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The Patriot Movement: Enemies Within

May 24, 2010

Barack Obama, the leftists in DC and around the globe, and even the leftist media are no threat to the rising pro-American patriot movement. In fact, the more these global socialist thugs attack average American patriots, the more they fuel the fire of the patriot movement. However, the movement is in trouble from internal enemies that threaten to destroy the entire pro-American movement from within.

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, DC elitists are stripping the people of their rights and freedoms on every front possible. Millions of average American citizens are awake, up off the couch and searching for solutions to the current full scale assault on everything they hold dear. But they are not yet moving in a direction and manner necessary to save their nation…

On the far left is a number of totalitarian political ideologies, communism, socialism, modern liberalism, fascism and progressivism, all of them sold as “democracy” today - majority rule, by iron fist with no limitations upon their right to run roughshod over any minority. We here this from Obots all day every day… “shut up and sit down, we won the election and you lost, so we are running things now and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not…”

On the far right is the libertarian anarchist ideology which claims to desire maximum freedom and liberty, to a degree that there is no civilized form of government at all, nobody to tell us what to do or how to live. These are the folks that want the Federal Reserve shut down, all politicians fired, most laws wiped off the books, the so-called “fiat currency” (dollar) done away with, and an every-man-for-himself society based solely upon survival of the fittest.

Last, there are those Americans who understand that our Constitution did NOT form a democracy, a theocracy, a form of socialism or communism, fascism or anarchy, but rather a “representative republic” in which ALL powers are derived from the consent of the governed, limited by specific Constitutional authorities and the inability to make laws in favor of one group that infringes upon another. All citizens and states are guaranteed a “republican” form of government.

Obama & Co. can only fuel the patriot movement, they cannot destroy it. The only way they can even slow the patriot movement down is to slow down their own march towards socialism, which would give patriots a false sense of having won something. But three specific groups inside the patriot movement can destroy the movement, and they are doing just that.

First the Republican National Committee front organization faction. I don’t need to name them - most true patriots already know who they are. They are the BIG “national” Tea Party groups that were established by and are run by long-time RNC power-brokers. The agenda of these organizations is different from the agenda of the average Tea Party, 912 or patriot activist. The goal of these organizations is to harness the power and money that has stopped flowing into the RNC over the last few elections cycles, and put it back behind candidates of their choosing.

By doing this, they are not empowering the people, the donors - they are becoming the power-brokers for all the money raised via their patriotic looking events. In addition to paying themselves six-figure salaries and hobnobbing at lavish dinner parties , this money often ends up in campaigns that patriotic donors do not support, such as John McCain in Arizona and Carly Fiorina in California.

In fact, one of the major national Tea Party groups recently stepped out against the Tea Party candidate in Idaho Vaughn Ward and endorsed the incumbent Democrat Rep. Walt Minnick, who is running against the local Tea Party groups and who had voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, largely walking the party line while in office.

While these RNC front orgs cannot hijack the hearts, minds or votes of millions of American patriots, they can and have largely hijacked the movement’s public identity and more importantly, much of the cash in the movement as well. The moral to the story - give your money directly to the candidates of your individual choosing, NOT to PACs that will choose for you.

Next, there is the profiteering faction. American capitalists are nothing if not enterprising. But profiteering on the backs of American patriots who in many cases, are cutting back on groceries just to donate money to saving their nation, is dead wrong. In fact, it is a deplorable act of profiteering, not patriotism.

Back in January, when an alleged “non-profit” Tea Party Convention turned out to be a private “for-profit” venture of Nashville Lawyer Judson Phillips, the law suits started flying, as did rumors of unpaid bills, defaulted loans, hidden profit agendas and the exploitation of patriots.

After almost every contributing organization pulled out of the convention only days before the convention was to kick off, including two loved conservative legislators originally scheduled to speak. Fox News Channel and the RNC stepped in behind Tea Party darling Sarah Palin to prop up the convention before the entire event blew sky high, leaving 600 Tea Party Nation ticket holders out in the cold.

Anxious to catch the national implosion of the movement on tape, the national and international press showed up in force, reducing the real movement of millions across the nation to a measly 600 Tea Party Nation partiers, as if 600 TPN members somehow represented millions across the country who had openly rejected the TPN convention in Nashville.

But this is not the only profiteering effort underway within the movement. Celebrities with household names and folks with no name awareness at all, are hawking everything from books to tea shirts, coffee mugs and hats, all in the name of patriotism.

I think the old term for these folks was “sunshine patriots.” Patriotic when profitable…

But when you search for tangible strategies complete with tangible results after all that money is raised and spent, you can find only a few examples of success in defeating RINO incumbents, but no sign of an ability to replace them with conservative leaders ready to take on Obammunism.

The My Way or the Highway Faction is the most dangerous enemy within the Tea Party movement. These folks are not “constitutional conservatives.” In most cases, they are hardcore libertarian types, Paulestinians (Ron Paul fanatics) and your general run of the mill anti-establishment “nobody’s good enough for us” folks.

If you can imagine the look on Osama Bin Laden’s face, as he opened up a Letter of Marquee from the USA a few days after his decapitation strike on the U.S., aimed at taking out the American financial center, military command and federal government all in one day on September 11, 2001 – or imagine a nation without a common currency (dollar) – or a national security strategy limited to only a small Navy adequate for 1776, then you will love these folks…

For the record, libertarians and conservatives have absolutely nothing in common. So why are both trying to control the GOP? The alleged common thread between them is a proclaimed desire for increased individual liberty and fiscal responsibility. However, unlike conservatives, libertarians make no connection between a society run wild, and the very expensive government subsidies needed to remedy all of the natural social ills that always follow in a society run wild.

Like conservatives, libertarians claim to want smaller government, lower taxes and fiscal sanity. It sounds good on the surface. But unlike conservatives, libertarians are happy to let social ills run wild, so long as nobody sends them the tab for the natural consequences of a society without moral limits.

True constitutional conservatives understand what John Adams meant when he said - “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Libertarians make no such connection…

The net outcome of all of this can only be described as “a house divided.”

The Ohio Tea Party folks did not put forth one great candidate, they put forth five different Tea Party candidates, because the independent minded “we don’t need no leadership or organized strategy” Tea Party rebels could not agree on a single candidate to run and support. As a result, all five Tea Party candidates lost, leaving a RINO in office with less than 21% net support from constituents in that district. All five Tea Party candidates split 58.36% of the vote, leaving one of two RINOs in office with only 21% of the vote. (Hence, the reason I have always opposed multi-party initiatives that leave the largest MINORITY group in power.)

Moral to the story? – A house divided cannot stand…. Or even win a single election!

United, focused on real and tangible well organized strategies, millions of American patriots can and must take their nation back before they run out of time to do so.

But divided, distracted, disorganized and disoriented, they cannot!

Thousands of great patriots have empowered themselves through the network of tangible initiatives we have set up for that sole purpose -- and we are just getting started.

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to take your nation back. But it will take millions of patriotic Americans willing to engage in the right strategies and work together to reclaim and rebuild the greatest free nation on earth.

I hope that you will join us in that effort. Other legitimate organizations that are also specializing in real and tangible initiatives are welcome to contact me at www.FreedomForce.us and if you have a specific initiative that complements our strategy for empowering people, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel. We are looking to work together to help patriots empower themselves. Join us!

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