Conservative Truth
Paul Hayden

"Inclusive" is now being defined as, 

"We will give you a list of groups or people to accept and endorse. 

Any group or person not on the list you must reject, ostracize, demonize, and exclude,

or else you yourself will be rejected, ostracized, demonized, and excluded!"


(Hat tip to Danny Carlton, of Tulsa, OK - creator of Liberal Logic 101.)

Special Commentary
Don Boys, PhD

According to many significant scientists, the universe popped out of nothing with a neon sign proclaiming, “Well, here we are.” That is a little irreverent, but that is what many “experts” teach. Moreover, they are offended if you roll your eyes at that ludicrous assumption and are downright insulted if you roll on the floor, holding your sides in raucous laughter. After all, scientists are supposed to be respected, even revered, never ridiculed.

Some of my readers, with an idealized view of science, will assume I am using ridicule and hyperbole to express my creationist views; however, that is not true. Major physicists believe nothing created everything, which is unreasonable, unbelievable, unnatural, and ‘unsane.’  

Ed Delph

So today, I’m going to talk about Bruno. Why? Because I have a deep-rooted concern for families and relationships. Let’s explore the subjects of unity and harmony. How can you achieve unity in your family, business, marriage, nation, or church? While we like the concept of agreement and unity, things often end up worse than they started. Why? We, humans, tend to talk on principle but act on self-interest. As a result, we work hard at the wrong thing.  

Bob Pascarella

The decision is now up to the voters to determine what party will enact policies that will enhance America’s prosperity and safety, and bring unity to a divided nation.

The eyes of the nation are all focused on November. Many believe that the coming midterm election will mark the beginning of a course change, hopefully for the better, or, the continuation of our devolution into a chaotic, divisive, and hegemonic hell under the current administration. The way forward will be in the hands of the people who have a choice, and whatever decision they make will determine the fate and destiny of America.  

Dan Perkins

The price of crude oil has dropped from just under $124 a barrel to currently about $88 a barrel, or a decline of about 26%. With Russia closing the Nordic pipeline with no definite date when it will reopen as the weather gets colder, I fully expect Europe will continue to scramble to look for a source of crude oil and natural gas to replace what is not being shipped by Russia.  

Biden is the last person who should be tampering with anyone's soul.
Peter Lemiska

Joe Biden says he’s engaged in a battle for the soul of the nation. But everything he’s done throughout his administration suggests he’s not fighting for America’s soul at all. The destructive policies that he’s implemented tell us that his mission is to destroy America as we know it. The Democrat's radical agenda poses the real threat to our Constitution and to our republic.  

Jeff Crouere

One of the many lessons our country should have learned from the tragedy of 9/11 is that we must remain vigilant. Sadly, during the eight years of the President Bill Clinton administration and the first eight months of the George W. Bush presidency, our nation had been lulled into a false sense of security. Under Biden administration policies, all Americans are in danger.  

Why electric battery cars? Propane is already used in cars.
Bob McCray


Ever since our dear comrade leader Joe Biden stepped into the White House, the green climate-change crackpots have been in control of the energy supply of the United States. The left-wing propaganda media has been giving the green climate change lunatics a platform to scare the world, with their completely insane predictions. First, it was Robert Frances 'BETO' O'Rourke and AOC 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screaming the world would end in 12 years, and now they and their fellow crackpots are saying we only have 7 years before the end of the world.