Sequester’s Impact on Our Military Personnel

August 19, 2013

In lieu of the recent threat of attacks by terrorist groups, causing the closure of embas­sies, removal of embassy per­sonnel, and suggestions of trav­el restrictions, one might won­der why the President, sworn to protect and defend this country, would weaken our ability to de­fend ourselves by causing the massive cuts to the Defense De­partment that result from his sequestration political tactic, which failed.

The Secretary of Defense is promising unprecedented cuts in weapons systems, military personnel and civilian support staff (whose pay was cut 20 per­cent) while the terrorism threat is once again growing, despite the administration’s claims to the contrary.

Why do our protectors take the hit? Why not cut other areas, such as the massive welfare ap­paratus, which costs many times the price of defense?

Why are those living off of the government not receiving 20 percent cuts in their never­ending benefits? I have seen no talk of seques­tration affecting welfare pay­ments, food stamps, unemploy­ment benefits, etc.

The only non-defense related hardship seems to be those poor members of Congress, who were exempted from Obama­care by the President. They won’t be able to participate in this miraculous program. If we don’t take defense seriously, all of these goodies will come to an end.