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Dr. Tom Barrett
Fake news, a fake book, and now a fake shutdown. This is getting old. Why can’t the politicians just be honest for a change? The old joke isn’t funny anymore: “How can you tell when a politician is lying?” Answer: “His lips are moving.”
I’m tired of this game that both Republicans and Democrats play on a regular basis. Since 1976 there have been 18 fake “Government Shutdowns.” In every one, the Democrats blamed the Republicans and vice versa. They claimed variously that:
1) Children would die (a favorite among political alarmists)
2) Seniors would not get their Social Security checks (almost as popular)
3) National security would be jeopardized since troops would be laid off
4) Planes would be grounded because there would be no air traffic controllers
5) Houses would burn down and citizens would be burned alive because firefighters would not be paid (almost all of them are paid by local governments, not the U.S.)
6) VA hospitals would shut down and veterans turned out into the streets.
7) Grandma would be pushed off a cliff in her wheelchair (this was actually depicted in a Democrat ad).
The whole thing is fake, bogus, phony, a sham, false, and just plain deceitful.  Read more...
Dr. Tom Barrett
Recently Oprah Winfrey gave a speech at an entertainment industry event (the Golden Globe Awards). Apparently, her extremely liberal audience liked it, because there were immediate cries of "Oprah for President." Some goofy guy has put up a "Draft Oprah for 2010" website. I don't know if she approved it or not, but if she did she must be anxious to be embarrassed.

Usually, the party out of power will run someone they don't want to damage when they're faced with a strong incumbent president like Trump. The one chosen to be the sacrificial lamb will typically be someone with good name recognition who doesn't have a chance. A good choice for the Dems in 2010 would be Joe Biden - everyone's favorite crazy uncle. Why would anyone volunteer to be sacrificed? Probably because they want some glory or recognition before they fade into oblivion.  Read more...
Special Commentary
And if so, what is our responsibility?
Ric Wasley
Is it the responsibility of the United States to provide a welfare state to those looking to escape the problems that they have often helped to create?

There is, of course, a tremendous controversy on whether or not Trump used a bit of crude slang to refer to places in the world that have little to recommend them - even to their own citizens. That is actually beside the point. Had he referred to them in the most convoluted and politically correct term that the Democrats could come up with - let’s say “economically challenged dwelling places of socialist paradises" - everyone would still know what he meant and Democrats still would have denounced him.  Read more...
Brent Smith
I take issue with some on the right believing that Oprah might turn out to be some sort of Joe Manchin-type democrat centrist. I’m not even sure Joe Manchin is any longer a Joe Manchin-type centrist democrat.

That right-wing sooth-sayer Bill Kristol, republican establishment hack and never-Trumper, who predicted that the Arab Spring would work out great, and has pretty much been wrong about everything else, believes The Oprah may be some sort of closet moderate.  Read more...
(Answer...because it could!)
Robert Peck
But I have another theory. Under my theory, if either Democrats or Republicans could control the economy and bring perpetual prosperity, they would, but they can’t, so they don’t. My theory is that when things are good, the party in power takes the credit, but when things are bad, they blame their predecessors.

