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Dr. Tom Barrett
When I first heard that British Prime Minister Theresa May had scheduled general elections three years early, I was not happy. This was widely reported as a second referendum on the “Brexit” vote (the national referendum that decided that Britain would exit the European Union). Why take a chance that the decision, which had already been made following much turmoil, might be overturned?
Special Commentary
Some thoughts about truth and God!
Paul Hayden
GODISNOWHERE – How would you read this? What do you see? What do these words mean to you?

Is it “God is nowhere”?

Or is it “God is now here”?

Gary Porter
Here is a discussion of some finer points concerning the nebulous phrase 'separation of church and state' that is nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution, but which gets quoted and argued endlessly, sometimes as if it were the main point of the entire founding document!

Ed Delph
Most of us have heard of the saying, “It’s not the years in your life. It’s the life in your years.”

Don Boys, PhD
We are told that it is not moral to take a person’s life after he or she has been convicted of killing another human. However, from the beginning of time, civilization has understood that it is not only moral to execute killers, it must be done to protect civilization. Most sane people believe in personal self-defense and the death penalty is governmental self-defense. If a state refuses to execute killers, it is an abdication of responsibility and an invitation to anarchy.

Brent Smith
Remember the “Fight for 15,” the big progressive plan to raise the minimum wage to the arbitrarily chosen hourly base of 15 dollars? And recall that we free-market conservatives have been arguing that a mandated wage hike will not end well?
Already, the hike has taken a toll on some cities. Local and State minimum wage hikes are forcing restaurants and like service industry employers to raise their prices and/or lay off staff. Other businesses are closing up and relocating outside of cities to avoid the mandated pay hike.
Don Boys, PhD
Christ thrust His Disciples into the world despite dangers, difficulties, diseases, and death and many were faithful to His cause. However, since men are fallen creatures, there were some who wavered in their faith and some who totally rejected their faith and even became advocates for evil.
The early church leaders lived close to the time of Christ and the apostles; plus, they staunchly defended the faith against the first major heretics. However, even they, with their commitment, courage, and character also harbored error and even strange, scandalous, and silly teachings.

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