Share the Burden of Gun Responsibility Evenly

April 8, 2013

The National Rifle Association finds a slippery slope in every attempt to make it more difficult for criminals and those who should not own guns from obtaining them. Its refrain is that “guns do not kill, but people do.” That is a truism no one can deny and because of that, proper protection and responsibility of those who own guns is a key to stop weapons from getting into those hands that should not own them.

The universal background check of who can buy guns, regardless at a store, gun show or even private sale, is one way to at least understand who has guns and can use them. However, legislation that places responsibility on the owners of guns to control and protect them, is essential. Thus the law must require that when a legal gun is stolen, lost or gifted, that the registration of that gun is cleared. That would place responsibility of the weapon’s location on the legal owner and also alert police when a gun is taken.

To not require such responsibility allows one to legally buy a weapon and then give it to anyone. The laws on reporting private sale or theft should have penalties on non-reporting, placing the legal and responsible owner liable for damage done when the gun is used to injure others. This gun responsibility does not stop ownership of any gun or weapon but requires the legal owner to watch and take care of the dangerous instrument they own – guns.

As the NRA shouts, guns kill.