Conservative Truth
Dr. Tom Barrett

Can anyone tell me who is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? It most decidedly is not Biden. He hasn’t changed in the last 5 decades he has been feeding at the public trough in Washington, DC. He seldom knows where he is, often has to ask his staff what he is supposed to be doing, and constantly mumbles unintelligibly in front of cameras. Yesterday a staffer discretely handed him a note card that read, “Sir, you have something on your chin,” while he was on live TV. He did what any six-year-old boy would do. He picked the yellow substance – probably part of his breakfast poached egg – off his chin and proceeded to eat it. Then he turned the card over to see if there were any other exciting revelations on the back, allowing the entire press corps to photograph the embarrassing note.

Is Kamala in charge? It certainly seems so. Vice-presidents are seldom anywhere in the room the president is speaking. Vice-President Pence was seldom in the room with President Trump unless he had a specific task to perform. The Secret Service prefers it that way, for the reason that the president and vice-president never fly in the same plane. It’s simple common sense.

However, if you watch the television coverage when Biden speaks, Kamala is seldom more than six feet from him. The cameramen have obviously been told to keep the shots tight so that she doesn’t seem to be doing what she is doing – baby-sitting Biden. But when they pan the cameras, they can’t help but give us glimpses of her – always lurking a few feet away from Biden when she has no reason to be there. His declining physical and cognitive abilities require the presence of someone like her whose orders he will obey.

Dr. Tom Barrett

The Global War on Cash Has Almost Been Won. It Will Cause:

Financial Ruin for America, Loss of All privacy, Government Control of All Aspects of Our Lives – and Fulfillment of Prophecy

What will a cashless society mean for America?

Special Commentary
Jena McCulloch

It is a con for Democrats to slander all Republicans as “insurrectionists.” It would be hilarious if it weren’t so egregiously dishonest and irresponsible. 

It is a means to justify suppression of any opposition to Democrat ideological failures. It actually looks an awful lot like the four years wherein Democrats invented a patently delusional lie about Trump and the Kremlin subverting to steal the 2016 election.  

Hypocrisy is Not a Virtue!
Robert Peck


The following is an open letter to my U.S. Representative. 

Dear Representative:

I am taken aback by the hypocrisy of your July 21 newsletter entitled, “Inflation Hits Home in Eastern Washington.” In the newsletter, you rightly point out that, “Hardworking families in Eastern Washington and across the country are being crippled by widespread inflation.”

Yes, inflation is harming hardworking families.  

Entertaining Opposing Viewpoints Can Yield Indigestion
Bob Pascarella

The Biden administration is faltering and its supporters realize their hopes and expectations, post-Donald Trump, have been rendered moot.

The division among the American people is only getting more intense. With this in mind, I have determined that the most efficient, effective and informative method of getting to the heart of current issues plaguing the country, and taking the pulse of people of different political and ideological persuasions, is to sit down and talk. In other words extend a hand of willingness to understand, and possibly find some agreement, comity, and hopefully achieving a meeting of the minds.  

A Leader Without Conviction
Peter Lemiska


Joe Biden may be a boring president, but in six short months, he has caused untold damage to the country he has sworn to defend.  

Ed Delph

Whether we are in business, education, media, church, arts, sports, or government, please understand that we are here to "populate" the community rather than "plunder" the community. We exist for the community rather than the community for us. Generally, if we build our community, our community will build us, assuming we have sufficient integrity, vision, and a good skill set.  

Jeff Crouere

In the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries, voters turned away from socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) because he was perceived to be too radical to be their nominee. Their “safe” choice was a so-called moderate, former Vice President Joe Biden, who eventually won the nomination. Once he secured the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, he selected the most liberal member of the United States Senate, Kamala Harris, to be his vice-presidential running mate. In the general election, a fictitious story was spun to the country about Joe Biden being a working-class candidate who supported traditional American values. Of course, the truth is that Biden has been an elitist since he was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972.  

Cliff Kincaid

In Mark Levin's best-selling book on so-called “American Marxism,” a misnomer since Marxism is an international threat, I counted only three passing references to the China virus, dubbed “coronavirus” without noting its origins in China. The omission is significant because of the fact that the virus continues to maim and kill Americans, as the virus variants claim more victims, and any discussion of Marxism’s impact on America should take into account what the Communist dictatorship in China has done – and is doing.  

The Mark Levin book is a big disappointment in terms of the threat we face. The book is a moneymaker for the author without an adequate analysis of the global communist threat. It does more harm than good.  

[Not Covid, but those who govern recklessly. - Editor's note!]
Don Boys, PhD

This government is being run by Curly, Larry, and Moe, resulting in all kinds of corruption and administrative failure. Moreover, it may become the most destructive, deceptive, and dangerous administration in American history. Biden’s star is fading fast, very fast, and he will be stumbling around in a dark White House long before his term ends. If you are planning on Social Security or a corporate pension to support you, you may be standing on a bridge of mist.

With more masking mandates and more lock-downs, our economy appears to be blindly stumbling toward a precipice. It is so bad, big city business people have restricted themselves to one, not a two-martini lunch, and big-time CEOs are now playing miniature golf. And billion-dollar corporations cut their monthly bribes to various Congressmen; moreover, young Mormons are only taking one wife. But the worst is Motel Six won’t even leave the light on for you.  

Sea level was 400ft. lower than today.
Bob McCray

It’s summertime, it’s hot and sticky, and at night, you can hear the screams of the loony left-wing dodo bird. Screaming we are going to die in twelve years, we are all going to drown, we must end CO2 gas and it’s all because of man’s carbon footprint. These are the same loony dodo birds that were screaming that the world was going to overheat with greenhouse gases of Global Warming. We heard that for years from the head loony bird Al Gore, and others like John Kerry and Barak Obama.