Special Commentary
Don Boys, PhD

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2015 that same-sex marriage was legal. However, they could not determine if it was right or moral. After the Court recently decided abortion was not in the Constitution, there has been speculation that the Court may realize that same-sex “marriage” is also absent. Hence the stir, especially in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and various cities in the hinterland.  

Dan Perkins

Most Americans are not schooled in the technique of gaslighting, and I want to take a moment to define gaslighting in a political sense. To "gaslight" someone is to manipulate them into questioning their perception of reality. If it sounds vaguely familiar, it's because it is all too familiar - political gaslighting is fast becoming the defining feature of our times.  

Bob Pascarella

The lies and misinformation by abortion advocates need to be dispelled. The people of Kansas have actually voted down a pro-life amendment.  

Ed Delph

I recently discovered a principle of life that I knew was working but didn’t understand very well. I have spoken for years now on this principle. Stephen Covey wrote the 90/10 Principle, and I have quoted him in this article with some minor editing.  

Jeff Crouere

During the Trump administration, the liberal media always tried to discount any positive news and spin events in the worst way for the President. They hated Trump and attempted to destroy him. These liberal media “watchdogs” have become today’s “lapdogs.” Instead of reporting factually, the liberal media strive to find “positive” news to boost the sagging poll numbers for President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

What's next, Biden Bucks?
Bob McCray

Under Joe Biden, in his make-believe world of finances, better known as Biden-Nomics, anything is possible. He says we can spend trillions and trillions of dollars all without raising taxes. The White House parades out their economic experts who wave their hands, dance around in circles, and prove to the world they are lying through their teeth. Joe and his band of corruption think everyone else is too stupid to comprehend their sleight of hand and their loads of bull. Nearly, everyone knows - nothing is free, someone has to pay for it, and we all know who will be paying for it, and that is us.