Special Commentary
Bob Pascarella

The FBI is selective when it comes to who is classified as domestic terrorists, the parents of children in public schools, or radical activists who threaten to riot, burn down, and shed blood.

The November 2 elections were focused nationally on two specific races, governor of New Jersey and Virginia. Although there were numerous other contests throughout the nation, one in particular that also drew much attention was for the office of mayor of New York City. The Democratic candidate, Eric Adams, who won the election, ran on a platform of aggressively dealing with law and order, and that he would reintroduce policies that would in effect reverse those of his predecessor. What made this race so significant and worth mentioning is that it reverberated, and sent a message across the land that even a progressive Democrat has finally seen the light, and perhaps others will rethink their governing policies.  

The Intersection of Incompetence and Malevolence
Peter Lemiska


It might be tempting in seeing the abysmal polling data on incompetence to see Biden and Harris as bumblers who are in over their heads.  But are they really just incompetent, or do they represent something more sinister?  

Ed Delph

Well, here we go into the Christmas season again. And you incredible women out there in the west and north Phoenix, I would like to give you a Christmas present early. Yes, it's right here in this article. I want to help you save some time in shopping for the male species.  

Don Boys, PhD

During an interview in May, Dr. Francis Collins, former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), admitted that the NIH “has a stake” in intellectual property used in the COVID vaccine. He went on to say of the pharmaceutical companies, “nobody sees this as a way to make billions of dollars.” He added they can expect a “tiny profit, maybe one-digit percent.” Well, obviously, that has not proved true.  

Darlene Casella

If you support that Americans and American Corporations do not pay enough taxes, that bigger government is the answer, that the global economy is more important than a sovereign United States economy, that leveling the global playing field is a worthy goal, that the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply to bank and financial records, that  ‘tax the rich’ is principled, that increasing domestic taxes on American corporations would not affect their international competitiveness, that Biden’s multi-trillion spending plans on leftist wish-lists are trustworthy, then you will love the new Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen.  

Jeff Crouere

As the country deals with the consequences of more than two million people breaking our laws and illegally entering our country at our southern border, it is refreshing to remember those individuals who become American citizens the right way.

One of our new American citizens plays center for the Boston Celtics, Enes Kanter. He is in his eleventh season in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His new official name is Enes Kanter Freedom. In honor of becoming an American citizen today, he added a new last name, Freedom, which has a very American ring to it.  

It's about your right to defend yourself.
Ric Wasley

Make no mistake, the frenzied outrage and hatred from the Left have nothing to do with “justice,” it’s really directed at Americans and their right of self-defense.

Anyone who has not been locked in a box at the bottom of the ocean for the last twenty years knows that Democrats are at war with America and the Constitution - in particular, the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Like all petty tyrants and privileged elites, they have nothing but contempt for people who earn their living by the sweat of their brows. And like all Communist and Fascist regimes, they believe that there should only be two classes - the ruling elite (them) and the proletariat (us).

Just like the kings and nobles of old or the communist dictators and oligarchs of today, they know that in order to achieve that sort of tyranny they must strip the proletariat of all basic human rights. The right of free speech, assembly, property, and most of all - the right of self-defense.

In nick of time, a new COVID-19 Variant shows up.
Bob McCray


Just like the old cowboy movies, it seems Fauci’s cavalry rides in to save the mumbling and stumbling Joe Biden, with another COVID-19 Variant. At the moment the world is beginning to shake off the COVID-19 pandemic, at the moment despotic leaders are beginning to lose their tyrannical grip. Another CoVid-19 Variant conveniently shows up called Omicron, the new ‘panic-demic.’  

Don Boys, PhD

America’s dirty, dangerous, and diseased cities are being destroyed by dirty, dangerous, and diseased animals trying to pass as principled protestors. Some people are so stupid or racist to believe BLM people have any principles. Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington, Kenosha, etc., have been burned and looted by crazy radicals of BLM and Antifa. The lowlife rabble seized control from city and state officials responsible for safety, security, and stability. 

After the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, looting took place in San Francisco as several stores, including Louis Vuitton, were looted in the downtown area Friday night. Saturday night, 80 armed and masked thieves emptied the Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek in less than a minute as “mass looting” spread to the San Francisco suburbs.