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Dr. Tom Barrett  
What would you think if you found that Obama had laid land mines under the White House lawn in places where he knew the President-elect would walk? Well, he has done just that, both politically and in terms of foreign relations. He plans to sit back in his new Washington, D.C. mansion and laugh maniacally as these landmines explode.

Special Commentary
Ed Delph  
[Editor's Note:  This is a great little article that is worthy of consideration. Simple truth is sometimes overlooked in the busy-ness of our lives. Keep your awareness of the lighthouse in perspective...  Paul Hayden]

Have there been moments in your work place or personal life when you thought you were right, and did not see the need to change, only to face a big disaster? Many of you have heard of the following anecdote which illustrates the perils of stubbornness and the need to change. Read on! More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
"...ours is a spiritual world and is not solely guided by the politics of men..."

This is the tenth in a yearly series of prophetic assessments of our world in the light of Biblical prophecy and current events.

The first was in 2008, since then little has changed in the general direction of our nation and the world. Liberal viewpoints, abortion, unbridled licentiousness and the unleashing of the gross perversion of the LGBT and transgenderism have marched ahead like a parade in Moscow’s Red Square. More...
Brian W. Peterson  
Americans can just be grateful that you didn’t have any scandals, and that you were so successful. God help us if we knew what your failure looked like. More...
Robin Rowan  
Have the Russians infiltrated our Intelligence community? The Russians have tried to disrupt elections around the world. They have done it where-ever free elections have taken place. It's nothing new, and not targeted only to the United States or our candidates. We saw it coming.They only want to cause chaos and de-legitimize the democratic process.

The media, Democrats and Rep. John Lewis have fallen for "the Russian cool-aide," aiding Putin by keeping Russia in the top of the news and saying the President is not legitimate; even-though Intelligence reports conducted by all agencies state Russia did not effect the election outcome. More...
Brent Smith  
The final numbers are in and they are not pretty.


Barack Obama, the grassroots community organizer forgot something while he was in office. He seems to have forgotten to organize the grassroots to support any one else but him. More...
Cliff Kincaid  
The Democrats have been saying that there’s proof that the Russians hacked into Democratic Party computers for the purpose of obtaining and planting information that would help elect Donald J. Trump as president. But the proof wasn’t provided when President Obama issued an executive order and announced the expulsions of Russians from the U.S., and sanctions against Russian officials. More...
Brent Smith  

So far Donald Trump’s picks for various Cabinet positions have not gone swimmingly. Both Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have been grilled thus far.

Roger Aronoff  

As we have reported, both token New York Times conservative David Brooks and former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod have also claimed that Obama’s tenure has been scandal-free. While this assertion is pure fiction, it continues nonetheless. It is a convenient way of dismissing, if not covering up, Obama’s dishonesty, incompetence and corruption. The perpetuation of this lie demonstrates that the media and the Obama administration are living in a reality constructed entirely by themselves, one that ignores any information that might damage Obama’s legacy.

Don Boys, PhD  
Secretary of State John Kerry astounded, alarmed, and angered people around the world with his marathon speech dealing with the UN Security Council’s condemnation of Israel and Obama’s refusal to veto their nonbinding resolution. That was a total contradiction of a decades-old American policy. The resolution demands that Israel stop building settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank where about 600,000 Jews live. More...
Roger Aronoff  
President Obama’s assertion that the Islamic State was a “JV” team demonstrates how he arrogantly ignored the possibility that this jihadist terror group could eventually threaten the United States. But what the press will not report is that President Obama is at least partially responsible for the arming of ISIS. More...
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New 'holiday' for Conservatives?? More...
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