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Get Out and Vote

January 28, 2008

By Dennis Lombard


Governor Mike Huckabee's latest newsletter requested that his supporters contact friends and acquaintances and ask them to vote for him in the upcoming primaries. I personally believe he is the only true and honest uncompromising conservative in the race. 

Never mind all the half-truths and outright lies that have been floated around about Mike concerning taxes, illegal aliens, and so on. They are all fabrications, exaggerations or taken out of context and can be easily explained. As to him not being qualified, or that he lacks experience, or that he can't beat "Billary" or Obama, Mike beat the Clinton Democratic political machine four times in Arkansas, and knows them better than anyone else running. 

He was named Governor of the Year once. He took Arkansas' infrastructure AND education system from worst in the nation to best or most improved. He raised taxes only in those two areas in order to make those necessary improvements, while he lowered taxes in dozens of other areas. In short, he says, "I governed." He is a true statesman and effective leader.

Please get out and place your vote for Mike Huckabee. And ask others to do the same. 

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