The Truth About the First Thanksgiving

November 24, 2014

I remember learning as a child about the very first Thanksgiving Day Feast in 1621. We read the story and saw drawings of the bountiful feast, including huge turkeys and lots of side dishes. But history does not bear out this depiction.

In fact the Pilgrims' harvest that year was very meager. If it had not been for the Native Americans helping them, they would have starved.

But they were still thankful. Why? Contrary to the way most people quote the Bible verse in I Th. 5:18, it does not say "FOR everything give thanks." It says "IN everything give thanks."

We should give thanks FOR everything God gives us. But we also need to be thankful IN every situation, as the Pilgrims were. They had very little on the table. But they were thankful that they were alive; that they had freedom; and that they had the opportunity to better their lot in life.

This Thanksgiving let's give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings we enjoy. But don't forget to be thankful even if everything is not going as you wish. Have an attitude of gratitude for the fact that, in spite of anything that might be going on in your life, God loves you and is using the things you are going through to draw you closer to Him.

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