Oscars Hypocrisy; Protect Our Kids Like We Protect Celebrities

March 12, 2018

On March 2, 2018, 3,400 of the rich and famous gathered to fawn over each other. The supposed reason for the Oscars is to honor great art. But they have become more political than a Democrat Convention.

Most of the evening was spent spewing hate towards Christians, Conservatives and the Constitution. But they took time to bash the NRA and guns in general. They believe our schools should be "Gun-Free Zones." Ironically, there were 500 armed guards to protect these losers - including FBI agents!
That's one heavily armed cop or FBI agent for every 7 self-important narcissists. In Broward County, the Sheriff assigned ONE Deputy to protect 3,200 children. And he hid when the shooting started.
The bottom line is that government at all levels thinks that the safety of Hollywood stars is 500 times more important than that of our students. The irony is that no one has ever shot up an Oscars ceremony. But many schools have been attacked.