Mind Games

March 29, 2010

Contributed by a Concerned Citizen

Should we blow taps for the Socialist Democratic Party on their continued rapid course of self destruction? Should we offer them a (42) gun salute, because their policies are usually over inflated, which mirrors their own self-serving uselessness with the eventual outcome of doubling the price tag? Should we thank our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” on his thick-headed arrogance of unlimited conceit and self-love, which is navigating his Party and his associates into a cold sea of icebergs ready to pierce its hull? Will this ultimately destroy and sink their supreme majority, by the frozen, relenting legitimate anger of protest from the American people? Will the electorate unleash and launch their most ultimate powerful weapon bringing an end to this destructive course, by exercising their right to vote these disparaging bums out of office?

We as citizens of the United States of America must actually thank President Obama for what he has done. He achieved in one year, what other Presidents, groups, organizations, wars, illegitimate unconstitutional policies, regulations, laws, affirmative action and high taxes couldn’t do in the past. He woke up and united the sleeping lion, the silent majority, of hard working taxpaying American patriots. These individuals, who are the backbone of America, were called intolerant, racist, prejudiced, selfish and uncompassionate, for simply speaking out against the Socialist agenda. They were parlayed, used and abused by a bigoted, hypocritical, corrupt, unreasonable, unfair, unequal and ignorant government.

They finally said enough is enough. The Obama Administration gave them a common cause filled with limited freedoms, disapprovals, complaints, demonstrations and objections, which finally broke them out of their terrible hypnotic state of accepting a forced misdirected government of operated dominance over their lives. Finally releasing the stranglehold and snapping them out of these habitual unconstitutional social and financial nightmares, enacted by the Liberal Socialist Marxist Democrats. The voices of the people will be heard.

This wake-up call stresses the fact that we must always be cognizant to the possibilities of illegal government maneuvers, which constantly attempts to display their dominance. Did you know that this Administration has initiated through the FCC the eventual uncompromised takeover, regulating all informational and non-informational contents on the internet, for the sole purpose of limiting and placing a muzzle on our freedom of speech? It seems as though this Administration is very thin-skinned about any criticism and basically doesn’t approve of the United States Constitution’s First Amendment Rights.

This has naturally been given limited publicity and information from the Obama Broadcasting System. Did you ever think that the Government of the United States would attempt to control any or all aspects of the internet? Well please reevaluate your thinking and your delusional acceptance of public trust. The FCC has already stated that the government should have the power to amend and scrutinize all contents displayed on the internet. Let’s read between the lines, they actually believe and are obsessed beyond any reasonable doubt to modify, mold and force all information and ideologies to their judgmental approval.

The Socialist Democrats, lead by President Barrack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” won’t stop until they control all forms of communications. They already have a choke hold on the main stream media and their cable off springs. This arrogant Administration has made numerous past attempts of inflicting limitations on certain broadcasters, and targeted news, radio and television stations, that don’t agree with their Socialist policies.

Their egotistical supremacy of conceit and self importance places an imaginary facade on their efficiency to operate any private service more effectively and efficiently. Imagine what these idiots are going to do with healthcare. So why would anyone have any high expectations of trust and confidences in their sincerity? They already tried to stymie our voices of protest and the freedom of the Press. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Let’s hope and pray we don’t get burned because of our complacency.

Naturally, it doesn’t stop there. The American taxpayer is pumping billions of dollars into a system full of deteriorating education and brainwashing of our children. This was proven when a school in Burlington County, New Jersey, named B. Bernice Young Elementary School was caught forcing students to sing praises to President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One, as if he was a Mythological God of Sincerity and Perfection. What a joke! What a vile, shameful contemptible display of training, arm twisting and misguided indoctrination of our youth, by allowing these despicable so-called educators, to freely develop and form these young innocent adolescent minds.

They actually took a page out of the horrendous, murderous, butcher, the late Chairman of China, Mao Tse Tung., who used these same brainwashing tactics, by demanding all children, daily, read his book of quotes and beliefs, which described himself as an all knowing and untouchable idol. These school employees, paid by the taxpayers, were given a free pass, without any consequences, relinquishing them from any reprimand or responsibility, instead of being immediately terminated for their actions.

Our public schools are creating an atmosphere of educational decay with forced degenerate liberal persuasions. They’re ignoring the fact that our children are not only inept in American History, but are taught lies, innuendoes and distortions of the facts, together with deficiencies in the basic courses of reading, writing, and adding two plus two. They’re ignoring the fact that our children’s schools are high profile immoral war zones, full of gangs, drugs, and violence. Our children should be protected and defended, mentally, physically and spiritually. Instead they are subjected to a cruel, sadistic everyday stress of a failed system full of unmonitored school boards, loony policies, liberal lies, zero tolerance, irrational administrators and educators, in a chaotic, disastrous world of modern liberal education.

They eliminated prayer, but justified and forced school children to sing and chant praises of our vain, smug Socialist President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One,” without parental or guardian permission.. When the parents protested they were called prejudiced and racist. What a disgrace! We as Americans have the supreme right to voice our objections to all injustices. If we don’t, especially in this case, then who will speak up for the children? The voices of the American people must never be stymied or silenced. Never stop speaking up and questioning authority.

Our precious U.S. Constitution represents honor, glory, courage, sacrifice, liberty, and freedom. It was protected and defended, past and present by the blood and lives our forefathers, our families, our brave unselfish men and women serving in each and every branch of the military, including all government agents and civilian personnel stationed at home or abroad. It represents a tremendous, magnificent history of greatness. The Constitution must be adhered to, read and spoken with complete reverence, respect, magnitude and pride. These guaranteed unalienable rights should never be taken for granted or unjustly removed or demeaned by any egotistical entities.

Thanks to:
William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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