Obama Administration: Chaotic from Day One!

September 30, 2013

Some of our Congressmen vot­ed for the United Nations’ trea­ty to strip guns from the Amer­ican people and take our Second Amendment rights under our Constitution. The president and Democratic Party are trying their best to destroy the United States.

The Obama administration doesn’t even read the laws they pass like Obamacare. His ad­ministration has no idea how to solve the medical needs without taxing and robbing the middle class with a high premium, poor or no medical care.

The Obama administration has been in chaos from Day One with distortion, spying on citi­zens, no foreign policy, failure to render aid to Benghazi, guns to Mexican drug lords, the IRS scandal, and last but not least, more than 1,000 criminal pris­oners released by Homeland Se­curity.

There are too many missed opportunities to reduce the na­tional debt and increase em­ployment.

One is the Keystone pipeline. Another is to reduce welfare and institute a public work pro­gram.

His most dangerous policies is the concept of circumventing the Constitution to pass laws, treaties, rules and regulations that takes away the sovereignty of the United States, passed by U.S. senators.

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