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Dr. Tom Barrett
President Trump recently said,  “In that spirit, after concluding my visit to Riyadh, I will travel to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and then to the Vatican - visiting many of the holiest places in the three Abrahamic Faiths. If these three faiths can join together in cooperation, then peace in this world is possible.”
There is so much about his words that are, frankly, bizarre. First, he spoke the words in the center of fundamentalist violent Islamic extremism, Saudi Arabia. Just a year ago, he commented correctly that the Saudis fund most of the Islamic extremism throughout the world. The Saudi form of Sunni Islam, Salafism (also known as Wahhabism), is the least tolerant and most violent form of Islam. Recently the Saudi King visited Indonesia and gave that nation more than a Billion Dollars, plus other perks, in an effort to promote Salafism. More...
Special Commentary
Humane doesn't include humans.
Dale Netherton
I was leafing through a magazine the other day and I spotted an ad with a picture of a fox. The caption under the picture read,” He needs his fur more than you do”. The ad was sponsored by the Humane Society.

I thought, “How presumptuous.”  How would anyone know if an animal would need anything more than a human being and what relevance would such a presumption have on the interests of the human being?
Cliff Kincaid
Changing academia has been much more difficult than changing the media. However, there is hope: President Donald Trump has asked Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. to head a White House task force on reforming the U.S. higher education system.
Academia is not only a bastion of anti-Trump sentiment, but it has become the most important base of operations, next to the media, for attacks on conservative Americans devoted to saving their country and its traditional religious values.
Rev. Michael Bresciani
It is here that we can only conclude that progressivism has matured in its false assumption that between high tech and the new social pathology of the day, the world is about to break through to its utopia. All diseases will be vanquished, war will be obsolete, and social differences will all be rendered innocuous by assimilation into the “new world order.”

It’s magic for the progressives, but it’s prophetic for the messengers of God.
Elitist egos and mindless waste define Washington politics
David Hunter

Thankfully, the 2016 presidential election “shattered” heir apparent Hillary Clinton's White House prospects - perhaps forever. Today, America is in far better hands, but only in relation to the grizzly alternative. Clearly, shifting from a dogmatic leftist ideologue to a populist outsider is an improvement. Yet, what remains is the unyielding quagmire of beltway elites (of both parties) coupled with Trump's surface narrative of “winning”.

Come on, CNN…is this the best you can do?
Ric Wasley
Oh, come on, CNN…is this the best you can do? Really?!!!

Yesterday a friend mentioned this to me in passing and I, of course, thought he was having me on. So I just laughed and said, “Yeah - that’s how bad the media has gotten.”
Gary Porter
Well, Mr. Trump has survived his first 100 days in office - many on the Left were hoping otherwise - but at least two American cities are now formally calling for his impeachment.[1] What has he accomplished? Better yet, what has he done to deserve calls for impeachment after such a short period? And how does all this relate to the Constitution?

I’m sure you, my alert readers, realize that there is nothing magic about a President’s first 100 days in office; the milestone is an artificial contrivance, totally arbitrary, and essentially worthless in determining the effectiveness of a President and/or his administration. In fact, that we are even stopping to perform an assessment of the President, no matter what the timeframe, points to a hopelessly warped perspective on the office.

Brent Smith
It’s not often that I disagree with my fellow conservative authors. And if I do, I rarely if ever outwardly express that disagreement. But I’m making an exception to voice my disappointment of one “conservative” author who wrote about the potential “dangers” of an Article V Convention of States.The article is entitled “A Convention of States is Not Without Risks.” 
Right off the bat, I thought, "Oh, here we go – another attempt at persuading the less informed of the dangers of an out-of-control, free-for-all convention." As if anyone can propose anything and the idiot States will just line up in favor, like so many lemmings.
The U.S. is becoming less and less a part of the problem compared to the rest of the world.
Dr. Joe Alton
The first article by conservative writer Bret Stephens at the New York Times was related to climate change. A self-described climate “agnostic”, he admitted that climate change exists and that humans and fossil fuels have something to do with it. He took issue, however, with the certitude on the part of the scientific community regarding the extent of the effect on society in the future.
Cliff Kincaid
It’s a common mistake to assume that news stories based on anonymous sources may be true because they sound authoritative. The sheer volume of misinformation is enough to confuse and mislead anyone. Conservative media fall into the trap by too frequently accepting and reacting to what appears in the liberal media. This is why the liberal media maintain their dominance and occupy so many positions of prominence at the Drudge Report.
We need a new name for the partisan media
Ric Wasley
When are we going to wake up and stop rewarding a bunch of frothing leftist partisans who are essentially card carrying members of the DNC with the title of, “Mainstream Media”?

First of all, there is no longer anything “mainstream” about them. They are composed of Northeast and West Coast liberal elites who live cheek by jowl with one another and other limousine liberals who spend their time going to the same wine and cheese parties where they curse conservatives and sneer at all the rubes in ‘fly-over country.
Ric Wasley
I’m sure that as children we all heard the famous fable of the “Boy Who Cried, 'Wolf'”. So then it won’t be too far a stretch to parallel the moral of that tale to the Democrat Media and Congressional children who have been screaming, "Trump is guilty of…" (fill in your own apocryphal hysteria, and I’m sure that they’ve said it).

So just like the child in the old folk tale, how long will it be until the villagers (us) get wise to the fact that Dem’s perpetual hysteria can’t, and shouldn’t be taken seriously?
Brent Smith
Why is the Trump administration backing off of the President’s rather definitive campaign declaration to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to its rightful place in Jerusalem?
I’m trying my best not to condemn Trump and his people for not doing what he promised (and he did promise), right off of the bat, but I am beginning to wonder and worry on a growing number of campaign promises, just what has changed from campaign to White House.
Cliff Kincaid
Years ago I agreed to be interviewed for a film which was included in an exhibit for the national museum in Washington, D.C. known as the Newseum. It was on the use of anonymous sources. In the film, which is still playing, I cautioned about their use, saying that they can be inaccurate or even non-existent, and that they reduce trust in the news media.
Today, the use of anonymous sources has accelerated, and the “sources” being used against President Donald Trump are now openly acknowledged as coming from U.S. intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. Not surprisingly, questions about the motives of sources are seldom, if ever, examined by the media that rely on them.
Ellen Brown
While American politicians debate endlessly over how to finance the needed fixes and which ones to implement, the Chinese have managed to fund massive infrastructure projects all across their country, including 12,000 miles of high-speed rail built just in the last decade. How have they done it, and why can’t we?
A key difference between China and the US is that the Chinese government owns the majority of its banks. About 40% of the funding for its giant railway project comes from bonds issued by the Ministry of Railway, 10-20% comes from provincial and local governments, and the remaining 40-50% is provided by loans from federally-owned banks and financial institutions. Like private banks, state-owned banks simply create money as credit on their books. (More on this below.) The difference is that they return their profits to the government, making the loans interest-free; and the loans can be rolled over indefinitely. In effect, the Chinese government decides what work it wants to be done, draws on its own national credit card, pays Chinese workers to do it, and repays the loans with the proceeds.
Brent Smith
Did you hear? There was an oil spill at the Dakota Access Pipeline. No doubt it has seeped into the ground and contaminated local water supplies, poisoning entire villages and 'Injun' Reservations.
The Huffington Post, custodian of the anti-energy radical left, reports that yes indeed, the Dakota Access Pipeline leaked 84 gallons of oil. “The Dakota Access Pipeline isn’t yet operational, but it has already sprung a leak.” Oh, gasp!
Email of the Week
Email of the Week
An Open  Letter to President Trump

I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture", a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. More...
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Dr. Tom Barrett
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