Special Commentary
Bob Pascarella

Getting back to normal will be difficult and treacherous. All the scheming and energy of the left will be thrust upon the people to steer them off the path.  

“Return to Normal” is a phrase that has been spoken and written about often, but given even greater expression since the advent of the coronavirus last year. You might ask, what exactly was normal before, and given what the nation has been through, what should normal look like now? I believe in the minds of most people, a return to normalcy represents a transition from the current period of crisis, unrest, frustration, and great division, to what each of us thinks normal looked like before all this began.  

Don Boys, PhD

Universities used to be places where students struggled with English, calculus, chemistry, accounting, etc., with occasional breaks for a football or basketball game. Not anymore. There are numerous non-academic distractions, discussions, and debates that (after four years) produce frivolous, foolish frauds leaving with a degree they can hardly read literally!

In 2018, it was revealed that a teacher even taught high school social studies for seventeen years and was a certified teacher, but could not read or write.

U.S. education has been on a slippery slope for a long time, and many schools have already tumbled upon the garbage heap below. According to an educational assessment report, the average U.S. college freshman reads at a seventh-grade level, so the incompetence goes back to the earliest grades.  

Jeff Crouere

For decades, Republican Party elected officials have tried to make nice with their Democratic Party colleagues, the liberal media, and deep-state bureaucrats. Instead of acting like courageous conservative leaders, they ended up delivering policies that were Democrat-lite.

This capitulation led to the catastrophe the country is now facing under the Biden administration. President Joe Biden entered office after a disputed election with no voter mandate, but that did not stop him from launching the most left-wing agenda of any administration in American history. His first year in office has been an utter catastrophe, the worst start of any American President.  

We owe our children...
Ric Wasley

Every good parent agrees that we owe our children a good education, one free from lies, bigotry, and propaganda. It's time we returned to that purpose. When Americans finally take back our country from the Left the first thing we must focus on is undoing the decades of damage that the Democrat Teachers Union and Marxist professors have done to our children.

As author Charles Love says in his book, "Race Crazy” - “Why should people who hold contempt for the country be allowed to educate our children, particularly about the country they despise?” He goes on to say the Democrat anti-American education complex is "reframing American history to make it solely synonymous with slavery. They are succeeding at making this perspective mainstream and bringing this toxic approach to the classroom.”  

Ed Delph

It seems like the whole world is like a simmering pan on a stove. One wonders when it’s going to boil over. Everywhere I travel, many people feel used or even deceived by leaders or bureaucracies in every sector of society. It reminds me of a story by comedian Jackie Mason. “My grandfather always said, ‘Don’t watch your money; watch your health.’ So, while I was watching my health, someone stole my money. It was my grandfather.”  

You thought you were free.
Bob McCray


The United States of America was the name of our country when Joe Biden stumbled and bumbled his way into the White House. Now he is in the process of changing the U.S.A. into the United Socialist States of America. Biden has presented himself for years as a good old boy and was referred to by many as ‘good old Joe.’ But Joe Biden has many other nicknames: ‘Sleepy Joe,’ ‘Basement Joe,’ ‘Sniffer Joe,’ ‘Creepy Joe,’ and most recently ‘Empty Shelves Joe.’