Conservative Truth
Dr. Tom Barrett
I can answer that with two phrases:

1) Loss of Privacy
2) Increased Government Control

Cash is the last bastion of privacy in our society. With cash you and a friend can engage in a totally innocent - and totally private transaction. But the government doesn't want that. What if you sold your friend a lawn mower? And what if you made a profit on it? The government wants to know.

Why else are they making it so difficult to use cash? Why do you have to fill out forms that your bank will send to the government if you withdraw a certain amount of your own cash from your own bank account? Read more...
Special Featured Commentary
Conservative Truth Welcomes New Author Michael Austin
Michael Austin
Kyle Korver recently wrote an article on www.The titled “Privileged.” In it, he describes the wrongful arrest and treatment of his teammate Thabo Sefolosha, as well as systemic racism as a whole in America. Korver says white men are responsible for their privilege and must right the racist wrongs of America in order for the black community to move forward. He couldn’t be more wrong.  Read more...
Special Commentary
Where's the Real Threat to Our Democracy?
Peter Lemiska
Congressional oversight has become nothing but a dangerous toy in the hands of children under the leadership of Jerry Nadler. His patently partisan and petty agenda is making a mockery of the legitimate oversight responsibility of Congress, and distracting Congress from its real responsibilities to the American people.  Read more...
Lloyd Marcus
Someone asked, “What is behind the LGBTQ agenda?” The goal of LGBTQ activists is to forcibly normalize their lifestyle in the minds of the 97% of the population that is not LGBTQ. This is why we are bombarded with the LBGTQ lifestyle inserted into everything. Read more...
Brent Smith
Microsoft wants its next generation word processing software, Microsoft Word, to be enlightened. This latest version, dubbed “Ideas in Word,” will use artificial intelligence to make your writing not just grammatically but politically correct. Because, as we’ve come to realize, politically correct intelligence is indeed artificial.

“Similar to the program's current grammar and spellcheck suggestions, Ideas in Word will underline words that appear insensitive in nature," writes the Blaze.  Read more...
WARNING: Children should not read this, but their parents should.
Don Boys, PhD
In the south, it has been traditional for a young lady (debutante or “female beginner”) of high status to “come out” into adulthood. It’s a formal rite of passage into society of an educated, wealthy, sophisticated young lady now ready for the privileges and responsibilities of  adulthood. It is a recognition of her availability of being a wife and mother - in that order. This coming out typically takes place at a ball and elegant dinner. During the evening, the debutante displays her ability to walk, sit, dance, and eat without tripping over her gown or dropping a croissant down the front of her dress.

Homosexuals also have a “coming out” but not as elaborate as the southern ladies. Most southerners pay little or no attention to the social elites’ fancy affairs since they are busy making a living. However, arrogant homosexuals seem to think that all of us want to know all about when they “became aware of their sexuality” and feel a need to announce it to the world. As if we care. Read more...
Most of us have an agenda, but for some it can be a method for promoting division and hate
Bob Pascarella
In a previous article, I thought it might be of interest to discuss the subject of the “Letters to the Editor” that appear daily in various print and online news sources. Comments ranging from the absurd, comical, and pure hyperbole, to the harshest, vulgar-spewing, and most hate-filled sentiments are available for your perusal.  Read more...
Dan Perkins
I believe many Democrats and some Republicans will potentially be making a devastating mistake on the outcome of a possible Trump impeachment. This group is trying to draw comparisons between Clinton's impeachment and applying a similar outcome for Trump. Those who are supporters of the president seem to feel that impeachment will assure President Trump’s re-election. Let's look at some possible differences and see if you agree that there could be a different outcome.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
Hillary Clinton is the gift that just keeps on giving to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. She will not leave the political stage and continues to keep herself in the public eye. After completing a rather unsuccessful speaking tour with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in which ticket prices were slashed dramatically to fill empty seats, Hillary Clinton decided to visit New Hampshire, the site of the first presidential primary in 2020. Read more...
Larry Tyler
It is always interesting how owners repond to paying and filing income taxes each tax season. Owners often have a mindset of profit minimalization as an aspect of reducing income taxes. I want to address business owner’s attitudes and mindsets towards income taxes and their businesses.  Read more...
Are representatives doing their job when they actively express hatred for half of their constituents?
Ric Wasley
Are representatives doing their job when they actively express hatred for half of their constituents?
Let me correct that. They will only express hatred and contempt for 49% of their constituents. Why? Because all they need to win is 51%.
Sadly, gone are the days when an elected official believed it was their responsibility to at least listen and consider viewpoints and concerns from all - even those from the opposing party. 
Comrades, he blocks our march to Socialism
Bob McCray
The Socialists of the Democrat Party have one message and one goal. Impeach President Donald Trump. Their reasoning is that he will be re-elected if he is not removed from office. Rep. Al Green (D-TX) stated in an MSNBC interview on 5 May 2019, in referring to the President, “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected. If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated. He will say we had an overwhelming majority in the house and didn’t take up impeachment. He will say he’s been vindicated.”  Read more...
Video of the Week
Rick Green
Rick Green spoke last night on the Christian Financial Concepts weekly Webinar on the subject "Our Low Cost of Freedom...Thanks to the High Price Paid by Others." It was so powerful that I encourage all of you to got to and watch it from the Home Page of the website.

It reminded me to visit his website, There I found this great short video, which I want to share with you as our Video of the Week.