Iran Wins as Obama Cowers

January 20, 2014

Today the Iran nuclear deal to which the United States agreed goes into effect. Without question Iran walked all over Obama’s negotiators. Iran got everything they wanted; we were made to look like cowards. We lifted the sanctions that could have caused Iran to give up their bomb-making. And they agreed to stop further progress toward the bomb – for now. They won, we lost.
I predicted that this would happen many years ago on Even before he took office, Obama said he would do something the U.S. had previously refused to do – sit down with the terrorist nation Iran and negotiate with them as if they were part of the family of nations. I said then that this showed his weakness, and that his weakness would destroy the effectiveness of any negotiations.
Iran went into the negotiations with two goals. They desperately needed the crippling economic sanctions lifted. Otherwise, how would they be able to afford the nuclear material and bomb-making components? These sanctions (and the threat of attack by Israel) were the only things that brought Iran to the negotiations. The U.S. has given up most of that leverage.
Some in Congress are threatening to re-impose sanctions on Iran. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy claims that would be counter-productive, and says that a “third party” should not interfere in the negotiations. A third party? Aren’t Congress and the White House on the same team? And what about the fact that under the Constitution Congress must approve all treaties?
I find it extremely suspicious that “the most transparent White House in history” has refused to release the details of an agreement that goes into effect today. How is Congress expected to exercise oversight over an agreement they’re not allowed to read?
What about the claims of Liberals that we actually reduced Iran’s capability to make nuclear bombs? Iran’s top negotiator for the nuclear talks, Abbas Araghchi, bragged in a TV interview this week that if Iran decides to resume enriching uranium to levels prohibited by the new nuclear deal, it could begin to do so in one day’s time. In other words, nothing has changed.
Their other goal was not just to keep their current nuclear activities in place, as many commentators have suggested. No, they lust for world acceptance as a nuclear power, with no question of their right to build and maintain nuclear bombs. Obama advanced them dramatically toward this goal with his weak and cowardly negotiating.
The world would have been far better off had Obama at least had the courage to walk away from the negotiating table when Iran refused to give even an inch. That would have signaled the truth – that Iran is a nuclear threat to the world, and it refuses to give up its ability to nuke its neighbors.
If we had done this, Israel could have taken care of this threat, as it did in 1981 when it destroyed Iraq’s nuclear capability with Operation Babylon. Back then both the UN and the U.S. acted in a similarly cowardly manner. Israel had to act alone.   
Today, because of Obama’s spinelessness, Israel will again be seen as a bully if it has to act alone. We’ve told the world that Iran’s illegal actions – which violate six different UN Security Council resolutions – are acceptable. Obama has abandoned our sole ally in the Middle East – again.

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