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If You Thought the Afghanistan War was Expensive, Wait Until You Get the Bill for the Afghanistan “Peace”
Dr. Tom Barrett


Joe Biden has provided international Islamic terrorist organizations everything they need to perpetrate the next 9/11 billions of dollars in cash, trillions in advanced military equipment, and now an entire nation as a launching pad. Think of an aircraft carrier.

An aircraft carrier is the ultimate tool of warfare. It is basically a mid-sized city. It has everything: Aircraft, munitions, anti-aircraft guns, living quarters, entertainment, kitchens and dining areas, fuel, water, and supplies sufficient for months. And it has troops of all kinds, including the fiercest warriors the world has ever seen, U.S. Marines.

Afghanistan now has billions of dollars worth of equipment abandoned by the U.S. (including multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art military bases and fortified airfields), trillions in the latest combat aircraft and Blackhawk helicopters, ground-based, artillery, troop carriers and Humvees, as well as other secret military equipment that will be used against us. The only thing their aircraft carrier platform lacks is mobility, but that becomes less of a problem now that they have been handed an entire nation that can be used as a terrorist training and platform from which to launch the next 9/11-style attack on the United States and our allies.

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MUST-READ for every freedom-loving patriot in America!
Robert Peck


When news of COVID lockdown orders began to be reported back in early 2020, my immediate concern was not over the virus but the lawfulness of the orders. Yes, the virus matters and should be researched by doctors so they can advise their patients as to the best methods of prevention and/or treatment. However, without the rule of law, we have no protection of our God-given rights, including the right to life. Therefore, rights and the rule of law are paramount, even above COVID.

I quickly observed that the lockdown and shutdown orders being issued violated God-given rights, were not constitutionally authorized, and therefore lacked the force of law. As the orders that were promised to be for only a few weeks dragged on into months, it became clear we’d been lied to and that action needed to be taken to restore the rule of law.  

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...upholding and defending the Constitution.
Michael Peroutka

What is the recourse for a patriotic citizenry when those who are entrusted with upholding the law conspire together to use the law to break the law?  

Don Boys, PhD

Tyrants are alive and well during these COVID days. If you tremble with righteous anger when tyrants raise a clenched fist to crush the innocent and helpless, then you and I can become friends, even if you’re a Liberal. Yes, I’m getting mellow at my advanced age. But then, mellow is only one stage from being rotten, so we can at least be friendly.

Righteous anger is producing stirrings of courage, convictions, and commitment around the globe.  

Rev. Michael Bresciani

Across the globe, the new motto for all those who do not want to be forced by their governments to take a vaccination is the old motto of – my body, my choice.

How is that going?

In fact, the “my body” catchphrase is being ignored by governments from one corner of the globe to the other.

Ric Wasley

Democrats may be ridiculous but they are not stupid. They are perfectly aware that their social, military, and financial policies are tearing down America and turning it from the envy of the world into another third-World hell hole.

And that has been their goal ever since the day that Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated - the “transformation" (destruction) of America. When he spoke about the “dreams of his father” what those dreams included was the dismantling of Western Civilization, and that became the new directive for the Democrat party.

Bob Pascarella

A Criminal element and vicious gangs have taken over cities causing death and heartbreak, law enforcement's hands are tied, and Democrats who are in control, turn away.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve had a hard, trying day, and are looking forward to a good night’s rest. Your head hits the pillow, eyes close, and then they open, and you find yourself staring up at the ceiling. It’s not that you can’t sleep, it’s that you are besieged by thoughts of the day passed, and what tomorrow will bring, your expectations, and what will be expected of you. You close your eyes again, and this time it takes.  

Does Biden truly represent the new Democrat?
Peter Lemiska


The Democrat Party has evolved. It’s come to believe socialism is the end game, and the end justifies the means. But the country we once knew can still be saved if more Democrats begin putting principle, or at least common sense, before politics.  

Jeff Crouere

Conservative Catholics should not expect much of a change during the papacy of Pope Francis. He will continue to punish conservative leaders in the Catholic Church and welcome progressive icons like House Speaker Pelosi to the Vatican.

His papacy has been as divisive as the relatively new presidency of Joe Biden and the long tenure of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. None of these Catholic leaders have succeeded in bringing people together. All of them have pursued progressive policies, which have not only failed to unite, but have also failed to work.  

Dan Perkins

Is the following “Fake news” or propaganda, or both? The New York Times reported in a recent story that 900,000 children had been hospitalized with the COVID-19 infection so far during the pandemic. The story came out Oct. 6, 2021 when there was a lot of push by the federal, state, local governments, and the teachers' unions to have all school children vaccinated to open the schools. Two days later, on October 8, the Times retracted the story indicating that the actual number of children was only 63,000. The Times reported the number of children admitted to hospitals was off by 837,000 children. The story also said that Denmark and Sweden were giving out single vaccine doses to children between the ages of 5-12. This was also false as neither government has given out any doses to children of those ages. Clearly, this initial story was propaganda, and it was so egregious the Times had to pull it back because of the errors and the intense heat they took in offering the propaganda.  

Either Vaccine Proponents or the Anti-vaccine Advocates are Wrong: Governments Will Fall!
Don Boys, PhD

We are living through one of many times in man’s existence when a mysterious disease comes out of nowhere (or from a Wuhan lab) and lashes the face of the world, leaving millions dead and injured, then departs as mysteriously as it arrived. Dedicated federal and international health officials “saved the world” by producing a partly successful COVID-19 vaccine in record time.

Or we are living in the most incredible time in history when unscrupulous federal health officials took advantage of an alleged pandemic to stuff billions of dollars in bags and to achieve power over others or to gain a place in medical history. This was done while ridiculing, resisting, and refusing available and safe drugs that could have  possibly saved more than 85% from death. Of this we will never know for sure. 

It is one or the other.  

Ed Delph

Allow me to share a true story about the power of one person who was willing to step into an impossible situation. In this case, it was a maid who chose to make a difference. She stepped out of her comfort zone and into the darkness of a dark situation. She acknowledged the reality but took the first step into a remedy. And the rest is history. 

I've fact-checked this actual event, and it is true. So read this narrative, everyday people who are future ‘Solutionaries’ and Difference Makers, willing to engage or give to someone overlooked and ignored.  

DOJ copies Soviet Union KGB
Bob McCray


Sixty years ago President Eisenhower in his farewell address, warned the people of the United States about Congress and the military/industrial complex. Pres. Eisenhower was expressing his concerns and problems in dealing with one of the driving forces that are operating behind the scenes of our government.