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Diversity Has Become the Great Divide

January 13, 2014

Recently on a military base (here in the U.S.) – the troops wanted to have a Christmas tra­dition – a football game. They were reprimanded because the military cannot have the troops say “Christmas.” It had to be a “holiday” game.

What has become of a rea­sonable diversity? It has be­come the great divide. As is al­ways the case, the pendulum has swung too far from obtain­ing a balance. In order to offend no one – we must remain “si­lent” – a silence that has become deafening. Is this still not the United States of America? One wonders. In the past, in this country, as I recall. Christmas was not a dirty word.

Someone explain? Everyone is so touchy, offended by what has been and will continue to be the Christian’s right to believe in Jesus Christ/God. However diverse, I applaud your belief in a higher/divine being – differ­ent in the concept perhaps, but I respect your right to serve/ trust/believe as you choose.

To many, the belief is in the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior. I make no apologies – so why must I, too, curb my desire to say Mer­ry Christmas?


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