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The Great Democrat Pre-Election Charade

November 1, 2010

Perhaps the best indicators of what is at stake for America in the upcoming elections can be found “between the lines” of Democrat rhetoric in the final days before America votes. Clearly, the American left is panicking, as evidenced by its increasingly hysterical accusations, its ramped up efforts at vote fraud, and its reversion to the lowest and most revolting efforts at manipulating its base. A political movement that is capable of descending to such tactics against those it claims to be its own obviously holds them in even lower regard than its opposition.

For starters, consider the ramifications of the Democrat decision to shut down the Congress without passing a federal budget. Spending is out of control, and riddled with corruption on a scale that dwarfs anything previously imaginable. Barack Obama does his contemptible part, continuing to spew his baseless invective about “fat cat bankers” and the evils of Wall Street.

Yet even the collective billions, legitimately earned and exchanged by investors who run the engine of American market capitalism, pales in comparison to the trillions that Obama and his Democrat minions have confiscated from the economy and squandered among their cronies and “causes.” The comprehensive discussion of this topic sure to be generated by a late year budget debate would be thoroughly intolerable to a Democrat Party intent on hiding and camouflaging its oppressive redistributionist agenda until it can once again move safely beyond the reach of voters.

So the Democrats left town without passing, or even proposing a budget. In a time of economic crisis exceeding anything the American people have suffered in decades, a principled Congress would recognize the value of showing the nation that the government is intent on setting the proper course back from this fiscal abyss. Yet the party in power clearly had no intention of either mending its ways or letting the public become any more cognizant of its sinister objectives.

Thus, entrenched Democrats demonstrated that their ultimate concern is for preserving the status quo while avoiding accountability, even at the expense of the nation’s well being. No doubt they are all campaigning on platforms of “fiscal responsibility” and “reining in spending,” desperately hoping that a sufficient number of Kool-Aid drinkers still remain among their constituency to maintain their perch inside the Beltway.

Meanwhile, while Barack Obama claims to be edifying the nation with his visionary thinking, he is in reality working overtime to establish a new “enemies list,” of those to be vilified by the political establishment and on the nightly news. For anyone who has not yet been sufficiently affronted by his denigration of this nation while groveling before unsympathetic foreigners, consider in contrast those whom he categorizes as the miscreants needing to be confronted and vanquished.

It should not be forgotten that, only a few months ago, this administration held nothing back when warning of impending catastrophe and promising retribution against an enemy so vile and despicable that it would be forced to pay dearly for the irreparable damage it had committed against the American people and their way of life.

Of course Obama was not referring to the terrorist monsters from Al Qaeda and Hamas, but those evil corporate executives at BP in the wake of the Gulf oil spill. Since then, the virtual disappearance of all the oil that threatened to end life in America as we know it has not led to any recantations, reconciliation, or restoration of oil exploration in America’s waters. A major engineering accident provided the impetus to undermine industry and drive the nation further towards a third-world existence. So why, in the wake of its alleviation, should the left give up any of the ground it had seized?

Similarly, the recent White House attacks against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce flagrantly seek to isolate and malign this organization. Hardly a hostile foreign entity, its purpose has been to build and improve the American business base. But while the activities of this institution generate suspicion and hysterical accusations from the current Administration, none of its players are the least bit willing to accurately characterize the true lurking evil that indeed poses a serious threat to the nation’s future. Terrorists and subversive organizations are given a pass, while Obama and his parrots seek to divert our attention onto legitimate business leaders.

In an even more outlandish broadside against the Heartland, Obama’s remarks of the past week to Hispanics, obviously intended to generate Democrat votes by stoking resentment towards traditional America, convey his own seditious level of hostility towards the nation, as well as that of the liberal political establishment. In an October 25 radio address, Obama encouraged this demographic to “punish your enemies,” whom he plainly identified as Americans who want to secure the nation’s borders and thus maintain the integrity of the country they love.

So Barack Obama and his minions are perfectly willing to see the people whom they should respect as their fellow citizens “punished” at the hands of a balkanized subculture that increasingly touts its allegiances to governing forces outside of this nation. Of course we dare not question the “patriotism” of any who would engage in such behavior.

To properly understand the degree to which the American left is twisted and perverted in its misperception of right and wrong, consider the contrast between those whom it considers allies, including foreign despots (Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Hugo Chavez to name a few), and the American entrepreneurship, freedom, and traditional values which it views with unbridled hostility.

The occasional cooling of liberal activities during waning days of this election cycle does not signal any sort of armistice or other move towards national reconciliation. Such a show is merely an attempt at deception before the next big offensive can be waged. The rampant vote fraud of the past few days proves how fervently the left is committed to winning this struggle. Is the rest of the nation up to the task of stopping them?

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