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Paul Hayden

The True Shame of Class Warfare

November 22, 2010

Karl Marx described in his 1848 Communist Manifesto the 10 steps or 10 Planks of Communism necessary to destroy a free enterprise system and replace it with a system of omnipotent government power, so as to effect a communist state. Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, will inevitably produce internal tensions which will lead to its destruction. Just as capitalism replaced feudalism, he believed socialism will, in its turn, replace capitalism, and lead to a stateless, classless society called pure communism.

In America today this is done through a method known as "Class Warfare." This is done to attempt to divide Americans and has deep roots in Marxism. The Democrats have attempted to do this by trying to "shame" you if you oppose "Progressive" Ideology; time and again they fall back on the same rhetoric of saying that if you do not agree that you want grandma to be forced to eat dog food or that you want children to be forced to work in sweat shops when this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Many who are pushing forth this ideology hold true to these world views:

Agnosticism: Holds that truth is "unknowable."

Pragmatism: Is more concerned with what 'works' than with what's true.

Liberalism/Modernism: We must rethink and adapt our concept of God and truth to fit with modern culture and modes of thinking.

The common rule that is most apparent is that they believe that the Golden Rule is that "common good" trumps independent choice. Many are believers that you will only find salvation through collective means instead of independent merit. The primary word here is collective; everything revolves around this one word. It is believed that through independent choice you are not able to survive and as such power and control will need to be handed over to a central body.

Socialism, which is at the core of Marxism, believes that man is cruel and indifferent to man, but to advance mankind you have to create the divide that will allow for the indifference and cruelty to exist and that is through propagation of class warfare. When this occurs advancements of a free society are discounted such as the fact that through competition and choice the greatest achievements of our time have occurred. It is believed that due to the fact that some rise above others through their own enterprise and will that they have to be punished somehow, what is lost is the fact when you have a central body limiting choice you create an environment for stagnation. In doing so not only does the individual suffer but the collective suffers in kind.

Socialism and Marxism attempt to reduce the complexity of society to make it rational, and to eliminate inequity. Generally speaking, it succeeds only in reducing man, and eventually eliminating the dignity and grandeur of mankind. It completely corrodes all concept of the elevation of man, and of mankind.

As it was stated long ago, give a generation of children to those who would espouse a given ideology and you can transform the way of thought for years to come. This we have seen in our schools where many of these theories have been pushed upon our children; as a result young adults today have not been exposed to some of the faults and dangers that surround this way of thought. Through media older generations are bombarded daily in an attempt to transform their way of thought, and when you have the choice to an alternative the old practice of "shaming" is attempted to discredit the opposing ideology.

Class warfare is the vehicle that the modern Socialist/Marxist uses to create this divide so that we are led to believe that if you succeed in life you deserve not to enjoy the fruits of your success. They attempt to pass blame for this success off as exploitation when all along the way to that success mutual free choices have been made by all involved. No one forced an individual to work or purchase anything that those individuals used as vehicles to their success. The choice has always been in the individual to seek alternatives and through a free society these have been made available, unlike in a centrally controlled society where options are limited to a few approved designated choices.

Time and again we see those who would like to "shame" those who listen to Conservative talk radio, or Fox News, but what these folks do not like to point out is the fact that as an individual you are not forced or limited to just these choices. You have the freedom not to listen or watch these programs, and you have the freedom to choose alternatives unlike in many cases where central control prevails where you are forced to the approved programming.

Another example is the castigation of places such as Wal-Mart. As an individual you have the option in a free society not to shop at this store. With an open marketplace you have the opportunity to shop at a competing store such as Target; that is your choice as an individual. Under a centrally controlled society that Socialists/Marxists would like for you to adhere to, the individual choice in many cases can be taken from you so that the approved location for your purchases can be thought of as beneficial to the "common good." What is overlooked though is that by doing so you allow for your choices to be taken from you and that you will be dictated to what you are allowed and that is control in its basic form.

Class warfare, far from working to improve society at large, only works to limit the individual and mankind as a whole. Socialism though it is a grandiose dream by many only allows for stagnation through limitations. Marxism is the underlying theory that a classless society will occur despite the examples where it has been employed where distinct classes occurred, and the ability to rise from one to the other was not afforded on an individual basis but pre-determined instead.

To reach the end goal those Socialists/Marxists follow the "Progressive" ideology that is nothing more than window dressing to the root ideology. Class Warfare is the key tool used; that is, the attempted demeaning of those who disagree, and attempts at silencing the opposition. Few are fooled by these attempts and despite the attempts to do so the American public at large still resist this attempted transformation.

Through independent education and the freedom of thought, what is most ingrained in Americans of independence and freedom of choice and the resistance to being controlled or intimidated will never transition to the failed ideology of Socialism/Marxism.

The true shame of class warfare is that it does not unite people in a common cause, it only works to further divide, working in the opposite direction of those who attempt to utilize this tactic.

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