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Dr. Tom Barrett
As my wife and I watched the last presidential debate, we were shocked when Joe Biden said a horrible thing. She said, "That man just cursed our nation!" Then she walked out of the room.

I realize that some who don’t know the Bible will ridicule the statement that, "Joe Biden Put a Curse on America." The phrase immediately brings to mind Voodoo priests in Haiti and Louisiana who make straw dolls of people they want to curse, and stick pins in them. 

We're talking about something entirely different here. Biden put a spiritual curse on our nation during the  debate when he intoned, "We're about to enter a Dark Winter…a Dark Winter. 200,000 more Americans will die before the end of the year." 

Even if we ignore the spiritual aspect of his lie, you have to ask yourself, "Who does something like that? Who stokes the fear and panic that already grips some Americans by predicting a horrible winter in which as many people will die in the next two months as died in the previous ten months?" Obviously someone who is so desperate to become president that he is willing to scare Americans into having heart attacks or strokes due to the panic porn he pushes. Put another way, a man so selfish that he is willing to hurt others to attain his goal. Read more...
The Least Catholic Pope in History Wants Biden to Win
Dr. Tom Barrett
Pope Francis has made a last-ditch effort to influence Catholics in favor of Joe Biden, just days before the elction. Pope Francis' support for homosexual civil unions is dividing American clerics, leading one to conclude the comments are a dog whistle to influence support for Biden. Another leading bishop agrees the timing of the comments as a clandestine call for American Catholics to vote for presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

His reason for this last-minute public support may just be that Biden claims to be a “faithful Catholic,” and that Trump is Protestant. I hope that is the case, and that this is not just an extension of the petty insults he and Trump have exchanged. This election is far too important for that.

In any case, it is a violation of international norms for a Head of State, much less the leader of one of the world’s largest religions, to attempt to influence the outcome of another nation’s election. I only hope that American Catholics will realize that their Pope is out of line in more ways than just his recently announced approval of homosexual unions. I hope they will realize that he has no right to take sides in a US election.

Donald Trump is without question the most Pro-Life president the U.S. has been blessed with in decades. He has put everything on the line to support the right to life for unborn babies. Meanwhile, numerous Pro-Life Catholic and Evangelical groups have denounced Biden-Harris as 'Most Pro-Abortion Ticket in History.' What will it take for the Pope to realize he has backed the wrong horse in this race?  Read more...
China Wants Joe Biden as their Ally in the White House
Dr. Tom Barrett
The evidence is mounting – and irrefutable – that Communist China is Joe Biden’s running mate in his bid for the White House. China hates Trump because he has held them to their commitments, and has humiliated them in trade deals. He has placed sanctions on them to stop their theft of U.S. intellectual property, and to prevent them from cheating on foreign trade with their continual currency manipulation. And he has cost them millions by his moves to balance the huge trade imbalance with them.

On the other hand, Joe Biden – through his son, Hunter - has been paid millions of dollars by China in illegal influence-peddling schemes. Hunter and Joe Biden’s acceptance of payoffs in the millions of dollars from Ukraine in exchange for favorable treatment by then-Vice-President Joe Biden have gotten most of the attention. But new evidence has emerged that the China scandal is far larger. China has an interest in making sure their boy is the one they will be dealing with. Equally important, the Communist Chinese are obsessed with saving face. If Trump is re-elected, their illegal dealings with the Biden’s will become public, and will be a major embarrassment for them. Read more...
Intelligence Community Discovers Evidence these Nations have Worked to Damage Trump
Dr. Tom Barrett
US Director of National Intelligence John Ratliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced that Iran and Russia have both taken actions to interfere in the upcoming election in an effort to damage President Trump. Ratliffe is the overall director of and spokesman for the many U.S. intelligence agencies.

