Why the Pledge of Allegiance Is, Must and Will Stay Constitutional

October 27, 2002

by Lyman Stucky

Our Pledge of Allegiance is not a prayer nor a pledge to God - it is a pledge of loyalty to America! To Pledge Allegiance is to state your personal commitment to our nation and its traditions and principles of governance.

People from many countries literally give up everything to gain American citizenship and freedom. Meanwhile, some living on our shores--who may not be loyal American citizens since they have refused to pledge Allegiance to the United States under the legislatively-approved Pledge we have used for half a century--are trying to take the best of America away -- our Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights, freedoms and liberties.

Our Pledge now correctly describes our republic as one nation, under God. It can be clearly shown that our Founding Fathers established America on the premise that freedom comes from God, not the State. Lies enslave but "The Truth Shall Set You Free!"

One more thing--if you refuse to raise and pledge allegiance to Americaís flag - or if you burn an American flag - then just what other country ARE you loyal to?

EDITORíS NOTE: In conjunction with the recent 9th District Courtís erroneous ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, and the upcoming elections that will elect the officials who will decide the makeup of future Courts, a motorcade to Support the Pledge of Allegiance is planned for this weekend, November 1 & 2. Please visit www.SpiritOfAllegiance.com to see how you can help.