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Self-defense is not only a right, but also a duty!
Dr. Tom Barrett
This week a former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer attempted to murder the Senate Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, at a baseball practice. He wounded Scalise and two police officers severely. He was able to get off 60 rounds before the police killed him. The Liberal media want to write him off as a random crazy guy because of the Sanders connection. But there’s more to the story.  More...
Special Commentary
Ed Delph
One of the most powerful anecdotes in the Bible of how God communicates with man is found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. You and I would know it as the wilderness temptation. Jesus is led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. After forty days, Jesus became hungry. He was fasting. Then, at His weakest moment, the tempter came to tempt Him with three different temptations we humans face.  More...
Cliff Kincaid
The incoherent questioning of James Comey by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is symptomatic of why President Donald Trump is at a severe disadvantage as the special counsel’s investigation of Russia-gate goes forward. The Republicans have walked into a trap and don’t know how to dig themselves out. They are playing ball with the Democrats, whose goal is impeachment.

McCain blamed staying up late to watch a baseball game. What’s the White House’s excuse?  More...
Brent Smith
Ever wonder why things cost what they do? It’s not all laws and regulations. Stupid people also drive up the cost of everything.  More...
Or…is a diploma from PCU worth the parchment it’s printed on?
Ric Wasley
It’s graduation time across the country and among those freshly minted entrants into the adult workplace will be who knows how many unfortunate recipients of an educational system that has force fed them a steady diet of entitlement.  Even worse, recipients of this system have been saddled with the debilitating baggage of being taught to complain, cry and protest any thought, deed or opinion that does not conform to the bewildering and constantly changing rats nest of rules that comprise political correctness.  More...
Don Boys, PhD
In the last few days, concerned Americans across the nation have participated in “anti-sharia” protests. Those citizens have been criticized, castigated, and condemned for their “bigotry.” It seems bigotry is the word of choice when leftists can’t answer a charge against them. Hate is a four-letter word that they all know, use, and exude.
However, it is a fact, not falsehood or fallacy, that dedicated, koranic Muslims want to live under sharia in America. It’s time to stop playing games and realize the reality: terrorists are beating at the gates of Europe and America. 
Be Careful What You Wish For...
Ellen Brown
Higher interest rates will triple the interest on the federal debt to $830 billion annually by 2026, will hurt workers and young voters, and could bankrupt over 20% of US corporations, according to the IMF. The move is not necessary to counteract inflation and shows that the Fed is operating from the wrong model.

Responding to earlier presidential pressure, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates this week for the third time since November, from a
fed funds target of 1% to 1.25%.  But as noted in The Guardian in a March 2017 article titled “Trump Is Set to Win the Battle on Interest Rates, but US Economy Will Pay the Price.”  More...
Brent Smith
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Republican Representative Steve Scalise, two Capital Hill police officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, Congressional staffer Zack Barth and Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika. I’m sure we all wish them a speedy recover.
As most are aware, these individuals were injured in a terrorist shooting during a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. yesterday. 
Rev. Michael Bresciani
As Liberals endorse tolerance of both Muslims and their Sharia law, as well as the whole multi-alphabet soup of sexual 'diversity' and choices (LGBTQ...XYZ), one wonders where the whole situation will end up! The tolerance of the Left by its own standards cannot include the Christian-Biblical view that homosexuality is a sin, and that Islam is a religion that does not lead to the one true God of the New Testament.  More...
Why June 14th is a date that defines America's political landscape...
David Hunter
A historically pro-American day—June 14th—has been marred by the leftist violence of a lone gunman with the blood of innocents spilled. Before today, this date was a celebratory one: the 100th anniversary of Flag Day, the 242nd year of the founding of the U.S. Army (motto: “This We'll Defend”)—and for good measure President Trump's 71st birthday.

All these reasons for joy have been overshadowed by the wielder of a semi-automatic rifle—an outspoken campaign volunteer for (Democrat colleague and socialist) Bernie Sanders (I-VT)—who shot at some 25 Republican Congressman, and staffers, at Simpson Park in Alexandria, VA.  More...
Video of the Week
Dr. Tom Barrett

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