This announcement, coming just days before the election, demonstrates the level of alarm among top U.S. officials that foreign nations have attempted to spread misinformation in an attempt to influence its outcome. They have also tried to undermine citizen's confidence in the integrity of the vote. Russia has tried to interfere in every U.S. election in the last several decades, sometimes to assist Socialist candidates, other times to just cause confusion. But this is the first time we have seen Iran join them.  Read more...
Special Featured Commentary
So many voices and opinions out there...
Paul Hayden
We have come to misunderstand what "government" is really all about.

Government is simply people living together, achieving common goals. Protecting one another - not controlling one another. How do we meet our common, universal needs, and do it in such a way that we are helping and not hurting one another? Life. Liberty. Freedom. Caring for one another.

Many talk about compassion, human rights, personal character, and even caring for the planet on which we live. But if we cannot love one another, then NOTHING ELSE really matters in God's eyes.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
This current presidential race feels all so familiar. Like the 2016 race, the latest polls show Donald Trump significantly behind his Democratic opponent. Once again, the media is confidently predicting his demise and delighting in their dream of an upcoming Democratic victory.

For the benefit of our country, it is imperative that the American people prove the so-called experts wrong again. It would be a wonderful déjà vu for the United States of America. The alternative is both alarming and perilous and would be a nightmare for the country.

In this election, the contrast is stark, and the implications are massive. This incredibly important choice rests in the hands of the American people. Let us pray they make the only rational decision, the re-election of President Donald Trump.  Read more...
Special Commentary
A respectful response to my friend John Piper about voting for Trump
Dr. Wayne Grudem

John Piper has been a friend – a good and faithful friend – for more than 40 years. I agree with probably 98% of everything he has written and said during his entire ministry.

But he and I have reached different conclusions about this year’s presidential election. His October 22 article “Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin,” explained why he thought it would be wrong for him to support either candidate in this election. (He does not mention either candidate by name, but the article is about this election and he compares one candidate who supports policies that endorse “baby-killing,” “sex-switching,” and “socialistic overreach” (evidently Joe Biden) to the other candidate who is guilty of sins of “unrepentant sexual immorality” and “unrepentant boastfulness” (evidently Donald Trump).

I am writing to explain why I have reached a different decision, and why I voted a few days ago for Donald Trump.

Christians Don't Vote for People or Personalities; We Vote for Righteousness
Dr. Jim Collins

In this article, I am going to unpack the phrase, “Vote the Bible.” The phrase, “Vote the Bible,” is based on Proverbs 14:34.
Proverbs 14:34 (NKJV)
Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
The phrase, “righteousness exalts a nation,” affirms that a nation’s righteousness is determined by its public policies and how well they conform to God’s standards. In other words, only God-honoring policies that lead to God-honoring actions can make a nation great. Even though everyone may not realize it, righteousness is what makes people happy, not sin.  Proverbs 29:2 confirms this.
Proverbs 29:2 (NKJV)
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

NOTE: Please click the "More..." button to see the rest of the article and Party Platform Comparison in a larger, easier-tp-read format, along with the second page of the document
Vern Wuensche
The Democrat Party is the Party of Death from conception to the grave and at many points in between.

Democrats fail to believe that life begins at conception. So they choose death in the womb, complicit in killing over 61,000,000 since 1973. And although the fetus often has a beating heart many Democrat mothers still prefer the death of it.  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
You may not be interested in this revolution, but this revolution is sure interested in you. The script was written many years ago; the producer is a well-known, foreign-born Jewish liberal; the director has been chosen; the location is set; and the hostile actors are already committed - America will fall. The script has been written with two endings - both disruptive, destructive, and even deadly to our Republic.  Read more...
Ed Delph
Here’s sound wisdom for you during these crazy opinion-driven times. If you're going to believe in everything you read, start with your Bible. "For God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power, love, and sound judgment." 2Timothy 1:7. In other words, let's always be proactive and decisive, let's not demonize those who disagree with us, and let's be cautious when and where necessary, but never, never, ever, ever, be driven by raw fear.  Read more...
If the American people do not stand up and make an effort to unify, future generations will suffer for our impudence.
Bob Pascarella
These are indeed turbulent times we live in; this is especially significant as the November 3 election approaches. Postmodern America today is unrecognizable to many people, here and beyond our borders. I don’t think it is necessary to go into the mechanics as to how this happened, suffice it say we have been challenged by an invisible enemy, political and ideological differences, and a greatly divided nation.  Read more...
Rev. Michael Bresciani
With Twitter and Facebook barely able to suppress the emerging story of the Hunter Biden email scandal, evidence of corruption and misuse of power is now an avalanche rolling toward the Biden family.

