Embroyonic Stem Cell Trials Approval-Coincidence or Bending to Obama?

January 26, 2009

A lot of unraveling of the Bush pro-family policies has already begun to occur this week. In adding to the list of anti-family, anti-Christian policies Obama is championing as outlined in Matt Barber's excellent article above, the lifting of the ban on using embryonic stem cells on human subjects fits right in with the new president's agenda.

The federal Food and Drug Administration's approval of an embryonic stem cell trial on 10 human subjects came the day after President Obama's inauguration. Although, according to an FDA spokesperson, politics and Obama's ascension to the presidency had nothing to do with their decision, this assertion strains credulity.

As has been pointed out more than once on these pages, embryonic stem cells have not provided demonstrable evidence of their effectiveness yet (and there is serious question as to whether they ever will), whereas adult stem cells have. Therefore the FDA's decision, timed as it was, can only be explained through the prism of political considerations.

It will be interesting to see whether the embryonic stem cells injected into the 10 human subjects, all suffering from paralysis from the chest down due to serious spinal cord injuries, will have any significant impact on healing them. Or alternatively, if there are any unanticipated negative consequences that result from this experiment. Equally interesting will be the drive-by media's coverage, or lack thereof, if the embryonic stem cells fail to deliver on their supposed promise. The one silver lining in this, although certainly not for the 10 poor subjects who expect a miraculous cure, is that an actual failure, should it occur, will make it more difficult for even Obama to keep pushing this anti-life measure on us.

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