Conservative Truth
Abortion "rights" - and a look at life.
Paul Hayden


For us to restore the vital and critical quality of human love and compassion to America and the world, we must end this abomination of abortion - the wanton killing of babies in the womb. Babies are not to be sacrificed on any altar of human depravity - be it selfishness, laziness, ignorance, or whatever. Mothers and fathers must rise up and do whatever must be done, seeing that raising a child in love is the most important thing we can do in life. It is what LIFE is all about. 

If we do not end most abortion, then the downward spiral of our country and culture will not end until the destruction of mankind is the ultimate end. I do not speak here in hyperbole, but in reality. The barbaric ending of a life in the womb - which should be the safest place on earth, where life gets its start - must stop. True respect for LIFE can be restored to our world through the love of God. Without this love and respect, we are nothing but vicious animals. 

Special Commentary
Jerry McOscar

I awoke on a beautiful June Sunday Morning to the news of another mass shooting late Saturday in a popular nightlife area of Philadelphia which left three dead and at least a dozen injured.  This latest carnage closely followed the Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY horrors.  

Not to be cynical but I knew what to expect next. These horrific (but statistically rare) mass shootings follow a predictable pattern. Within hours, a procession of local and national politicians and “community leaders” saturate the media exhorting lawmakers to “do something” about gun violence.  

Bob Pascarella

While the American people deal with hardship, inflation, and uncertainty about the future, Democrats waste time and taxpayer money on their reckless and vengeful pursuit of former President Trump. For the past year and a half, the committee that was chosen and appointed by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and that was composed of all Democrats and two Republicans, all with deep festering anger and bitterness toward former President Trump has been gathering information and interviewing witnesses. Republican defenders of the former president were intentionally and unapologetically left off the committee, and were advised by the Speaker they could not serve.  

Is Lebanon threatening Israel with military action over offshore gas fields?
Darlene Casella

The Mediterranean Levant Basin is offshore to Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus. It could hold 120 trillion cubic feet of gas. This is enough to supply energy for the region, and for Europe. Israel has two huge and prolific gas fields Leviathan and Tamar, as well as other smaller gas fields, which are part of Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in that basin. The Karish natural gas fields are in the Levant Basin, offshore Israel. Gas was discovered there in 2016. Karish is owned by Energean Israel. In 2017 the Israeli Minister of Energy approved development.  

Rev. Michael Bresciani

We are still waiting for Justice Ketanji Brown’s answer to what a woman is, when along comes another hard-to-answer whopper for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

For all those who ever asked what is America all about? - Nancy gave the quintessential answer.

Nancy declared that drag queens expressing themselves is precisely “what America is all about.”  

Jeff Crouere

One of the most popular definitions of recession was coined by economist Julius Shiskin in 1974. In his view, two consecutive economic quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth meant the country was in a recession.

Sadly, based on this description, America is on the verge of entering a recession. In the first quarter of 2022, our nation’s economy contracted by 1.5%. As we approach the end of the second quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta just estimated that there will be a 0% growth. If we fall just one tenth of a percent, it is officially a recession.  

Ed Delph

Have you noticed that some people are naturally likable? They find it easy. Other people may not possess the intangible of likability, but with a bit of work can be just as likable as those who find it easy. I understand not everyone likes to be likable, which isn't very likable. But this article is for those who want to grow in likability. Let's increase your probability of our likeability. Our whole world could use a dose of likeability right now. Likeability is contagious. Be a carrier and a courier.  

A Farcical Investigation of a Fabricated Insurrection
Peter Lemiska


The patent biases of the January 6th Committee and lack of rebuttal arguments have invalidated any conclusions the committee may reach. The hearings are nothing but a show.  


Many of our leaders have sold us out...
Bob McCray


For many years we have referred to the establishment swamp of Washington D.C. as the Deep State, with an understanding that we were dealing with an entrenched self-serving political class of over-controlling Americans with too much power. There we have been wrong, as a large number of the Deep State are sellouts who are working to destroy the United States and make us a province of a global government.