The Truth about Governor Sarah Palin

October 20, 2008

There have been many diverse ponderings by various pundits and politicians on TV, the internet and the press about Governor Palin's experience to effectively serve as the Vice-President, and potentially serve as the President of the U.S. Does being Governor of a state and its diverse responsibilities prepare her to manage America's national security and relate America's security interests to matters of foreign affairs?

To get at the facts, I went to an authority on her state and national defense responsibilities, Lt. Gen. Herb Temple, U.S. Army (Ret), former Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Pentagon, Washington, DC.

I learned from General Temple that Governor Palin occupies a very significant role as the chief executive charged with the safety and security of the citizens of Alaska. She is the commander of the Army and Air National Guard of Alaska and that responsibility encompasses their organization, administration and training in accordance with the regulations prescribed by Congress. Governor Palin is responsible for the Alaska National Guard in achieving the same standards of professionalism demanded of the United State Army and Air Force. When called to federal service, the Alaska National Guard has served throughout the world in the Global War on Terrorism.

Alaska's geographic location places Governor Palin in an extraordinarily vital role in America's security, since its coastal and island environs are especially vulnerable to both terrorist and foreign incursion. Unique to America's security: Alaska's National Guard has a special force called "Eskimo Scouts." They are the eyes and ears of America's Arctic frontier of the United States. Twenty-four/seven, every day, every year these native Eskimos are serving the nation while performing their livelihood.

The Governor is the commander of this force and is responsible for sustaining its presence and proficiency. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion, Alaska National Guard, serves a critical role in America's air defense. It is on full time active service and reflects the confidence the nation places in the Alaska Guard. Governor Palin has demonstrated the leadership, insight, knowledge and executive experience in the management of national security resources. She is informed of the nation's strategic defense plans and her state's integration into those plans.

I asked General Temple if this qualified her to be a heartbeat away from the President if elected. He replied, "She is no novice in matters related to the security of the nation and the public safety of those citizens for whom she is responsible. There are few, if any, members of the United States Congress with comparable experience... and that includes all of the current candidates for the nation's highest offices."

Our thanks to Herb Temple for this valuable information. Why is this so important? This coming election is not just the choice of a candidate; it is for a philosophy of government. Sarah Palin and John McCain can keep this nation as the strong Republic that has made America a land of freedom for all. The opposition represents a force that desires to convert America into a socialist, secularist European-type of democracy. On November 4th, you will decide what kind of a country you wish to leave for your children and grandchildren. What type of a country will they inherit?

Copyright ©2008 Lee Ellis