Conservative Truth
Why Do We Do What We Do?
Dr. Tom Barrett
George Orwell's words, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act," are just as true today as when he first penned them. In fact, they are probably truer now than then. 

I have never considered myself a revolutionary, but I have always been passionate about the truth. So when people ask me why we have published Conservative Truth for almost 20 years, the answer is simple. With so many people telling outrageous lies, someone needs to tell the Truth. Read more...
Special Commentary
Paul Hayden

"Happy" Thanksgiving! Indeed, the more thankful we are, it is quite likely the happier we will be. Ultimately, our thanks is directed to God who created all things, and continues to sustain and provide for us. In and only in God is there life - all else is just matter. Life is spirit - the spirit is life. For this opportunity that we call life, we give thanks to the God of the universe, who is also the God of each one of us, who loves each one of us more than we can possibly ever fully know. May you come to know God's love better during this holiday season.


Picture of the Week

"It is because we belong with others and see them as brothers and sisters in humanity that we learn not only to accept them as they are, with different gifts and capacities, but to see each one as a person with a vulnerable heart. We learn to forgive those who hurt us or reject us; we ask forgiveness of those we have hurt. We learn to accept humbly those who point out our errors and mistakes and who challenge us to grow in truth and love. We support and encourage each other on the journey to inner freedom. We learn how to be close to those who are weaker and more vulnerable, those who may be sick or going through crises or are grieving. As we accept our personal limits and weaknesses, we discover that we need others and we learn to appreciate others and to thank them."

Jean Vanier, Becoming Human, p. 59. 

Ed Delph
“The modern person seldom pauses to give thanks for the simple blessings of life. One reason is because we are used to having so much. We simply assume that we will have all the good things of life. Another reason is that it hurts our pride to be grateful. We do not want to admit that God is the Provider of all good things. We are simply His stewards. Being thankful requires humility and faith in God. When we have these, we can be grateful.” - Richard Douglas  Read more...
Robert Peck
In the wake of Republican losses in the recent election, I ran across an article suggesting that third-party candidates may have contributed to the defeat of some Republicans. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. However, to simply blame third parties and independents for major party losses is to miss a much bigger point.  Read more...
Have invention and innovation spoiled us, when simple tasks become difficult to handle?
Bob Pascarella
The midterm elections have finally concluded. The past two years are behind us and the next two, well, hope springs eternal. We all have been witness to an almost constant barrage of finger-pointing, accusations, threats, insults, and ad hominem attacks directed by both sides of the political and ideological spectrum at one another.  Read more...
Cliff Kincaid
Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel claims the forecasted Democratic Party blue wave tsunami turned into a ripple. In fact, Democrats could win 40 House seats, the most since Watergate. And another Watergate is what House Democrats have promised for President Trump. Democratic Party moneybags Tom Steyer spent more than $100 million promoting impeachment. He wants a return on investment.

The actual ripple, meaning something small or practically insignificant, best describes the Republican victories in the red states of Texas and Georgia. Republican Senator Ted Cruz barely survived, winning by three points, and Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is claiming victory with just over 50 percent of the vote.  Read more...
Democrats are Poised to Compound a Problem They Created
Peter Lemiska
Now that Democrats have re-taken the House majority, we can count on renewed efforts to impose a European-style national healthcare system. Obamacare was based on false promises, and socialized medicine is based on Utopian dreams.  Read more...
Jake MacAulay
Make no mistake, our Founding Fathers were not interested in sustaining other countries, nations, or empires with the wealth, citizenry, military, or political infrastructure of America.  They were interested in very few and defined duties which lead to the peace and prosperity of American citizens, who were then free to help the rest of the world with their personal resources and morality. The evidence of this successful thinking can be witnessed in the thousands of missionaries and billions of dollars sent by Christians and non-profit organizations to the underprivileged and poverty-stricken of our world.  Read more...
Brent Smith
Just for fun, I recently "googled" the "Electoral College." The first query of what “people also asked” was, “Is the Electoral College written in the Constitution?” Really? Is this really the sad state America finds itself in today?

In case anyone is interested, it is there - Article II, Section 1. And it was amended in 1804, by the 12th Amendment.  Read more...
Photo of the Week
Picture of the Week
The Foxes are guarding the hen house
Bob McCray
Buckle your seat belts, place your tray tables in the upright position, it’s going to get bumpy - the left is back in control of the House of Representatives.  Read more...