"You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free"
Publisher / Editor:
Paul Hayden
A Few Words About Us

Conservative Truth is published weekly. Each issue is read by approximately 50,000 people worldwide. If you're tired of the same old liberal slant that the major media give to the news, you'll find Conservative Truth a breath of fresh air. Did you know that 92% of the producers, anchors, editors and reporters that decide what news you are allowed to see are registered to vote either as Democrats or Socialists? 100% of the Editorial Staff of Conservative Truth are Conservative Republicans or Libertarians.

Conservative Truth reports on news that the major media censor. We offer original commentary on the major moral, social and political issues of the day from a Biblical, moral conservative viewpoint. We're not ashamed to say that America is the greatest country on this globe, but neither are we afraid to point out areas where our politicians are leading us astray.

Most Americans believe that patriotism is a good thing; that government should be kept out of religion, but that our Founding Fathers never intended to keep religion out of public life; that murder of an unborn child is wrong; that homosexuals should not be given special privileges; and that our children should not be taught revisionist history which makes them ashamed to be Americans. Why then are the voices of the great majority of Americans not being heard today? Because we have allowed the liberals to take control of our schools, our courts, and our media.

If no one tells the truth, no one will hear it. Our goal is to give you facts and logical arguments you can use when you are confronted with liberal lies. This website will soon be an active source of news and commentary that you can count on. Our sister site, Liberal Lies (LiberalLies.org) will follow soon after. It will be dedicated to exposing the main lies that the liberals use to brainwash our citizens. It will definitely not be politically correct.

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Always remember this: Regardless of what the liberal left would have you believe, you live in the greatest nation that has ever existed on the earth, and God is still in control.