November 17, 2014

What is the NAADCP? It is what the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has become. It is now the National Association for the Advancement of Democrat Colored People, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.
In the past the NAACP advocated for all black people. But since they were taken over by Leftists, they have lost all semblance of independence. They toe the Democrat party line to the letter, whether or not it benefits their constituency.
Take the case of Mia Love and Tim Scott, two black Republicans who enjoyed unprecedented and historical success in the November 2014 election:
Breaking News: The racist, sexist Republican Party elects the first black female Republican ever to the US Congress, Mia Love.
More Breaking News: Racist Republicans elect Tim Scott as the first black man from the South to win a Senate seat since Reconstruction. (By the way - the black Senators elected before Reconstruction were Republicans, too.) Scott is also the first black man of either party to serve in both the House and the Senate. And he is the first black who South Carolina has ever elected to the Senate.
The only racism involving these two races came from – you guessed it – the NAADCP. You see, they are only interested in the advancement of black Democrats. Historic victories by black Republicans aren’t worth a mention. The NAADCP is in truth a racist organization, because it believes that only blacks who work on the Democrat plantation are really black.
Liberal pundit Bob Beckel denigrated the success of these two young people. “The Republicans should have done this sooner.” Well, they would have if it weren’t for the fact that Democrats, the NAADCP and Liberal pundits like Beckel have persecuted any black person who expresses Conservative views. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against that kind of harassment and intimidation.
So it is not surprising that the president of the NAADCP completely ignored these historic accomplishments when he commented on the election. Cornell Brooks, President and CEO of the organization, issued this statement: “This election was not about who won but rather the citizens who lost the right to participate.” He then proceeded to perpetuate the myth that blacks are incapable of performing the simple task of bringing photo ID’s with them when they vote. To him, preventing voter fraud is less important than advancing the agenda of the Democrat Party.

If you want to see what the NAADCP stands for today, you need look no further than the “Advocacy and Issues” tab on their website. The number two item on the list is “Climate Justice.” Besides being an inane term, can someone please tell me how the climate is more of an issue to black Americans than it is to white Americans? The simple answer is that it is not. But because it remains one of the Democrats' pet issues, it gets top billing on the NAADCP website.
It is a shame that this once-proud and accomplished organization has fallen into the hands of shameless politicians. It no longer speaks for or advances the causes of black Americans. It has merely evolved into nothing more than another tentacle of the Democrat Party.


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