Mystery of the Missing Communist Party

June 16, 2008

I am an old mystery fan. As a boy, I devoured all the old Erle Stanley Gardner and Agatha Christie mysteries and now read the newer Mary Higgins Clark novels. I guess this is the reason I still get suspicious of sudden changes in society and feel the need to investigate.

For example, I recall all the interest in Communist fronts, especially in the Joseph McCarthy era, before a combination of liquor and the Edward R. Murrow CBS show destroyed him.

Have you noticed that the word "Communist" has just about disappeared from our media and our language? I wondered why.

Seeking an answer, I recalled from my detective books, that the first motto they used was "Cherchez la femme." This did not seem to apply here. The second, always used by Perry Mason, was, "Follow the money." I did with no answers. Finally, I asked, who is trying the hardest to destroy America's economy as the Communist Party had always done?

Aha! Mystery solved. Those purveyors of the myths of global warming, who also demanded the need for the Kyoto treaty for America but not for China nor India nor other so-called third-world nations were doing what was necessary to break our economy.

They also pushed for our forced dependence on foreign oil instead of allowing us to use the gigantic surplus of oil under America's soil, whether in Alaska's ANWR, Colorado's shale, Montana's coal gasification, or off-shore drilling. This all led to one common enemy of America's capitalistic system and its freedom -the Communist Party.

Was it now, it seemed, masquerading under a new umbrella called "Environmentalists"? And wasn't it buying votes with heavy campaign contributions to members of both Republicans and Democrats?

What else could keep America's leaders from using its own oil, while China was and still is drilling just off the shores of Florida with slanted drills aimed right at our own oil? And Iran is planning to get oil directly from the Gulf of Venezuela.

Now, I am not referring to those of us who do their personal best to treat Mother Earth well; I am talking only about those who use the environment as a tool for political propaganda. These kinds of so-called environmentalists have even turned our schools into their own madrassas as they try to instill fear into our children. In some public schools, the kids are taught to get their parents to "go green." If they don't, then our cute little tuxedo-dressed penguins and those fuzzy white polar bears will all perish as the ice melts around them.

Forget that the ice shelf has been increasing in thickness over the past years and that the polar bear population has tripled in the past few years, as has the penguin population. Ignore the fact that the Gore film used trick movie technology to pretend that the ice was melting. Forget, too, that many true scientists from all over the world do not accept the myth of man-made climate change.

Recently, this year, 31,000 world scientists signed a petition organized by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. According to the OISM's board of scientists, "...a review of the research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of carbon dioxide has led to the conclusion that increases during the 20th Century have produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or temperature." To the contrary, the OISM notes that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide have actually increased plant growth rates, among other positive effects." In other words, the agricultural food we need for life is being helped not harmed. There is no man-made global warming other than political propaganda.

Hey, Joe McCarthy! Where are you now when we really need you back in Hollywood and in Washington, DC too? This time help stop the Leftist Environmentalists from destroying our economy. Reveal their communist tactics!

Copyright ©2008 Lee Ellis