Conservative Truth
An Outline of the Major Economic Events Facing Us
Dr. Tom Barrett

I research the past and the future of the U.S. and world economies, write, teach, and speak about these subjects on radio and TV. Some would say, “I understand researching the past. But how can you research the future?” You research the future mainly by researching the past. Like nature, there are laws of economics that don’t change. Mark Twain was right when he said, “History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Or, as my mom used to say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

There are other ways to research the future. I study the Bible – a lot. God is the only one who knows the end from the beginning. So, it just makes sense to read His commentary of everything that affects mankind – including economics. I also pray. I ask the Lord to guide me to the proper resources, to give me insight into the truths I discover, to guide me to analysts wiser than I, and to draw my attention to truths that I might otherwise miss.

I also make use of experience. I have spent a lifetime in pastoral ministry that included counseling individuals, families, churches, and businesses regarding their finances. I worked during those four-plus decades to support my ministry, almost always in the areas of business and finance. I spent a lot of time talking to older people, asking them the secrets of their success. Read more...
Special Commentary
Slater Bakhtavar
In July of 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was signed between Iran on one side, and the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, France, and Germany on the other. That is, the UN Security Council’s five permanent members, plus Germany. The aim of the JCPOA was to prevent Iran’s radical theocratic regime from developing nuclear weapons, in the fear that it would use them to terrorize the world.

In the end, regime change in Iran – and an end to fears of that brutal government gaining nuclear weapons – must come from within. As a free nation, it is the United States’ duty to support and encourage this change, without direct interference. President Biden is wrong to legitimize Iran’s current rulers. The JCPOA should fade away, and at the very least, should enjoy no American support.  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
It is not usually wise to prejudge a trial, but I’m convinced Derek Chauvin is like the suspect who asked Judge Roy Bean, “are you going to give me a fair trial?”  The Judge, also a saloon keeper and known as “The Only Law West of the Pecos,” said, “Yeah, we’ll give you a fair trial, then we’re gonna hang you.” The judicial system in Minneapolis is almost equivalent to Judge Bean’s justice. I’m convinced the judicial system in Minneapolis is determined to go through the formalities of a fair trial then on to the hanging tree for Chauvin.  Read more...
Cliff Kincaid
It seems strange to some that Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled its All-Star game out of Atlanta, to punish Georgia for its voter ID law, but signed a deal with a Chinese company for rights to broadcast MLB games. It’s an indication that MLB recognizes China is in charge internationally, and that the Republicans’ days as a national political force in the United States are numbered. The MLB wants to help hammer the final nail into the coffin of the Republican Party. That means crushing free, honest, and fair elections, to make sure another Trump-like figure can never win a national election.  Read more...
Ed Delph
Consider this statement by Pastor Bill Johnson. When we live out of discipline, we are admired. When we live out of passion, we are contagious. Both passion and discipline are good, but today let’s explore passion. Passion creates commitment and commitment is the ignitor of momentum. Momentum turns thoughts into things.

In this article, I’m not talking about lustful passion. I’m addressing the kind of passion that can be used constructively for our personal good as well as the good of our community. Let’s get past the checked-out “whatever” attitude we often hear about these days. With contagious, constructive, God-empowered passion, we can wake up, shake up, and put on our makeup, and challenge the status quo of doom and gloom.   Read more...
Dan Perkins
President Biden has suggested that he's now reconsidering the forgiveness of $50,000 per student in student loan debt. As a parent who sent four children to college, after each one took some student loans, my wife and I paid the rest like many other families in the country did for their children. As I thought about this proposal, I wondered who would qualify for the up to $50,000 forgiveness? As I thought more about this issue and the complexity of deciding who should get reimbursed, I thought about the other discussion of reparations for slavery. The challenge in both of these issues is figuring out if we're going to do it, how do we do it without alienating millions upon millions of Americans?  Read more...
The Securities Exchange Commission’s Changing Character
Darlene Casella
A new SEC task force was created in March. President Joe Biden’s Administration announced that the SEC Enforcement Division now includes Climate and Environment, Social Justice, and (corporate) Governance (ESG). Corporations will be rated on their WOKENESS, and face fines or legal action from the SEC if found wanting.

This new SEC Task Force will be led by Kelly Gibson. She will oversee members from headquarters, regional offices, and enforcement specialized units. Kelly will use sophisticated data analysis to mine and assess information to identify potential violations. The stated goal of this SEC Task Force is to address ESG risks to investors. The specifics defining what an ESG risk might be, are left untold. Eagerly jumping on the WOKE bus are Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, JP Morgan, Viacom, CBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, Merck, and Delta Airlines.  Read more...
Rev. Michael Bresciani
The MLB pulling out of the All-Star game in Atlanta, are we holding our breath - what’s next? Will Coke, Delta, and other airlines now hire a specialist, perhaps a retired or active CEO, with prophet-like qualities, to dig up a basic new set of “Ten Commandments” for the United States.

For the first commandment, we might see:

I am the All-Powerful Leftist Democratic Party; you shall have no other parties before me, and no one shall vote for any other party from now to perpetuity.

(Photo: the skyline of New York City on Easter of 1956.)

Veterans see in President Trump a leader they can follow, a real man who shares their values and principles.
Bob Pascarella
The Armed Forces of the United States of America are among the largest and most powerful in the world, and can trace their origins back to the Revolutionary War. They consist of six branches: the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force. The military has been regarded as a non-political entity and the most integrated institution in the country. But like other post-modern factions, it is going through a radical transformation consisting of policy changes that I believe are not conducive to good morale and its original mandate, to fight and win wars. 

Since its inception, the military has been a bulwark in America’s defense and has given the nation a sense of national unity and pride in its victories. The rank and file of today's military is mainly a volunteer force composed of young men and women of diverse demographic, racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, and are deployed around the world. Under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief along with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, military policies are established and enacted.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
The latest CDC report shows that approximately 162 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered. This number is increasing steadily every day. These results show that millions of Americans are not reluctant to take the vaccine.

Despite the impressive distribution statistics, there is not universal support for the vaccine. On almost every major issue in the country, there is a diversity of opinion and this is certainly true for a topic as controversial as the COVID-19 vaccine.  Read more...
Corporations are seeking political power.
Bob McCray
In what most people see as being self-destructive, various corporations are railing against the State of Georgia, over their Voter ID law SB202, blaring out all of the socialist-approved talking points of voter suppression over the voter identification requirements. Clearly showing that many corporations have become highly political, flocking to the Wokey Socialist Left. It seems many of these corporations are jumping in to provide direct support for the socialist left, over the slightest provocation. In the past corporations stayed out of politics, as it doesn’t pay to alienate a major portion of your customer base.  Read more...
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