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Suddenly they Want to Protect America from Domestic Terrorists Like You and Me
Dr. Tom Barrett
Check this list. If you are listed, under our new Socialist Regime you are a domestic terrorist, a racist, a misogynist, a nativist, a white supremacist – and you need reprogramming in “re-education camp” like those in other Communist/Socialist nations. OBiden has declared war on you if you are an…

Evangelical Christian
PatriotBelieve in American Exceptionalism
Believe in America First
Own a gun
Have any views that are not government approved
Special Featured Commentary
Does He Really Hate Our Country That Much?
Dr. Tom Barrett
With a few strokes of a pen, OBiden did away with millions of American jobs. He did this by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline (which would have brought crude oil from Canada in the US) on his first day in office, by placing a 60-day hold on the issuance of drilling permits, and by banning fracking. He also vowed to put the U.S. back under the thumb of the Paris Climate Accord which cost us $ billions and only benefited his bosses in China.

He is doing exactly the opposite of what President Trump did to make the U.S. energy-independent for the first time in 48 years. Energy independence created millions of jobs, freed us from the concern that Arabs and Muslims would threaten us with cutting of oil sales to us (as they have done in the past), was a major factor in our economy growing out of the economic disaster Obama/Biden left us to become the best economy the U.S. has ever seen, and strengthened our military preparedness by ensuring fuel for our aircraft and vehicles. Read more...
The fight for free speech goes on!
Paul Hayden
The following is copied directly from the website (
They have been attacked as competition of Facebook, Twitter, and other mega-tech companies who have temporarily crippled the platform, as many users switched to use the Parler service in response to the liberal companies' reactions to President Donald Trump. Sometimes it is quite revealing to see who your enemies are!

Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.
We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!
Parler 01/21/2021 @parler 
Special Commentary
Our future leaders are followers.
Peter Lemiska
Educational institutions like Harvard should be turning out leaders - not irrational, hateful, and vindictive radicals. Since its establishment in 1663, one word has appeared on Harvard’s coat of arms: Veritas. Truth is a noble goal, but it’s rarely simple or unvarnished. It takes critical thinking and intellectual curiosity to reveal the real truth. More often than not, it has to be coaxed, finessed from different, opposing sources. It’s unfortunate for America that the single source for students is their progressive professors, most of whom paint a grotesquely distorted image of America.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
Prior to entry into politics, Donald Trump was a celebrity loved by the media and adored by millions of Americans. He was a successful real estate developer and the star of a reality TV show. His life was fabulous, full of success and praise from across the country.

It all changed for Donald Trump on June 16, 2015, when he announced his presidential campaign after the famous escalator ride. His media coverage immediately changed from positive to unrelentingly negative. During his speech, Trump told the truth about Mexico sending criminals into the country. He was immediately labeled a “racist” and the hateful attacks have never stopped.  Read more...
Rev. Michael Bresciani
America woke to images of President Trump and First Lady Melania slowly walking away from the White House to board the Marine One helicopter.

It was a somber scene, and it generated a strong feeling of sadness, vexation, change for the worse, and the destruction, temporarily at least, of a legacy and hope for America’s renewal. It was as if, a dark cloud had begun rolling across our once great nation, starting from the White House.  Read more...
A lesson from the Romans.
Ric Wasley
There was a reason that Rome survived, thrived, becoming the most stable, successful, and innovative empire that lasted for 1,000 years, giving rise to the best of the modern world.

It wasn't because they always won. In fact, they were at their best when they lost - and lost big. On land and sea. In wars, both foreign and domestic. And never more so than when their collective back was up against the wall and they felt the enemies' noose tightening around their collective necks.  Read more...
There is a movement afoot to destroy conservative speech; the way to counteract is competition or government regulation.
Bob Pascarella
In the aftermath of the January 6 assault on the Capitol building, the outrage and the repercussions have yet to subside, and if the reaction of the nation is any indication, this day in history will not be forgotten any time soon. And as has become the rallying cry of his detractors, President Trump has to bear the brunt of supposedly having caused the invasion of the Capitol by his supporters. There have been allegations that Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators might have infiltrated the mob and instigated the attack.  Read more...
Dan Perkins
Radio, newspaper, television, and the Internet are full of stories about limiting free speech. There are groups of people in the United States who think that they are the only people thinking correctly, and therefore anybody else who doesn't think the way they do should not be allowed to speak their mind.

One of this country’s founding Patriots, Patrick Henry, said, "I disapprove of what you say. But I will defend to the death you're right to say it." Today, people say something different: "I disapprove of what you say; therefore, you have no right to say it."  Read more...
Rev. Michael Bresciani
Climate alarmists have seen to it that nations will spend untold billions to avoid death by choking, but not a nickel is spent by this world to curb the sinning, the sexual perversions, the transgender lies, the homosexual twists, the abortions, the hypocrisy of politics, academia, and the endless refuse coming from our most revered Hollywood freaks.

In fact, it is the promise of God that as these days approach, that more prophets, and more of God’s people, will be called upon to blast these last warnings out to a lost and dying world.  Read more...
The Kingdom of the Empty Skulls
Bob McCray
The coronation of Nancy Pelosi is almost complete; she will be known to history as ‘Pelosi the Terrible,” ruler of the ‘Kingdom of the Empty Skulls.’ This paranoid, want-to-be-Queen of Washington D.C., with the aid of her political secret police, the FBI, have promoted a false story of insurrection. They barricaded the Capitol with barriers and 25,000 National Guard Soldiers to protect the inauguration of Joe Biden. She has made statement after statement indicating her desire for revenge against former President Trump and his supporters.  Read more...
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No One Seems to Know; There Have Been no Credible Threats
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