Congressional Democrats Block Domestic Oil Production

July 21, 2008

The purpose of the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections is to choose leaders for the next two, four or six years. The best way to make your decision on which candidate to vote for is actual knowledge of what their past examples of leadership have been. Listed below are bills introduced in 2007-2008 to prevent, or encourage domestic production of oil and gasoline.

All the bills introduced by Democrats would prevent domestic oil and gasoline production while Republicans tried, without success, to encourage production, as demonstrated by the bills introduced by both parties and listed below.

Bill Number, Purpose, and Democrat Sponsor:

S 115- To Repeal tax incentives for oil research passed in 2005 (Sen. Barack Obama)

HR 586- Repeal oil exploration, development, drilling tax credits (Rep. Maurice Hinchey)

S 666- Terminate incentives for oil and gas production (Sen. Charles Schumer)

H 1238- To tax oil companies to fund competitors energy sources (Rep. Robert Casey, Jr)

S 878- To prevent mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas industry. (Sen. Herb Kohl)

HR 3220 - To limit oil use to achieve zero carbon emissions by FY2050 (Rep. Nancy Pelosi)

HR 1886- To prevent public financing of oil or gas field development (Rep. Maurice Hinchey)

HR 2372- To Impose windfall profit tax on oil companies (Rep. Rosa DeLauro)

S 1620- To impose more regulations on oil transportation (Sen. Maria Cantwell)

SJ Res 32- Bill to Force Saudi Arabia to produce more oil (Sen. Charles Schumer)

HR 6057- Prohibits leasing on Outer Continental Shelf Lands (Rep. Jay Inslee)

HJ Res 87- To Force Saudi Arabia to produce more oil (Rep. Anthony Weiner)

S 3044- Increase taxes on oil companies (Sen. Harry Reid) H 6251- To prohibit new leases for exploration or production of oil (Nick Rahall)

Bill Number, Purpose and Republican Sponsor:

HR 3089- Terminates laws prohibiting offshore & shale oil production (Rep. Max Thornberry)

HR 555- Limits the discriminatory taxation of oil pipeline property (Rep. Tom Price)

S 2958- Promotes Energy Security w/ offshore, shale, ANWAR (Sen. Pete Dominici)

HR 6009- Would bring new sources of domestic energy to market (Rep. Phil English)

S 3222- To open new oil producing areas for shale, off shore (Sen. John Thune)

HR 6211- Returns Constitutional authority to the President for control of & access to oil shale & tar sands on Federal lands (Rep. Chris Cannon)

HR 6384 - For greater American energy independence. (Rep. Rob Bishop)

HR6418- To Terminate moratorium on offshore oil and natural gas (Rep. Ted Poe)

To read these bills go to: and enter the bill number.

S 3044, a bill introduced by Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), to increase taxes on oil companies (which of course would increase the cost of gasoline) has been debated by the Senate, but blocked by Republicans, so it did not pass. Rep. Nick Rahall, (D-WV) introduced a bill to prohibit new leases for exploration or production of oil in the USA but it did not pass. Rep. Max Thornberry (R - TX) bill, introduced HR 3089 in July 2007, to terminate laws that prohibit offshore and oil shale production. A discharge petition to allow it to be debated on the floor now has 154 sponsors. It is being blocked by the Democrat leadership. All other bills, introduced by both parties, are still in Committees.

It appears that the price and availability of oil and gas, and any other energy methods, nuclear, electrical, coal, wind or solar, depends on who the voters choose in November for Congress and the Presidency.

Copyright ©2008 Mary Mostert