Conservative Truth
What Would that do to the United States?
Dr. Tom Barrett
I have bad news for the 50% of Americans who are not globalists, those who want us to remain a free, sovereign nation. Communist China is well on its way to eating our lunch. For those of you who may not be familiar with that term, it refers to the school bully who likes what your mom packed for your lunch, so he just takes yours and eats it.

There are four measures of the strength – and therefore the influence – of a nation in relation to the rest of the world. They include Economic Power, Military Power, Ideological Power, and Technology. For most of US history, we have been Number One in all these categories, but that is rapidly changing.

In this article, we will discuss the ways in which Communist China is making great strides in their effort to overtake the United States in all these areas - and in the process to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Read more...
Special Commentary
Please bear with me - a little rant from the editor!
Paul Hayden
Folks, I am getting to the boiling point about so much going on in our country. I am fed up with what seems to be utter nonsense and complete balderdash! I don't think I am alone!

We are being fed a whole smorgasbord of lies, of partial truths, of disinformation. And we are being led to feel like what we are seeing is not really what we are seeing. I don't casually use the term "gaslighting" (from a 1940s movie of that name), but there are those who would have us believe that we are crazy for believing in some sort of old-fashioned ways that we used to call "normal." The term "new normal" has been used quite a bit as we have fought the COVID19 problem. But not even everything to do with that whole national scenario is neat and clean, such that you feel you can believe everything you hear and read. We don't even know who to trust anymore!  Read more...
What does God think?
Rev. Michael Bresciani
Joe Biden’s first 100 days pet project was to pass the Equality Act that squeaked forward on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday. The Vote came in at 224 – 206. It is designed to add protections beyond the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which are arguably not necessary. No one is refusing LGBT people places in restaurants, jobs, or housing on any detectable level.

The threat to religious freedoms and gender-oriented sports is a dark point of contention and will only lead to more confusion in our nation. The idea of preventing discrimination for one group at the expense of another group could be seen as selective discrimination.  Read more...
His was a heart of gold, that is now at rest; God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.
Bob Pascarella
Rush Limbaugh, a/k/a the “Doctor of Democracy, Truth Detector, Maha Rushie, Harmless Little Fuzz Ball, All Around Good Guy, and Mayor of Realville,” was gifted with “Talent on loan from God”, which he disseminated to his audience with “half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair.”

There is a passage in Proverb that reads “We lead our lives by what we get; we live our lives by what we give.” Rush Limbaugh’s success allowed him to get much out of life; wealth, fame, adoration, and yes a few enemies, but it is what he has given that is a true testament to that success as a host, entertainer, but more significant than anything else, as the measure of the man. Rush was a pioneer, gallant soul, a philanthropist, generous, noble of heart, and whose magnanimity, and beneficence, have made for the betterment of the American people.  Read more...
John Berry
Future generations will probably look back in amazement at the stupidity of climate change alarmism and the politicians that used it to gain control. Because that’s all climate change is good for. It’s a political and financial scam using fear and pseudoscience to further progressive and Marxist theology in an attempt to gain global dominance. And it’s working, as progressive leaders in the United States and other nations know very well.  Read more...
Ed Delph
This article is the third of four installments about learning how to trust all over again. With all we have gone through recently with COVID-19, elections, masks, and isolation from quarantines, there will be some trust issues in most people about almost everything.  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
All cultures are constantly changing at various speeds, depending on the circumstances: famines, wars, pestilence, economy, etc. It is now considered racist to think one culture is better than another is, but all sane, honest, informed people know there is a vast difference between cultures.

The UK’s Channel 4 presented a documentary of an “artist” eating the corpse of a baby. Is that practice to be applauded? Is it beyond criticism? What does it say for a culture where that is permitted? Does acceptance of that not prove the English culture is reverting to its primitive past?

Is it wrong for a superior culture to seek to change an uneducated, unethical, unsafe, or unsophisticated culture?  Read more...
Remember what happens to those who don’t speak up in the face of tyranny.
Ric Wasley
Probably the best example of this was the Jews in Germany of the ’20s and ’30s. While a brave few spoke up and fought back, the vast majority took the attitude that if they just let Hitler rant, their fellow Germans would realize how extreme he was and he and his Nazi Party would gradually fade away. We all know how that turned out.

That is the way that most regimes who wound up stripping citizens of their rights take over. To put it simply - they scream louder than anyone else. Why? Because that’s all they have.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
A dreadful year of COVID madness, with crazy recommendations such as wearing double masks, is hopefully nearing an end. According to Dr. Marty Makary, a health policy expert and surgeon at Johns Hopkins University, the United States is nearing herd immunity, which refers to a situation in a community when enough people are immune to a disease to reduce its spread to others who are not protected. This immunity can be achieved through vaccines and natural infection.

Sadly, the hysterical mainstream news media, their allies in “big tech,” along with the Biden administration and many Democratic Governors, are not reporting the good news that is happening in the country. Their motivation is to keep Americans in a state of total fear. Fortunately, the good news is overwhelming the attempts to suppress the truth.  Read more...
Divide and Conquer
Bob McCray
Divide and Conquer. As any despot knows, when you can get different groups fighting against each other, it becomes easier to attack the weakened survivor. The Obama/Harris and Joe Biden Administration are labeling 75 million Trump supporters as terrorists and calling conservatives white supremacists. This incendiary language is designed to polarize the people of the United States and identify an enemy for the leftists to hate and attack.  Read more...