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ObamaCare - The End of America as We Know Her?

April 5, 2010

Seven years ago our family relocated to the United States. Most people come to America seeking better life. Our family moved here based on the conviction our move was part of God's plan for our ministry in His service. Hence, I don't feel like an "immigrant" but rather at home here in the state of Minnesota and in the United States. I firmly believe this nation came to exist by God's own providence and it has achieved its greatness due to its Constitution and its hard working, freedom loving and†entrepreneurially-minded people.

As someone who was born and raised under a communist regime, I am acutely aware of how the system of government in a given nation can affect its people and its course.†

From my many exchanges with Christians on matters involving society, government and politics, I am alarmed at how many believers lack clarity in these areas. Obviously the Church has failed to educate God's people in the most fundamental principles of liberty.

Amazingly enough, there are actually many Christians who have ignorantly chosen to side with left-wing ideology, believing that somehow it's the government's job to take care of people, run entitlement programs and fix every problem in society. Leftist propaganda on campuses has our young people believing capitalism is evil and socialism is compassionate. They willingly talk about how greedy Wall Street is, but turn a deaf ear to the horror stories of forced labor, generational theft, violence, hundreds of millions of lives lost and devastated by leftist political systems.

Well, I know first hand what communism does to people, society, the economy and human progress in general. It short, any system that gives government the power to run industries, redistribute wealth, ignore the law of the land (the Constitution) and penalize people who refuse to participate in its programs, is in essence socialism. Such system of government inevitably leads to corruption in government, lowers the quality of life and limits the freedom of the individual. People try to escape societies like that all the time. For years, people have tried to come to America so they can work, earn and make a better life for themselves by keeping most of their earnings to themselves and giving some to government. Now this may change, as America under Barack Obama is starting to become more like the nations where you give more to the state and keep some to yourself.

Socialism is the simply the nicer cousin in the left wing family of Marxist ideological variants. The difference between Socialism and Communism is not so much in the worldview or the philosophy that drives these different systems of government Ė itís ratios! Thatís right, they only differ in the income-tax ratio, i.e. how much they tax their citizens vs. their income. One more thing -- Communists use blatant violence to enforce their regimes, Socialists use the rule of man (not the rule of law). Communism is a system in which lawlessness is the law, terms like ĎConstitutioní have no meaning, a small elite dictates the rules and people generally give over 90% of their income to the government. Violence is integral to Communism, for without it, no society in its right mind will have ever adopted such evil system.†Ultimately, Communism is about ONE THING and one thing only -- economic slavery! The reason communists use violence and repressions is so they have a system in which people are enslaved and basically work for a small elite at the top of the pyramid.†Socialism is the softer, more civilized version of Communism, for it manages to enslave the people without the use of violence. Socialism settles for a smaller cut of the peopleís earnings and it doesnít use labor camps to instill fear into the citizens.

Socialist countries in Western Europe have managed for decades to enslave their citizens with taxation of up to 55% (personal income tax plus social security contributions combined! In some cases, if your income goes higher, you may be taxed even more! Rationing is a way of life. Most Europeans have been so dumbed down by their left leaning governments and their statist cronies in the media, they donít even understand the concept of being a free individual who is in charge of his own life. Itís sad to say it, but itís a fact.†

The Obama Health Care Bill is only a cover up for expanding government. There is new student loan legislation bundled in it, new powers for the IRS and much more.†For instance, did you know that the IRS will have to add 16,000 new agents to enforce the new law? Every citizen will be forced to buy government health insurance and if you miss even one monthly payment, the IRS will fine you $750.00. Anyone who has had anything to do with the IRS knows what this agency is like. Trust me, it couldnít be worse!

So why do Obama and the Democrat party as embodied by the likes of Pelosi and Reid, want to expand government? So they can redistribute wealth! The next law Obama will want to change will be immigration. He will want to make sure illegals stay in America and become eligible to vote. The estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently in America, once they become legals under the new law (or so Obama believes), will also become eligible for health benefits.†This is a blatant buying of a whole voting block.

Obama needs the take-over, because as a leftist intellectual, he despises the people. He canít trust middle-class voters too much. He is a pure political opportunist. If we examine his short political career, we notice the man is so narcissistic, he probably has a hard time imagining the world after heís no longer a president (Remember: ďWe are the ones weíve been waiting for!?!?!Ē)

Ideologically, Obama can best be described as a Neo-Marxist. Neo-Marxists are different from Marxists because they know too well capitalism produces wealth and communism doesnít. Thatís why they want to assimilate it and integrate it into their Marxist agenda. While traditional Marxism proposed wealthy people be eliminated and a new society built without wealthy and poor, the Neo-Marxists wouldnít mind having rich people working for them. They miss only one point: nobody will strive to earn more only so they can give it away to the government and the government to their welfare dependents. Basically, Neo-Marxism is the new declaration of welfare state dependence.†

Obama knows Europeans pay higher taxes and have to some degree managed to build their socialist utopia on earth. The question is now whether there are enough Americans who embody the founding principles and the spirit of freedom this nation was built on. The next elections will show.†If the conservative movement fails to build enough momentum, both inside and outside of the Republican party and as a result loses the mid-term elections this fall, this will be a blow to freedom even greater than the loss of the 2008 elections.†

My theology tells me that Jesus Christ was made King of Kings and was given power to reign until all his enemies become subject to his Kingdom (1 Cor. 15:25). Jesus taught us to occupy until he comes (Luke 19:13). This means we as Christians are called to be on the offensive and to take over every area of life here on earth. This is not allegorical language, itís a real commission!†The question is not whether it will happen. The question is what role America will have to play in the unfolding plan of God. Will she become marginalized by her enemies within? Will she be brought to her knees economically by run away government spending? Or will she shake off the neo-liberal parasites who seek her destruction and will arise in new strength and renewed spirit and freedom?†It will all be decided in November of this year and in 2012.†

God is not in the business of bringing down freedom! God is in the business of calling people to turn to Him and his principles of life so that He can bless us as individuals and societies. This goes for America and it also goes for every other nation and its people.†

Itís time to pray, preach and work like never before. Itís time to awake! Itís time to stand up for freedom and stop playing church.

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