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Dr. Tom Barrett  
This UN photo of an unnamed Armenian granny was taken in 1990. Her home was in Degh village, near the city of Goris in southern Armenia. This was during the Artsakh Liberation War which lasted from 1988 to 1994 and killed between 20,000 and 30,000 people.

Two of the first Apostles, Batholomew and Thaddeus brought Christianity to Armenia. In 301 AD the Kingdom of Armenia became the first country in world history to adopt Christianity as its religion. Ever since then Muslims have attacked and persecuted Armenians. 

Tiny Armenia is surrounded on all sides by hostile Muslims. To its south is the Islamic Republic of Iran, to its west is the Republic of Turkey (which is 98% Muslim), and to its east is the Republic of Azerbaijan,  an oil-rich Islamic dictatorship. 
Special Commentary
Rick Joyner  
Understanding the reasons can help us to understand the times. Following is a list of reasons for this rising anger. Then we are going to propose solutions that will make Americans not only happy again, but living with vision and purpose. The ten reasons are... More...
Gary Porter  
News and commentary regarding - Article 1, Section 2.  Apportionment; First Amendment, A Win for Religious Liberty? Also, Two Wins for Religious Liberty in One Week, What’s Happening Here? And Why Does the Federal Government Own So Much State Land? More...
Dale Netherton  
The politicians think they have pulled a real sly trick on the American public with buying into and propagating the Boskin Commission’s Core Index method of reporting inflation.  By using this method they have avoided raising COLA payments to seniors on Social Security, veterans pensions, and federal employees pension. No one has been able to break this stance and many in the media simply take it as okay and meekly mumble that inflation is under control according to government reporting. This is blindness, self-inflicted. More...
Rick Roth  

Introduction by Dr. Tom Barrett-
Yesterday a strange man knocked on my front door. Actually, he wasn't all that strange. I just didn't know him. But I invited him in, and my wife, daughter and I got to know him. It turned out that he was an unusual politician. He was here to personally meet the people he was asking to vote for him (instead of using mailers, ads, and the dreaded "robo-callers"). He gave us truthful answers to our questions about his positions, instead of trying to figure out what we wanted to hear. And we found that he wasn't actually a politician - yet. He's a businessman concerned about the direction of our country, and running for office the first time. Best of all, he is a Conservative Christian. I'm going to vote for this guy!

His article is a well-written primer on how you can effectively participate in the election process, vote intelligently, and have an impact! It is a must-read.
Harold Witkov  
I had a non-Jewish girlfriend my first year at College some four decades ago. I remember being at her home one day and visiting with her and her mother. The mood was light and we were kidding one another, and then her mother said to me that I had the “map of Israel” on my face. More...
Brian W. Peterson  
Cornering the education market was easy, though time-consuming. Remember the 1960s rejects, the ones who smoked dope, held sit-ins, joined communes, tripped on LSD, preached “free love,” and spit on the veterans returning from military service in Vietnam? They have just enough brain cells left to feel hatred for capitalism and everything American, and they know that the next generation of leaders- and community organizers- sits in their classrooms. More...
Charles Thomas Dennis, Ph.D.  
Especially in this age where non-serious thinkers abound, the importance of knowing history cannot be overstated. George Santayana (an atheist) remarked, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." On this point he was correct, and condemned is the appropriate designate. But, in order to remember the past—outside of one's own experience—history must be taught. If not, condemned will lead to doomed. More...
Roger Aronoff  
Some news organizations, such as CNN, reported the latest revelations as being pounced on by the Trump campaign—rather than the product of excellent investigative reporting by the AP, a solid, member-in-good-standing of the liberal media establishment that apparently stepped out of line, just a little bit. More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
This writer has been a severe critic of Mr. Trump, but after reading hundreds of articles and reports about him and writing over forty articles on the Donald, there are two things I can say with surety – Donald Trump is no racist and Hillary Clinton is no truth teller. More...
Gary Porter  
 “With a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence”

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

The Declaration of Independence. Where did this phrase come from? This article gives an excellent outline of the influence of Christian Theology on the Founding Fathers and the original Founding documents of America.  More...
Email of the Week
Email of the Week  
When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care reform. Even after threats and intimidation, she couldn't even get a vote in a democrat-controlled congress. This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million in cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts. More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
Ever feel like you could use a tutorial on the conflict in Israel? Maybe you know someone that would appreciate a quick rundown? Dennis Prager succinctly sums it up in plain language.

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