Special Featured Commentary
(Rock on!!!)
Don Boys, PhD

Rocks are really dangerous since they are so plentiful and easily attained. It is good that schools make a pretend rock-throwing action unlawful. Stop the madness now with a ban on all rocks, even pretend rocks. To quote Mayberry’s famous social philosopher Barney Fife, “Nip it in the bud.” Let’s not play around with this issue when lives are in the balance. Get serious and eventually, we can ban all rocks in all places, weights, and sizes. If we save even one life, it will be worthwhile.

Special Commentary
Rev. Michael Bresciani

As the world plunges toward the last few years of time as we know it, the ruler of the cosmos (the world) sets the greatest trap of all time. It is a Bible prophecy that cannot be altered or dismissed – it is pre-written history.

It has many facets, and it is laid on everyone in the last days, saints and sinners alike. Many who trust in God will escape, but the deception will be quite effective to draw in unbelievers, scoffers, and fence straddlers, by the billions.  

Dan Perkins

President Biden has made the American people many promises in his time in office. On March 31, 2022, the President promised to bring oil prices down and, in turn, reduce the price of gas at the pump. My most significant concern is that Biden and his team are so committed to the Green New Deal that they would destroy our country for what they believe is the world's greater good. The crippling of the American energy sector is the biggest broken promise and failure of the Biden Administration.  

Wayne Jacobsen

Monetizing the kingdom (of God) alters its nature and its message. Hasn’t that happened in religious institutions? Many start with a genuine desire to serve people. Over time, however, the success of the program becomes more important than helping people with their needs. The mission shifts. It’s no longer what we can give to you; it is what we need from you for the ministry to survive. Instead of feeling served, you feel exploited, even if “for your own good,” as some say.  

Jeff Crouere

After sixteen months of ruining the country’s economy and putting the American people in true danger, President Joe Biden has decided to focus on demonizing his predecessor in advance of the 2022 midterm election. He realizes that his party cannot run on "the issues.”  

Ed Delph

Our culture demands success. We live in a culture where "failure" (either our opinion or others') disqualifies us. Have you noticed who is on the front cover of the national magazines? Those people, entities, or things are the 'the latest, the greatest, the biggest, the best.' But what about that 95% of the business owners, pastors, influencers, dreamers, leaders, and regular people who never quite realize their dreams, visions, hopes, goals, or desires?  

Bob Pascarella

The threat to Roe vs. Wade has sent Democrats, the media, the left-wing, and the pro-abortion activist mob into fits of depression and desperation.

Peter Lemiska


The vast majority of Americans believe our country has veered off track. They can correct our course only if they put party affiliation aside and elect lawmakers who will stand up to this president's radical agenda.  

...now Biden wants your guns!
Bob McCray


Our dear comrade leader Joe Biden is well on his way to destroying the United States of America; we no longer have a viable border. His radicals have wrecked law enforcement and he has deliberately turned a blind eye toward the thugs that have taken control of the streets. In the wake of the recent Buffalo, NY mass shooting, a white supremacist claims in his manifesto not to be a conservative or Christian as proclaimed by the propaganda press. 

The Biden Administration and their propaganda outlets have made it clear, that if you’re a conservative, voted for Trump, and are a Christian, you’re a white supremacist.