Pro-Abortion Arguments Should Stick To The Issue

February 18, 2013

A recent letter writer asked pro-life men to “put their money where their mouth is as an advo-cate for universal vasectomies for men,” thus ending future un¬intended and unwanted preg-nancies for good. He also found it quite interesting that so many “‘pro-life’ advocates are male.

Unfortunately, this letter amounts to nothing more than an ad hominem (personal) at¬tack, not an argument.

First of all, arguments do not have genders, people do. There are many pro-life men, but there are many pro-life women who use the same arguments as these men.

Attacking the arguer based on gender is sexism, not valid argumentation.

The bottom line is this: The pro-life side is not arguing for the takeover of women’s bodies. We are trying to answer this fundamental question: What is the unborn?

We argue that the unborn are people, members of the species homo sapiens from conception and as such are deserving of all rights established and guaran¬teed by the Constitution, specif-ically the right to life.

Whether the life is outside of the womb or inside, it makes no difference. No one has “the right” to take an innocent per¬son’s life.

Please focus on the argu¬ments, not the arguers. By the way, if men simply by being men are not able to speak on the issue of abortion, we might as well overturn Roe v. Wade today since nine men decided the case back in 1973.