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Paul Hayden

Special Featured Commentary
Robert Harris

Attempts to confirm God typically rely on arguments involving faith or logic. But in this essay, the author dispenses with arguments and instead shows how God can easily be confirmed using the scientific method.

When we enter the world, we know very little. But over time we learn about the world using several very different methods.  

Special Commentary
Rev. Michael Bresciani

Democrats acting disgracefully, without dignity or decorum, exude hatred and vindictiveness toward our former President like a gushing broken sewer line – and they call that politics. After three-and-one-half years of Biden's best, we know one thing for certain…Joe Biden doesn’t care at all.  

Bob Pascarella

This defiance of the Catholic Church is a travesty and should be a clear indication that the LGBTQ movement, and especially its transgender members, has no respect for the dignity and beliefs of others, and the sanctity of the Church.  

Ed Delph

Thanks to all my readers who invest their time each week reading my articles. I have written a book containing one hundred of my early newspaper articles entitled, The Five-Minute Miracle. The outcome that I’m looking for in my book and these weekly articles is to say a lot in a little. I’m hoping the five minutes you invest in reading these articles will be an inspirational ‘cup of coffee’ or refreshment each week that inspires you and equips you for real life.  

Benjamin James Bartee

What have we learned today? The moral hierarchy of preventing the potential extinction of life on Earth vs. not hurting the feelings of an out-of-touch celebrity is too much for Gemini AI to sort through.

Let us rejoice that it will soon be in charge of the nuclear codes!  

Jeff Crouere

Americans are becoming infuriated at the damage that is being willfully done to our country. This righteous anger needs to be directed toward the ballot box to fire Joe Biden, the worst President in American history.  

The indoctrination of Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler
Bob McCray


When you send your kids off to a college or university, you expect them to learn the tools they will use in a future career. Instead, the students are being turned into radical revolutionaries, who will go after and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They are being indoctrinated in the ideologies of Karl Marx’s Communism, Adolph Hitler’s National Socialism, and the Anti-Semitism and Racism of the Ku Klux Klan and Hamas.  

Paul Hayden

Truth is the basis of reality – truth is reality. - Paul Hayden

I have some big thoughts and dreams for Conservative Truth. I believe it is good to have big dreams or grandiose aspirations. As long as they are grounded in reality, and not harmful to others – let us dream big! Let me share some thoughts of mine for Conservative Truth, and you can share in them however you wish. Please let me know what YOU think! Get in touch with me, through the comments or contact me directly, and let me know what you think!

Truth can stand up to any questioning, any testing, and all challenges that might be brought to it. Truth stands on its own in an atmosphere of honesty. Truth is the raw existence of that which is real. 

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