The Coward's Way Out

January 15, 2007

I shouldn't be surprised. This is normal for the leftist, defeatist Democrats. But it still ticks me off. It takes courage to come up with a plan when you know every little twerp with a soapbox is going to take potshots at it. It takes no courage to criticize everything the President says about Iraq, while offering absolutely no ideas or plans to better the situation. The Dems are too gutless to put forward a plan, because anything they come up with would involve a cowardly retreat. They don't want America to know that the best they can come up with is running away from the enemy, something that the majority of Americans would not put up with.

"No one likes this war," they mew. What a shock! Please, Nancy Pelosi, student of history. Tell me just which war Americans (or any people, for that matter) have liked. Only an idiot likes war. War is a terrible thing. The only thing worse than a war is an unnecessary war.

But this war was necessary. The cowardly Dems knew it and they know it. They VOTED to authorize it. They did so because they didn't want THEIR mansions hit by airplanes. They know it is necessary today to see it through to the end. But they are more than willing to demoralize our troops by threatening to cut off funding for the war.

They know they can't actually do that. But they want to make political points with their far-left voters. So what if in doing so they hurt the morale of the very troops who put their lives on the line to protect the right off these cowards to run their mouths?

If I sound mad, I am. Do you realize that no matter what the President said, they would have tried to cut him off at the knees? Even if he had said he would pull half the troops out of Iraq today, and the other half in six months, that wouldn't have made them happy. And if he had given in to their demands to beat a cowardly retreat from Iraq, they would have called him a coward!

It's all about politics and power. They hate the President so much that even if he proposes something they want, they will oppose him. It doesn't matter if it is good for the country; they don't care about the country. They only care about three things:

1)      Getting reelected.

2)      Getting pork for their constituents so they can be SURE to be reelected.

3)      Getting elected to a position with more power than their present one.

George Bush is not perfect. But he is our first President since Ronald Reagan to care more about the people he serves than about getting reelected. He loves this nation. He wants what is best for the country. He is a public servant.

Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry and their friends are morally bankrupt. They love themselves. They want what is best for themselves. They only serve themselves.

The President has proposed a reasonable plan to improve the situation in Iraq. Will it work? I don't know. But I do know that a bunch of good men and women (who are NOT cowards) have worked hard to come up with the best possible solution for the strife in Iraq. The cowards have NO plan, NO ideas, and NO guts. The only thing they can come up with is running away.

Of course they don't call it what it is. Their new favorite term is "redeployment" of our troops. Translation: Putting them somewhere where there isn't any fighting. What if we had "redeployed" our troops away from Iwo Jima in WWII? We would be speaking Japanese today. What if we had redeployed our troops away from Europe? The ungrateful (and cowardly) French would be eating sour kraut and weiner schnitzel instead of croissants and stinky cheese. (By the way, John Kerry thinks the French are far superior to Americans. Why am I not surprised?)

I don't need to tell you what a disaster it would be if we took the coward's way out of Iraq. Our troops would be demoralized. They would feel that all their sacrifices (and the deaths of their comrades) were in vain. Terrorists the world over would dance in the streets (as they did on 9-11) because they would believe, correctly, that they had defeated the greatest power on earth. Iraq would fall into the hands of radical Muslims, and the Middle East would be in turmoil for decades. Millions would die.

Oil prices would quickly hit $100 per barrel, gas prices would double, and our economy would be badly hurt. The world economy would fare even worse than ours, and more wars would result. Muslim terrorists would take over more nations, convinced that the United States would stand by and do nothing. Israel would be attacked and devastated.

All because the Democrats are cowards.

Copyright ©2007 Tom Barrett

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