What’s Next for the Tea Party?

April 26, 2010

So, the Tea Party Movement is well over a year old, and we’ve had the 2009 and 2010 Tax Day Tea Parties. Millions of conservatives and patriots have stopped privately growling at their TV news, and have started publicly expressing their views. The “silent majority” is silent no more, and the grassroots have become a force with which to reckon.

So what’s next? Rallies, signs and flag waving (whether Old Glory or the Gadsden flag) are great for what they are – a show of force of numbers… a motivation to the likeminded… a chance to share information… even a therapeutic catharsis! But a protest rally in and of itself doesn’t change minds or pressure our elected officials. So what are Tea Partiers and Patriots to do next?

“Conservative Evangelism”!

We have much to learn from the early church. In the first years, 11 apostles and under 100 disciples utilizing personal contacts and small gatherings were able to spread the word to millions!

Now, while we recognize that the Gospel was also guided and empowered by divine providence - and claiming no such ordination by God for the Tea Party movement... we can still be extremely effective in sharing the "good news" of common sense conservatism if we first equip ourselves as good soldiers of the message. We must become informed enough to hold our own when making the conservative case.

Next, we must encourage the "brethren" by motivating the likeminded to also become involved. Not merely to vote in the general elections, but to vote in the primaries... to campaign for candidates that represent their views... to be informed voters... and to themselves become activist evangelists! This is the "IN-Reach" aspect of evangelism!

We must also faithfully perform the commission as OUT-Reach "evangelists" to make the case to the uninformed, the misinformed, the unmotivated, the undecided and the unengaged. In other words, everyone who is not a committed leftist!

One-on-one "evangelism" has always been the most effective tool in the church, and it will be the most effective tool in the conservative arsenal as well. Talk to your neighbors, friends, co-workers and families!

Distribute conservative literature! A pocket constitution is a wonderful start! How can we expect people to understand the assaults on our Constitution if they aren't familiar with the document! In addition, perhaps we should begin to produce "tracts" which present the conservative message on single issues in a concise bifold pocket sized pamphlet.

Express your opinions. Write letters to the editor. Maybe post on social media or create a blog of your own. And of course, write your elected officials - often! Make them recognize your name!

Evangelism in the church is sharing the good news of salvation - and if you believe that you're offering salvation from destruction that's a true motivation.

Similarly, evangelism in conservatism is sharing the message of freedom, liberty, and opportunity. If you believe you're offering freedom from oppression and tyranny - you should be strongly motivated.