What about Our Moral Values?

October 20, 2008

Contributed by a Concerned Citizen

Christian! What about our Moral Values?
I get incredibly frustrated at the fact that some Christians are supporting presidential nominee, Barrack Hussein Obama. The guy can give a great speech, but what have his actions been? He votes "Present" on important issues rather than Yes or No. That should give us a clue. He has not exhibited "true" leadership as he shifts blame rather than takes responsibility. True leadership accepts responsibility. However, even more so than that, he supports abortion and gay "marriage!"

As a Christian, my responsibility is to align myself with God's word. What He says should be my first and final authority. So how can I be in support of a candidate who is clearly for the things I as a Christian should not be? People say, well, our economy is bad and he's the change America needs. OK...if that's the case, tell me what change the man is responsible for? What? You say he's waiting to get in the White House before he makes changes! Are you kidding me? So as a Christian your saying you're going to vote for him because he's promised us change and our economy needs serious help?

Have you forgotten that our economy is not God's economy? Does God not promise to supply all of our needs? Does He not say that we are His personal concern? Tell me where in the Bible it says it's all right to murder, especially a child! Tell me where in the Bible that God endorses homosexual marriage?

Christian...trusting in God as your provider through economic hardship is what faith is! Is your faith so little that you place your trust in a man of eloquent speech that defies the very heart of God on these issues?

The Bible says "how can two walk together unless they are in agreement." How can you walk closely and intimately with God and be in utter compromise of His word?

Can someone explain this to me?

Thanks to Tammy L. Dahl for this submittal.