prom in a hay-fueled buggy?  The terrors posed by melting glaciers and rising sea levels threatening polar bears and Al Gore’s new coastal California residence? More...
Roger Aronoff  
David Axelrod’s book tour is off to a rollicking start, with perceived attacks on Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential run, and an absurd comment about the ethics and integrity of the administration he served so loyally More...
Brian W. Peterson  
The joke was that Kim Il-sung died laughing. The year was 1994, and the grandfather of current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was rattling his pocket knife. More...
Bethany Stotts  
With mainstream media figures such as Al Sharpton acting as race-hustlers, adding fuel to the conflagrations that grow up around police violence, the media establishment has given America’s political leaders cover More...
Email of the Week
Email of the Week  
Joe vs. Jose - I've not seen the problem laid out this way before... More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
Video: Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is one of the left’s leading immigration bomb-throwers, and he didn’t disappoint when appearing on MSNBC to complain about a federal judge’s decision to block Obama’s Executive Amnesty earlier this week. More...
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