4 Million Fewer Have Insurance – Thanks to ObamaCare

December 30, 2013

ObamaCare is succeeding – if Obama’s goal was to have fewer people with health insurance in America. As of today, 6 million Americans have lost their health insurance as a direct result of the so-called “Affordable” Health Care Act. And just over a million have enrolled for health insurance on the Federal website. There are reports that possibly another million have enrolled on state sites. So under the most generous interpretation of these facts, 4 million fewer people have health insurance as of the end of 2013. Great job, Obama.
The published goals of ObamaCare are to enroll 7 million people, most of those being young healthy people on these websites; 3.3 million were supposed to be enrolled as of the end of 2013. Obviously that didn't happen.
More troubling is the fact that the great majority of the people who have enrolled are older, sick citizens who are attracted by the promise of free healthcare. When it became clear that younger, healthier people were not signing up, the Obama administration put on a big PR push to get as many people as possible signed up in order to avoid embarrassment.
The problem is that the majority of these people signed up for the free Medicaid insurance. Obama's PR stunt got more people signed up - but they were the wrong kind of people. He needed people who would pay lots of money into the system, but would use fewer services because there were healthy. Instead, many hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up will drain the system of resources, but will pay nothing.
The ObamaCare act anticipated that the end result would be that those signing up were those people who were sick and previously unable to get health insurance. That outcome was guaranteed by the fact that insurers were required to accept people with pre-existing conditions. The fatal miscalculation on Obama's part was assuming that he could con younger, healthy people into paying the premiums for those who were sick.
Let's talk about pre-existing conditions. Imagine that you have no automobile insurance. You get into an accident which totals your car. You go to Allstate and tell them that you want them to issue a policy on the wrecked car, and you want them to pay to replace it. And, of course, you pay the same premium as you would have paid if you were covered under the policy prior to the accident.
Ridiculous? Of course it is. But it is no more ridiculous than requiring insurance companies to give the same policies at the same premiums to healthy people and to people who are already sick. Especially when some of those people have terminal illnesses that will cost millions of dollars.
Let's look at a few of the promises that Obama has made in addition to coverage for pre-existing conditions. Parents can keep their children on their health insurance policies until the 26 - well into adulthood. Pregnancy coverage for all women – even those well past child-bearing age. Substance abuse coverage. And on and on and on.
The problem with all of these is that they are expensive. And Obama promised to include all of this – and much more – for LESS money. That’s right. He said that the average family would pay $2,500 LESS per year – and get more and better coverage.
Friend, you don’t need a degree in economics to know that it is impossible to do what he has promised. You can’t buy more with less.
So why did Obama push through a health care law that he knew would fail? Because his goal was never affordable healthcare. He made no secret that his ultimate goal has always been universal healthcare - government controlled healthcare.
He has lured millions of gullible Americans with the promise of more stuff for less money. It is a given in politics that once the people get something they are never willing to give it up - even if it is something they don't need. For instance there was never a real need for health insurance coverage of children through age 26. Most young people, even if they could afford it, did not buy health insurance because they didn't need it. But don't dare try to take it away now.
For ObamaCare to work, millions of healthy young people have to be willing to buy insurance they don't need and pay large premiums for it. The system requires those premiums to pay for the healthcare costs of older people with severe health problems. This cannot work; it will not work; and Obama has always known this.
When everyone realizes this, there will be two choices: 1) People will have to give up all the freebies Obama promised them. Or…2) We will be forced into socialized healthcare, with the government fully in charge. Obama has engineered this entire debacle to push us into option number two. And he won't rest until the government completely controls all aspects of health care.
You will be able to choose your doctor or hospital. The government will decide what treatment you receive - or don't receive. And eventually a death panel will decide when you should die.

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