President Should Focus on Jobs, Not Races

August 5, 2013

The president recently spoke to the nation with con­cern about how the black citi­zens of our country suffer the scrutiny of society. He stated that he could have been Tray­von Martin 35 years ago. How he has witnessed in his lifetime car doors being locked when he walked down the street. How he was watched when he entered a store and how we as a nation have far to go to bring up the spirits of young black men.

As he spoke, I wondered why he didn’t also project a spirit of hope to those young black citi­zens as he himself overcame such obstacles as well as his At­torney General Eric Holder, former Secretary of State Con­doleeza Rice, Colin Powell and countless other African-Ameri­can men and woman have. He lost an opportunity to show true leadership by not addressing how far this nation has come. Being silent on our advances does all of us collectively a dis­service as it flames the fires and gives credibility toward an emotional reaction to the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin verdict.

Listen to black radio and you will become aware of the many callers who believe a revolution is a necessary step toward equality. Callers believe that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mes­sage of peace was only heard because of the threat of revolu­tion. I’m apprehensive that the president, unnecessarily, has blessed the stage for racial un­rest. I am disgusted with and his message. The president should concentrate on creating jobs, developing skill training opportunities and refocusing on all Americans working together on strength­ening our economy and our communities.