The Grinch Who Wants to Steal Christmas

November 23, 2009

In a recent press conference Nancy Pelosi stated that she wants to "Give America a Christmas present." My idea of a present is something that someone pays for and gives to someone else. Her idea of a present to us is something that WE and our CHILDREN and our GRANDCHILDREN will pay trillions of dollars for. Pelosi is almost as famous as Joe Biden for saying really, really stupid things. But this idea of saddling America with a crushing debt for generations to come and calling it a "Christmas present" earns her the title, "The Grinch Who Wants to Steal Christmas."

To no one's surprise, Pelosi's counterpart in the Senate, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rammed through the first vote on the 2,000 plus page bill on November 21, just three days after the Senators received it. Also, no surprise, the vote was along straight party lines – every Democrat voted "Yea."

The polling among American citizens is pretty much along party lines, as well, although there are not as many Democrats in favor of the bill as there are Republicans who oppose it. The interesting numbers, the ones that are giving Democrats up for reelection heartburn, are those of the Independents. Fully 62% of them oppose the bill. When they add those numbers to the increasing numbers of their own party who are starting to understand (and oppose) this massive takeover of our healthcare system, Democrats have good reason to worry.

Unfortunately, the whole nation has reason to be very worried. There is a good chance this monstrous bill could pass. And if it does, it is almost certain that there will be a backlash against the Democrats at the polls. After all, if they force through a bill that the majority of Americans are strongly opposed to, they should expect to lose seats. The problem is that Pelosi and Reid don't really care.

The Democrats are willing to sacrifice seats on both houses because they are completely committed to controlling not just healthcare, but every aspect of life in America. If they pass this atrocious assault on the Constitution, they will have fulfilled the dreams of every Socialist, Progressive, Communist and Liberal who ever worked for the cause of Global Socialism in America. They will own the Keys to the Kingdom of complete government control. And they know that only a Republican president, a Senate with at least 60 real Republicans, and a House of Representatives with strong Republican majority would have a chance of reversing it.

"But, Tom, the bill is about health care reform. Why are you talking about complete government control?" First of all, it has nothing to do with "reform." None of the things about the health care system that need reforming are addressed in the bill. For instance, Medicare fraud, which costs the nation billions, is all but ignored. But that's another article.

This bill is about control. By 2018 health care will represent 20% of the nation's GDP. This bill will lead to a complete government takeover of all aspects of healthcare, with all the normal government inefficiency and waste. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In Liberal-Speak, "Health Care" will eventually cover just about aspect of your life.

Do you drive an automobile? That's a "Health Care" issue. The government can decide that people who drive sports cars are involved in too many accidents. If you want to keep your health insurance, you'll have to get a mini-van.

Do you have a child? If a teacher at her school feels she's carrying a few too many pounds, that will become a "Health Care" issue. Don't be surprised to find a government official at your home demanding to inspect your pantry. And don't think of refusing, unless you want your family to be refused health care everywhere. Remember, there will be no more private doctors or clinics.

Do you smoke? I personally can't stand any kind of smoking, and I think it is stupid to subject your lungs to that kind of abuse. But it is absolutely none of the government's business if you choose to be stupid. However, if this bill passes it will definitely be a "Health Care" issue. You'll have to choose between your nicotine and health care.

Do you own a gun? Absolutely a "Health Care" issue! If someone (like a burglar?) gets shot, there will be blood. The government must get involved before there is blood. All guns must be removed from all homes for reasons of "Health Care." (They won't be concerned about the "Health Care" issues that will arise when the burglar shoots you in your own home with his non-government-approved handgun.)

Do you go to church? This could become a very serious "Health Care" issue. What kind of strange non-Liberal ideas are your children learning there? Are they being taught fantasies about a God who created the universe? This could be damaging to their mental health. Does the pastor teach that sex between two men or two women is unnatural? This could stunt the child's emotional development. "In the interest of the child's health the government finds it necessary to petition this Court to remove the child from the home unless the parents agree not to attend this church again."

I could go on (and on), but you get the idea. This opens the door to what every true blue Liberal since FDR prays for every night: Absolute control of the populace. (No, they don't pray to God; they don't talk to Him, except when they give speeches and say "God Bless America" at the end. They pray to Lenin, or to the Universe. Or they just sit around lusting for power. It's all pretty much the same.)

Some of you are thinking, "Old Tom's really reaching here. They couldn't be that devious." Really? Well, they're not even waiting until they control health care to start taking over the rest of society. Here are some of the power grabs that are included in the current bill that have nothing to do with health care:

1) The Senate version requires the government to "develop standards for the measurement of gender" on politically correct job applications. Remember when you just checked a box that said "Boy" or "Girl"? What planet are these apes from?
2) It requires restaurants to disclose the number of calories in the food they serve. Never mind that there is a genuine debate in the medical community about whether caloric intake is important at all, or whether it is the combinations of foods we eat. It doesn't matter, because the Federal Food Police will be making all nutritional decisions from now on.
3) And it provides for home visits by federal health monitors to assess the household behaviors of certain families with young children. Big Brother is coming to your house, and there's nothing you can do about it.

These are just a few that jumped out of the more than 2,000 page bill. The thing hasn't even passed, and they're already stretching the definition of health issues to include unrelated control issues. Think of how far an unrestrained bureaucracy will go once this is law.

Here are a few facts to chew on. They should come in handy, since there are precious few facts available in all the reams of rhetoric the Democrats have been spouting about the ObamaCare bill.

** Pay now, "benefits" 5 years later. The tax hikes, assessments and other costs of this bloated spending bill will start immediately upon passage. But the first "benefits" won't appear until five years later.

** "The Rich will pay." The "rich" will certainly be hurt by this bill, many of them small businessmen who will be put out of business, putting even more Americans out of work. But the Democrats claims that the extra taxes they charge the wealthy will make even a dent in the trillions this bill will cost are pure lies, and they know it. The Wall Street Journal reports that "Even confiscating 100 percent of the income of the truly rich won't raise enough revenue to pay for this bill." (See LINK below: Oily Health Bill…)

** Pelosi says the savings in the bill will pay for the cost. When I typed that from my notes, I had to stop and laughed for ten minutes. Then I cried for five minutes. I shudder to think that this impressively ignorant woman is second in line to the office of the presidency. The best medical and economic minds in our nation have tried for decades to lower medical costs, to no avail. The idea that a gaggle of political hacks could not only miraculously accomplish that task in a matter of weeks, but accomplish it in a way that would pay for the billions in costs they have added is truly beyond comprehension. Nancy Pelosi is: (a) Completely deluded; (b) Incredibly stupid; or (c) An amoral liar.

** They say that almost everyone in America will be covered by their health care plan. I know 535 people who won't be on it.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I would like to give credit to my daughter, Sarah, for the creative artwork at the top of this article. At twelve years of age Sarah is a budding artist who is equally comfortable drawing on paper and on the computer. We are very proud of her.


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