Beatty Announces Candidacy Against Kerry

February 18, 2008

Submitted by a Concerned Citizen

Jeff Beatty's credentials, military service and message for the future resonate with Massachusetts voters. The question is, can he unseat incumbent Democrat Senator and former presidential candidate, the haughty John Kerry?
Beatty is a former Army Delta Force Officer and was awarded a purple heart for injuries sustained in the first "Blackhawk down" while rescuing Americans in Grenada. Additionally, Beatty was a Special Agent of the FBI advising the national Hostage Rescue Team, a CIA Counter-terrorism Officer with service in Europe and the Middle East and a small businessman advising many national and Massachusetts clients on Security against Terrorism and Violence.
A Zogby poll, commissioned by the Beatty Exploratory Committee, showed that when Massachusetts voters were made aware of newcomer Beatty's credentials, Beatty received 45% to Kerry's 48% with a margin of error +- 4%, a statistical dead heat.
According to a Suffolk university poll, Senator John Kerry could have problems staying in the US Senate. When voters were asked whether Kerry should run for another six-year term 56% said that it was time to give someone else a chance.
Beatty says he's running because, "For over 30 years, I have dedicated myself to our great nation and to the citizens and government of this Commonwealth. My experience and knowledge is rooted in hard work, strong ethics and common sense. I am proud to be part of the middle class and I understand the difficulty and hardships we face to pay a mortgage, heat our homes and put food on the table. We can do better. Massachusetts has had enough of career politicians who are out of touch. For them it's politics, for us it's personal. It is time to get Massachusetts and America back on track."
Jeff Beatty has been crisscrossing the state, meeting voters and signing up over a thousand volunteers and recently opened up an office in Westborough, MA. His message has been met with great enthusiasm.
"We have an opportunity to change the political landscape of America," said Robert Gauvin of Dartmouth, MA. "Jeff Beatty gives us that change here in Massachusetts."

Thanks to Joe Manzoli for the submission.

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