Obamacare Shows Liberals as Hypocrites

December 16, 2013

Subsidies offered through Obamacare might be out of the reach to those lacking state-is­sued identification. To access Obamacare to get “free” health care or subsidies, you need a So­cial Security card, a form of identification and tax returns. Don’t have any of those? Great, what do I need to get that?

Ac­cording to Social Security Administration’s own website, you can only prove your identity with some form of state-issued identification. To get a Dela­ware State ID, you will need a birth certificate, two proofs of Delaware residency, and a non­U.S. citizen must provide proof of legal presence in the United States.

But wait a minute. Isn’t that taking advantage of the poor minority? According to voter ID law opponents and Attorney General Eric Holder, requiring someone to show they are who they say they are is discrimina­tion and suppression!

It’s ironic, then, that Attor­ney General Eric Holder re­cently sued the state of North Carolina over its new voter ID law. The state law allows pros­pective voters three years – un­til the 2016 elections – to obtain a valid ID to vote. Obamacare, available for enrollment as of Oct. 1, begins punishing those without identification in just three months through its indi­vidual mandate. This is liberal hypocrisy at its best.