If it were only half true, the case against Biden teeters somewhere between a disgrace and a major crime.  Read more...
Jake MacAulay
Following the recent series of debates, the issue of child abortion has once again resurfaced. Continuing the usual trend of conservative rhetoric, the Republican party is, in speech and theory, opposed to abortion, promising to bring a swift end to the practice.

Such promises have developed an association between Republicans and pro-life decisions, prompting many people to blindly vote for anyone sporting the Republican title. However, it would appear that these righteous and constitutional promises have all been made without the proper action to support them.  Read more...
The Dems don’t merely want to win - they want to destroy all opposition.
Ric Wasley

First, they took over and perverted the education system from teaching basic studies into propaganda indoctrination of leftist Marxist dogma. That spread into the media-entertainment complex, pushing it so far to the left that they no longer make any pretense of being objective. Far from it - they now proudly trumpet the fact that they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DNC and the Deep State.

Take a look at the contempt they now display for old journalistic standard of "objectivity." 

Now is not the time for hatred and vengeance.
Peter Lemiska
Democrats seem ready to elect as president a man who has been exposed as a corrupt politician - not because they see him as qualified or competent, but because of their mindless and baseless hatred of the incumbent.  It's a sad commentary on America's electoral process.  Read more...
What is true, and what can we believe, about COVID-19?
Dan Perkins
Where I live off Florida's southwest coast, we are living under COVID-19 level 3 restrictions. On an island of about 6,000 people, we have had 57 cases since the start of the pandemic. All we know of what is happening on our island is how many cases there have been. We have never been told how many, if any, of those people died from COVID-19, how many were admitted to a hospital, how many were asymptomatic, how many people had co-morbidities along with COVID-19. I think the state and local government could be more transparent about what is going on in my and perhaps your community. How can we make up our minds about what we want to do without enough information?  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
Adulterers have served as U.S. President almost since our beginning. Our present leader is an admitted adulterer; however, he’s all we have. And he has kept his promises and has had unusual success in domestic and foreign affairs, the economy, COVID-19, and there is no reason to think he would stop keeping his word. As to any sexual affairs in the present, no one knows. Nothing would shock me.

However, I am weary of reading about Joe Biden’s decency and his faith.  Read more...
Just wait for the election...
Bob McCray
Be afraid, very afraid; forget all about Halloween and all of it’s little monsters that claw at your front door. November 3rd is the national election, the real horror show. Those bumps in the night may be bundles of forged ballots falling out of trucks, and the howling scream you hear might be from the banshee that inhabits the House of Representatives. Whatever it is that lives at the bottom of the political swamp in Washington D.C., it is struggling to possess unbelievable power.  Read more...
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The Evidence is In - But the Bidens Still Haven't Denied It
Email of the Week
After celebrated New York Times and Washington Post articles about Donald Trump and Russia turned out to be wrong, will maligned New York Post articles about Joe Biden and Ukraine turn out to be right? This fascinating media era could force a redefinition of terms like “mainstream” and “tabloid.” Five days after the New York Post started publishing alleged emails detailing Biden family corruption, the Bidens still haven’t claimed they’re counterfeit.

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Had Documentation that Joe Biden was Involved in His Son's Influence Peddling
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Crazy Joe Loses It - Again and Again and Again and Again
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And he believes it will happen during the 30 minutes of his speech
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Maybe He Doesn't Want to Answer Questions from Reporters
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