One thing is certain, whether Democrats are in power or Republicans, the Federal Reserve continues to print money, the purchasing power of the dollar continues to fall, and the stock market continues to rise accordingly because the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Read more...
Cliff Kincaid
The emerging Cult of Obama, protected by the media, is starting to look a lot like the Cultural Revolution of Chairman Mao. These Marxists will not give up their power without a fight. In fact, they are expanding their power in an effort to silence our voices.  Read more...
Jake MacAulay
While most in America enjoy pointing the finger at politicians for the woes of America, we might want to consider that the American Church, and Americans in general, just might be the most delusional people in the world. And our delusions are dangerous.  Read more...
The radical leftist group Antifa, and their extreme anti-American agenda
Bob Pascarella
In most of the main stream media, and various periodicals and internet news sources, and among politicians with an agenda, there are discussions and articles, editorials and letters to the editor that continue, whatever the issue being discussed, to mention the Charlottesville protest of August 2017. The gist of the outrage back then and in the present is directed at white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazi’s, but little mention is ever made in most of the media of the group 'Antifa' (anti-fascist), who were present and causing havoc. So lest we forget, let’s keep this group current for they’re still a threat.  Read more...
Ed Delph
For many people the idea of trust is a mirage. They have had a spouse who walked out on them and their children; a parent who abused them; a business partner who bankrupted them; a politician or pastor who lied to them; a best friend who betrayed them. Their cry is, “How could you do this to me?” - leaving behind a plethora of fixer-uppers. What we are saying internally when this happens to us is “I hate you, but I need you.” Broken relationships produce more emotional baggage than anything else in life.  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
This week President Trump embarrassed himself, his family, and the nation when he reportedly used a vulgar word in conversation with other politicians in the Oval Office. While his emphatic decision to correct the flawed immigration policy and his desire to “put America first” are sane positions, they do not justify his potty-mouth talk. Furthermore, his opponents are accusing him of racism because he suggested that new immigrants should come from Norway rather than Nigeria. No sane person can deny that people from Norway would more easily acclimate to the U.S. than the backward nations of Nigeria and Haiti. In our non-thinking society, I suppose my making that obviously true statement makes me a racist! Only Trump knows what motivated his controversial comments.  Read more...
Brent Smith
It’s the textbook description of the modern day terrorist. White American Female – 19 years of age – long blonde hair – bright blue eyes – classic jihadi.

Really – Diana Durkin, sophomore at Texas Tech University – a terrorist?

Well, that’s what she thought as a TSA official (official dope maybe) pulled her out of line at Houston’s Hobby Airport.  Read more...
Brent Smith
In an article for US News & World Report, Dr. Barbara Greenberg asks: “Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?” read that correctly. Just like most wacky leftist ideas, this too originates in Europe. “I am always fascinated by trends. And I am especially intrigued by the emerging trend among European schools, and now some American schools as well, to ban best friends,” writes the good 'Doctor.' She adds that, “This, to me, seems like a Herculean task. The notion of choosing best friends is deeply embedded in our culture. Nonetheless, there is, in my opinion, merit to the movement to ban having best friends.”  Read more...
Brent Smith
The driverless autonomous car has, it seems, finally come of age, with General Motors’ announcement of the release of the new GM Cruise AV (autonomous vehicle). At least this is what GM is banking on.

The Cruise has no gas pedal, no steering wheel, no brake or clutch pedal, no turn signals.

[Surely, nothing could possibly go wrong here...] 
Don Boys, PhD
Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics; however, many famous authors such as Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Goethe, Rousseau, Alexandre Dumas, Jack London, T. S. Eliot, and many others were accused of plagiarism.

This week The Daily Caller and other media sources reported repeated plagiarism from the liberal The Daily Beast by veteran reporter Lizzie Crocker. Lizzie was fired but often the stealing from others is only worth a slap on the wrist, often a very slight slap on the wrist.  Read more...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week
Amazing. The Liberal news outlets report on the dozens of major national companies giving bonuses of $1,000 to $2,500 to hundreds of thousands of employees, and others raising wages 25% across the board. Yet those same media outlets claim that there is no evidence that cutting corporate taxes has ever benefited employees! Watch the video to see the massive hypocrisy. 

Culture Watch
Paul Hayden
"America is in the midst of what has been called a “transgender moment.” Not long ago, most Americans had never heard of transgender identity, but within the space of a year it became a cause claiming the mantle of 'civil rights.'

"But can a boy truly be “trapped” in a girl’s body? Can modern medicine really “reassign” sex? Is sex something “assigned” in the first place? What’s the loving response to a friend or child experiencing a gender-identity conflict? What should our law say on these issues?

"If you’ve enjoyed The Daily Signal's coverage of transgender issues, you’ll love this new book from Ryan T. Anderson."  Read more...
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...let's be honest!
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