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How Low Can an Airline Go?

April 13, 2009

Contributed by a Concerned Citizen

I thought you might be interested in seeing this email sent to me by Spirit Airlines, a not-so-aptly named airline. They are known for 'theme' sales that often include pornographic sexual innuendos, and now they are advertising a contest to award the lewdest/crudest person with a year of free travel.

In case you are able to alert others to avoid this airline and in case you wanted to see how one aspect of our culture is being 'rewarded.'

As a missionary, I used to fly this airline as I could get very inexpensive flights, but I won't want to give them my business anymore.

Here is the airline's message:

How Low Can You Go? Enter Our Contest and Let Us Know!

The creator of the video that we select as the Grand Prize winner will win a year of free travel with a companion to anywhere Spirit flies - and you may even see your video on TV or online!

As you know, our fares are famously low. But we want to know what you think is even lower. Something crude, lewd and just plain low down.

Ever taken money from a church offering basket? Spit in someone's drink when they weren't looking just because they were rooting for another team? Whatever it is, we want to know.

Get to work creating a short video to enter in our How Low Can You Go? contest. The 10 videos that get the most views will become the Top 10 Finalists, and from that pool we'll select the Grand Prize winner who will win a year of free* travel with a companion to anywhere Spirit flies - and you may even see your video on TV or online! We've got more than one prize to give away; all of the Top 10 Finalists will win tickets.

Show us just how low you'd go.


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