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Let the Horse and Pony Show Begin!

June 21, 2010

I have withheld my hand from the pen many times over the recent months. Why, I donít know. I suppose I believe that writing my own commentary will do little good. But today as I read CNNís article, BPís Chief Accused of Stonewalling, I lost my composure, and almost lost my stomach.

It is absolutely amazing to me the amount of spin, misinformation, propaganda and outright lies that are being intentionally thrown into the mix to create a cacophony of confusion. Can we please feed the American people more confusion and distract them from the real catastrophe that is rocking this nation?

In the CNN article our intentionally ignorant Congress is raking BP over the coals, accusing them of cutting corners in order to save money. It is highly likely they did, but in the final analysis, who cares? It is hardly relevant to the issue at hand. Instead, BP wants to limit the available information so that We The People wonít really know the severity of this catastrophe, while on the other side of the dial the Obamanation plays the current crisis for all the possible leverage they can get in order to pass CAP AND TAX legislation.

Numerous bit of information have made it abundantly clear that NOTHING BP did, or could have done, would have prevented this accident barring not drilling in the first place. There has been a report that the final safety valve, the last valve in a series of safety valves intended to be the absolute end-all in the event of a catastrophe, was warped. It has been reported that a worker suggested BP replace the valve, but was dismissed because they allegedly ďdidnít have time.Ē But again, who cares? If youíre wondering about my inference, let me explain. It has been reported that the pressure at the wellhead is between 20,000 and 70,000 psi. If this is the case, then let the reader understand Ė we do not have the technology to contain that kind of pressure.

When the drilling activity punctured into the oil strata and met that pressure, it was not a planned event. No one in the world has manufactured a valve that can withstand that kind of pressure. Subsequently, the sudden pressure filled that drill casing and blew out every safety valve along the way. It wouldnít have mattered if the final safety valve was warped or not Ė it could not have contained that pressure. It wouldnít have mattered if they had ten more installed in series just like it, in perfect, pristine condition Ė the valves would have blown under that high pressure. Not to mention, this is the reason that they have failed to stop the gusher to date. Subsequently, all the talk and investigation into what BP could have done differently, or whether or not they cut corners is irrelevant. The bottom line is they should have never been drilling there in the first place, and that is the only action that would have prevented this accident if taken.

How about being honest with the American people? How about acknowledging the hypocrisy of the U.S. Government who wanted / allowed BP to drill there because they wanted the commodity the drill would provide? How about acknowledging that left-wing environmentalism has forced drilling in deep waters because current (and unnecessary) environmental legislation prevents drilling in the shallower depths? How about a frank discussion on all the land-based drilling we COULD be doing in this country if it werenít for the apathy of the people and the impact of unnecessary and unneeded environmental law? Moreover, why arenít we discussing the additional oil plums that NOAA identified as streaming from fractures some 5 to 20 miles away from the wellhead, or the massive amounts of oil lying on the sea bed? Nor dare we discuss the breathing hazards associated with the VOCís (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are flowing out of the wellhead and fissures along with the oil and are making workers sick. Letís not think about whatís going to happen when those high VOC levels hit the coast. Why canít we get a straight story from the EPA on the VOC levels associated with this accident?

The truth is, if the pressure at the wellhead is between 20,000 and 70,000 psi it is beyond our ability to fix it, barring the nuke-fix, which could potentially lead to even more devastation and disaster. No one wants to come out publicly and state that. No one wants to come out and face that fact that because of the ultimate greed and perversity of politicians, corporations and special interest groups and their agendas, it has all finally culminated in this disaster. The American people need to quickly wake up and get a sniff about whatís really going on in this country, because someone just tripped the trigger and accelerated our trip to Socialism and potential financial disaster exponentially.

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