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Obama Wrongly Claims He’s Middle Class’s Friend

August 26, 2013

President Obama is no friend of the middle class and any working American citizen. Re­cently Obama’s speeches on the economy tout how hard he has been fighting for them and how, by executive orders, he will car­ry out his agenda.

But the facts state the oppo­site. The constant printing of dollars, at $100 billion per month, without growth in our real economy will fail. The new normal of 7.6 percent unem­ployment and very little growth catch up to this country, with the eventual runaway in­flation. Our health care cost has risen so fast that it takes your breath away. The added regula­tions on businesses is being passed on to Mr. and Mrs. Mid­dle Class.

With the most recent blow to the American coal industry that powers more than 40 percent of our electric production, will add hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands to the middle class electric bill.

Thank you, Mr. Obama; can we have some more of you being the protector of the middle class?

All the hard-working people that struggle to pay their mort­gages, fuel, gas, electric and food bills know how hard it is to survive under this president.


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