Intimidated No Longer!

March 21, 2011

We are witnessing the tactic of intimidation come back to the forefront in not only politics but also in the way that some would like to shape public opinion. The old guard of politicians and media "elite" along with the willing masses that follow them are perfectly willing to use this tactic in an attempt to silence those who would point out that the direction that we have been on is the wrong path, and that the direction some would like to take us is even worse in the long run. The things we are seeing out of Wisconsin and elsewhere are perfect examples of how far some are willing to go to use the tactic of intimidation. The counter to that is perseverance and focus on not allowing that to direct your emotions nor the larger picture to what needs to be done to maintain the integrity of this Republic.

At this time we need politicians that are not afraid to do what Walker did in Wisconsin and take the gloves off. The same needs to be said for whoever runs for President. The time that we allow the Left and the Media to dictate and intimidate has to end. We need a strong presence that is willing to go toe to toe with the left and even use their tactics if need be. They need not to be afraid to call them out; the same applies for us who debate these people on the left daily on the political debate boards as well as in our day to day life.

It is long overdue that we do not allow them to intimidate and direct the conversations and message. Hold their feet to the fire. Fire off questions and make them answer them, keep repeating the questions and pointing out the facts and the inconsistencies when they are in error.

We have played defense for too long! The time to be on the other side of the ball is here! If our politicians that we elect do not start representing the reasons that we put them in office, then it is time that we go to the bench again and see if the next ones will. Congressman Alan West said it right, we need to get off of the Birther thing and start holding President Obama to his policies and the record that he now has. You will always have the base on the left and as we are seeing the stakes have become a little more elevated with what we are witnessing out of Wisconsin.

As we have witnessed over the last two years the fringe elements have crawled out of the woodwork with the election of this President, these people are not afraid to use intimidation and in many cases resort to violence. That is not who we are and we cannot resort to that! This is not saying that we cannot be strong and have our feet fully grounded. The thing that is imperative is that we expose these people over and over to those who pay less attention to political events and rely on the Old Media. The message is that what is happening in Wisconsin is for the "worker" but are we not all workers? Are we not all of the Working class? Is that only reserved to portion of the population that are members of a Union? What about the rest of us, we don't count? Rubbish—we do count and our voices are as loud as those holding the bull horns calling for in many cases civil unrest. That is not the course that we have followed over the last two years and that is not the course we will take now! Don't allow yourselves to fall for that as it is the intended purpose to incite you into following that course.

The revision of history and the revision of current events that we see directed in the main stream media has to be countered. That is up to you, me and everyone that we are networked with. Engage people every day, get them involved, just start a conversation even in the line at the store. Many will not want to engage but we have to do this, just look at how these people on the left have spun so much over the years. Remember the Right wants Grandma to eat dog food, which is so asinine that it has lost its impact, just as saying that everyone that opposed this President is a racist. That card and the class warfare card has been over played and it is time that it is pointed out; do not be intimidated to do so.

The people we put in office, the old guard from both sides will never come to change quietly! They will attack those of us who want to put this country back on track and yes they will even ally with those fringed elements that we see emerging. We fought a war for over 40 yrs against Communism; we cannot allow that to take hold in this country. I know for a fact that not all rank and file Union members go along with the leadership so when we point these things out it is important to make that point that we are not against all members. If we do we will lose a big base that helped in 2010. We cannot afford that going into 2012 but going into ‘12 we do need strong leadership and the old guard will not be where it is at unfortunately.

I am not saying that we can afford a third party just yet because that will put Obama back in sure as the sun comes up in the east, but in lower offices it may be the time that we move away from the current two parties and build upon it from there. In local elections that is where we build the farm team to eventually make it to the main stage. The ones on the main stage currently like West and others we have to throw our full support behind because they are facing challenges that we cannot even imagine.

Keep pointing out the violent nature of those that are attempting to move us down the road of civil unrest like what we see coming out of Wisconsin. Do not be intimidated when they verbally attack and point out that when they do they have lost the debate. Point out each time they say, “You only get your info from FAUX News or the Radio," they are only resorting to saying such because they have lost the debate. As we know, arming yourself with information and the truth is not a bad thing, but they will resist and attempt to discredit you. Smile at them and be cordial in the debate, when the voice level goes up on their side keep calm and cool; that upsets them to no end! But it is also a tactic that allows others to see that those who yell loudest are not always correct.

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